Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai – Ep 360 – Full Episode – 6th February, 2019

– Yes, Aunt. Your uncle is going to make
an important call. And you are talking
to unwanted people. Give it to me. You have kept the phone busy
unnecessarily. Go and get a glass
of water for me. ‘Krishna Kaustubhi.’ Mister, not this.
Use the other one. Not like this.
Leave. Get down. You look strong,
but you are not quick. Do something else.
Will you just stand here? You had taken money
with both hands, right? Why are you working
with one hand then? You have to put flowers
behind the house. You have to put more flowers
in front too. We have to make the entire house
look like a garden. Isn’t it? Please hurry up then. Mr. Mohra, you are great. Go and keep
these mattresses inside. We need more mattresses.
Take this too. Everything is done. What else is remaining,
Pandit? Tell me. Won’t go you inside
and fix the nail? I’ll do that.
You go. Those flowers
have to be put too. Get up.
We have to take it quickly. Will you take this? Don’t you have
any other work to do? Will you show us
what work is pending? Take it quickly. Take this. Hey! Sameer, what happened? Sameer, do the decorations
look incomplete? Mohra!
– No. This is too much. Munna, Pandit, ever since
I have become sensible I have always been homeless. I mean, I spent my childhood
in the hostel. I stayed with grandpa
for a few years after that. Then.. I stayed with my stepdad
for a few years. After grandpa’s death grandpa’s house
felt like my own. But that turned out to be
uncle’s house. But this house..
This is our house. Naina and my house. After three days,
Naina will be here in this house which is Naina’s house.
Our house. This is your house. Hey, we have three days.
Come on. – Yes. Mr. Mohra, come here.
– Mr. Mohra, come here. Tie the knot properly, Bela.
How are you tying it? I’m tying it properly, Aunt.
– Yes. Bela.
– Yes. Have you packed the saris that have to be given
to the relatives? May God stop me
from lying, Anand. That is what I am tying.
– Okay. Anand, I don’t trust
this forgetful woman. Check everything carefully. Nothing should be left behind. I’ll check, Aunt. These are the rest
of the things. The drum of water,
Naina’s saris Naina’s suitcase.
This is also done. Preeti, check whether
the taxi has arrived. Everything is done. Dad, the taxi has arrived.
– That’s good. Keep all this carefully
in the taxi. These are crockeries
in it. Anand, where will we sit
if you keep these on the seat? Aunt, don’t worry. I have called a tempo
to take the luggage, okay? We’ll sit comfortably.
– Okay. Grandma, won’t Naina come home
from the venue? Why will she come here? She will directly go to
her husband’s house from there in a palanquin. And she will come here
as Sameer’s bride for the post wedding rituals.
Understood? This house
isn’t Naina’s anymore from today. Hey, I didn’t think how I will welcome Naina
into our new house. Idea! Come on,
keep the things quickly. We’ll get late.
– Come on, hurry up. This girl.. What is it, Grandma?
Why did you hit me? I did not hit you
with a weapon that you are making
such faces? Go and keep some things
in the tempo. Go and keep it. Grandma, we are guests here.
– Are you a guest? Stop being a guest.
Go and do as I say. Mrs. Maheshwari,
welcome to your new house. Mr. Maheshwari,
it wasn’t enough. I have to do something else. Listen to me carefully. Stay firm on your decision
for one more day like this. Then you’ll see. How Anand comes to you
in order to apologise. And he’ll be followed by Bela. And if you fall weak for once you’ll have to bow down to
him for the rest of your life. Think about it. ‘That day all my
excitement went cold.’ ‘While dreaming
about my marriage’ ‘I never thought’ ‘that I’d have to leave
all my family members.’ ‘I never thought that in
order to be with Sameer’ ‘I’ll have to leave
everyone behind.’ ‘One side of my heart was asking
me to shout out loud and say’ ‘that I don’t want to go
and leave you guys behind.’ ‘I felt like dancing, singing
and shouting like a Romeo.’ ‘Truly.’ ‘I went completely crazy
out of happiness.’ ‘My whole body
was shivering’ ‘while going out of my house.’ ‘I was thinking that’ ‘from now on’ ‘this won’t be
my house anymore.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Why does this happen’ ‘that post-marriage, it is
the girl who leaves her house?’ ‘I was leaving my world behind.’ ‘The house in which
I had spent 20 years’ ‘would no longer be mine’ ‘in a matter of seconds.’ ‘Naina weds Sameer.’ ‘I didn’t even know
if it was a dream or reality.’ ‘It felt as though I had got’ ‘all the happiness
of the world.’ ‘And I forgot everything’ ‘as I waited..’ ‘I waited for my Naina.’ ‘My Naina..’ Oh, God! It’s locked! Did you see that? We raised Anand,
we gave him good education so that he could do this to us? It’s okay if he didn’t invite us but he should’ve invited Rakesh,
shouldn’t he? It’s his duty! He’s the father of the bride! He’s not some stranger! Would you look at that!
He locked the house! Beena, Anand didn’t just
put this lock to keep us out. It denotes that his heart
is closed for all of us. Shameless people! The bride left without
her elder uncle and father. That shameless man left
without us to get Naina married. He can do it for all I care! To heck with him!
– Forget it, Sister-in-law. We didn’t go there
because we didn’t want to. If they want to get
Naina married without us they’re most welcome to do so. If it doesn’t affect them,
it doesn’t affect me either. They can go ahead
with the wedding! Oh, God! Anand is really eager to get Naina married,
to perform all the rituals. He’s showing off! But you’ll see.. This wedding will have nothing.. It won’t be a splendid one. You’ll see..
– Hold on, Beena. They can’t get Naina married
without Rakesh. I think Anand will somehow manage to convince
Rakesh and take him there. And I won’t let that happen
at any cost. You’ll see.. After what’s going
to happen there Anand will be left shocked. You’ll see..

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