Will Dad Ever Find The Perfect Ice Cream? | Family Vacation

Will Dad Ever Find The Perfect Ice Cream? | Family Vacation

these are the flower jaqen Ben gave me
last night how cute they’re kind of dead now so I’m starting my workout I’m doing
a 9 minute workout because I don’t when I was waste hours I do want to enjoy
Mexico and this vacation so I’m gonna do a Tabata session for 9 minutes and you
don’t need any equipment or anything so I’m just gonna just gonna get to it all of those you can I kiss and that was a little quickie and now
it’s time to move on with the day Jackie is swimming okay I’ll bring you
goggles where are you guys going oh really why not baby thing when is still scared okay that was very good if you’re ready now rock star the Baba and the other and the kids Oh
No so yesterday I posted the video what
about my nose job I was a little bit scared posted cuz I felt like I’m going
to get judged by a lot of people and there were some people that they were
disappointed and all those things but to be honest with you I am in a place with
myself where I’m so happy fulfilled and she’s truly enjoying life
and being me and my love what’s the problem I can take any picture because
it’s on the video you need to do here and then press press on the picture to
take it good job you took it yeah you can you can tuck it inside the water and
I’m just like copy that you know there were some people that just said that it
really made them think about some things think about you know the labels they put
on themselves or like how do people put out there so I did feel like it did help
a lot of other girls and I think it’s important to say that you know I was
very scared to put something like that out there but I decided to take the
chance to just be vulnerable and be and be real and sometimes you know it’s
not something that other people will agree with and I’m okay with that that’s
my life my journey and I’m just sharing it with you okay back to vacation mode
by the way this bikini that I got from aces it’s very it’s very high waisted
and a lot of support there it’s been pretty comfortable today I’m just
chilling and then it’s time to I need to find some pockets throughout the day to
create a little bit of confidence work never stopped where is Benny
we’ll be there where’s Benny I hope he didn’t go to the bathroom with this
camera man where are you buddy oh you’re in the bathroom okay okay here’s a
better video of the swimsuit this cut is a little weird when my mom saw this
she’s like are this is what your grandma used to wear yes I’m coming back to me
wearing the granny panties it feels a little weird when I was packing from
Mexico a lot of the clothes that I haven’t usually wear I tried on and it
doesn’t look good on me so it felt a little weird to try to figure out what
complements my body but I worked out today which is awesome and I do feel
pretty good not gonna lie today maxi is three months old that’s
awesome okay my legs are really ten now not that you can see but I need to go
ten the rest of my notches arrived these are magic toys but it’s like it’s
like Mario ponies okay look at Jacob yeah me yeah Wow
okay enjoy your soda water it’s okay for now one glass is fine Mexico is good to
you you look amazing Tuukka long now bless you DME Macs and mama I want a twist
no I don’t want anything nothing nothing are you being so like what I don’t know
I’m not oh my god babe really getting a value for your dollar in your ass oh my
god Papa is so funny you don’t find me you
love it yeah when I the scent is not bad right it’s very soft wow it’s nice
remember how when we went to Miami you were so scared of the sand and you
didn’t want to walk on the sand yeah well now you look at you oh and in the
Bahamas remember you didn’t want to be on the sand yeah but now look at you
because you’re four years old you’re a big boy
you’re not scared anymore yeah that’s it no more scared we didn’t have a beach in
you oh yeah yeah there was a beach in New York Sasha you know I have you two
girlfriends named Sasha oh really and – Misha come jakey it’s designed for snow how is it is the
water cold it’s okay now what the Sandcastle yeah baby
so here’s our time here’s that time to talk with max how
you doing max you having a good time my son we’re here on the beach Jake Penn
and Mama are over there Max is a little upset because you can’t
go play with him yet on the scene because he’s just a little guy is too
small for now anyways it’s really nice place we’re having a good time you want to say something here we go out
grandpa’s looking stylish this yes my question is very macho
and I’m his model that’s not a question that’s a statement son Bob booshka
how’s life who are we waiting for Jake do you wait for mom a lot long time
here’s Jeana ignoring this guy your son knows that Gucci hat you got on you sir
are a fashion icon gentle boys gentle hey I do but only through the door babe
you asked me if your dress was a little too provocative yeah okay Bob let’s go
do you think you think it’s okay you know it’s funny I complimented the whole
family on their appearance I told everybody how good they look no but
nobody said a word to me nobody cares about how papa looks
whatever it’s all good you know what I feel good I feel nice I gotta say we’re
meeting some friends actually coincidentally we’ve got a bunch of
friends here from Toronto which is surprising this place
take you to the pinata but right now I have to take Benny back to his room go
with Baba spend I’ll meet you there this guy is defeated for the day I like
it reminds me of when he was a baby I don’t know no I went to the room to drop
by okay so Jake what what Jake is like who thank you so I had to go drop off Bend
to the room cuz he fell asleep well Jake has fallen in love with a married woman
with actually some family friends of ours from Toronto who happens to be here
they’re doing a pinata thing at the kids club so we’re on our way there this is
the kids club good job good job high five high five good job my father lost
dog be familiar with Mexican culture he just asked why are they beating this
poor horse she wants intend to marry ready one two
three again thank you you don’t need that hot okay fine maintenance look how cool it is you want to pet it
you want to touch it okay come let’s go you don’t like it so my buddy we are
going to explore the hotel my love thank you no you can do to only one your turn no baby okay that’s the point you need
to go to the black interesting let’s see what’s today on the program no
today Sunday that’s the name Domingo okay so there’s Spanish lesson archery
tacos and margaritas live music at the main pool we already have that then
dodgeball today there’s live music and a circus show it’s at 9:30
you guys want coconuts you want coconuts you want to drink out of coconut what
yeah under the ducklings that was a bird that
was a bird thank you and you hear yourself this
one’s for you and this one’s from me chair so yeah Mia hey guys good
late morning it’s already late morning here in Mexico so I’m on my way I have
to do some work in the room I’m on my way to meet with valaria and the boys
and Grandma and Grandpa just putting out some fires this morning while on
vacation but it’s cool we’re dealing with it had some time to have breakfast
had some time to finally go to the gym which is something I’ve been meaning to
do it’s like I’m playing like Mario here on these stones here lined my whole team
I was raining raining today you’re in Mexico we had actually we had a boat
cruise planned for today that we unfortunately had to reschedule I have a
challenge I have to find my family anybody seen some kids pretty lady love in their life hello ladies hey
Benjamin you know go get ice cream Wow
I’ll take you to go get ice cream how’s everyone doing all three of us all of us
okay who’s gonna hold the camera okay guys so grandpa is gonna hold the camera
I’m super excited you’re very tired to walk what are you suggesting all right no don’t go and do my
shoulders come to me all right let’s go boys let’s go get ice cream I worked out
today so we’re okay it’s okay people are looking up I think they’re
both mine it’s all right so grandpa’s on the camera thank you
diello ska the other fairs awesome everybody needs
it the other screw in their lives his point I’m embarrassed to put them both
down because you guys are gonna laugh at me if I can’t carry them long enough if
I think yes I’d say it’s about 80 pounds like okay sir you have to walk on your
own let’s go okay well are you more tired or do you want ice cream let’s go what flavor do you want
okay let’s go get you chocolate ice cream thanks buddy okay jothee and you have to get down though because
you’re gonna put ice cream all over my life as I slow in your lives okay Cheers
cheers Cheers yep let’s go Cheers all right look
there’s a perfect table for four of us here Benny how can it be possible not to
have ice cream ice cream go ask for a tissue you got ice cream on your nose go
ask Ron okay let’s go we’re gonna get the hard ice cream cuz the soft ice
cream melts too quick okay yeah are we good so I’m covered in sand now cuz Jake was
full of sand when you got into my shoulders that’s cool so Benny what were
you telling you this morning you never want to leave Mexico why do you like it
here so much but they’re swimming pools in Toronto no
I think there is what sure it’s a sweet corner okay get in there get in there
run what do you want you want the chocolate in a cone chocolate you want
sprinkles because I think wow they have sprinkles oh my god it’s your lucky day let’s eat inside what do you say good boy come on Benny we’re gonna have
so much it’s vanilla cookies new cream you wanna try it try it huh
Benny how many dimples with four dimples count again no I love you only have put them for one
day morning you don’t have any dimples but it’s okay
it’s not a contest no dimples but I have I also have no dimples and mama has no
dimples well you’re like nipples are so beautiful I know
I know when you boys grow up we’re gonna have all these videos love us doing
stuff as a family and us together then you’re gonna look back on your lives and
remember what kind of an awesome childhood you have her eat her mama I
think a good job to give you a good childhood you guys happy dudes
yeah Ben yeah you have to do look up serious he has to consider look at it
he’s thinking about it are you a happy guy yeah I can hear you if you said loud
yeah okay please like in Mexico yeah how do you wanna stay well we’re staying
for Friday okay take book write it so this is the other stuff this is grandpa
and this is because husband and grandpa to my children and this isn’t awesome
dude so we’ve had some great times together and he shared some pretty
pretty amazing stories and maybe one day if I can convince him to get on camera
with me and do an interview that would be great but I don’t know how much of it
is like top-secret stuff from back in the day but yeah tell me quickly know
our last name is not Lippo Kokoschka it’s liquid etske
these guys okay guys signing off for a bit I will see you soon okay finally had
a moment to run away from the kids there with nori and Gina at the water park
chillin and joined their lives I decided to take advantage of this moment to take
care of my skin a little bit I haven’t done much since we arrived I usually do
like a hydrating mask or something like that on the day after I fly but I didn’t
have a chance so I’m gonna be trying a new mask that is from a company called
yes – this is the grapefruit brightening vitamin C glow boosting unicorn peel-off
mask so I’ve actually tried yes to a few other of their products and a lot of you
guys I was always asking me about brands that are easy to find at drugstores and
yes – if I don’t store brand and it’s mostly natural it has to 96% natural
ingredients which is awesome it’s just like a really fun cool stuff I also
brought this with me it’s vitamin C brightening and fresh and dry shampoo
wipe I’ve used it before this mask is formulated with a grapefruit which helps
to brighten and even skin tone and vitamin C to smooth it and enhance the
skincare let’s do it so basically this formula is you wait
for it to dry up and then you peel it off with a spatula don’t know if you
guys can see this but it like turns colors to pink and blue purple look like
a unicorn after it okay now I’m gonna wait for this to dry
there is no parabens sls and silicones in this and his bunny certified which is
awesome and vitamin c is always good for a little boost of glow so i’m gonna wait
until it dries up and what it tells me to do is to start basically taking it
off from the sides okay so ten minutes going to leave this unicorn mask on and
we’ll see what’s gonna happen after okay so the mash dried up I’m just gonna
close this tada it worked I have power skin looks
good feels good it was a very like light nice
mask – just awaking the skin a little bit
yeah yes still grapefruit approved Benny okay we’ll watch it oh so night
when you see you okay I think you need to lie down for like 15
minutes breaks I break okay ready okay
hi monkeys Hey okay that was gonna do a short workout
Gary went to the gym it’s raining outside
so we decided to stay in Maxie slept with nori and the boys were with us so
they can just they’re gonna be listening to music while I work out through a
sauna Oh warming up for me now I don’t I don’t like me who is there it’s our secret spot Wow
hey it’s a secret it’s a secret you’re hiding from the rain yeah it stopped no
oh my Oh Marcy let’s go come let’s get out a secret spot so we’ve got the kids
to play with the next-door people that are staying next door that’s because and
we hear everything they say they should they like kick Garry out of the pool so
they can hang out with them and they keep saying like my dad’s wife has also
the same stuff my dad’s wife doing this Elizabeth
it sounds like I’m not their mother sounds like under stepmother jake has
been really adamant to talk to strangers and meet as many people as possible
which is awesome that he has no complexes and is not scared to talk to
other people but once he finds a victim it’s a non-stop thing he tells them
everything Thursday we decided to take the boys
paragliding I’m so excited excited yes excited for us and they told
me going slow yeah okay amazing let’s do it call your stuff boys let’s go you’re
very excited is it your first time flying Wow and then Jake’s – yeah what a
nice memory will be for us up now when you see babe he’s not going anywhere
jakey but you have to come down because they’re gonna they’re gonna be angry at
us come Danny are you scared many many I’m joking are you happy we’re
doing this what do we need to say thank you too
what do we need to say thank you thanks Bob now I decide I really
this is so then it’s you and me okay after Papa
inventonator what are you joking Oh okay so I’ll go with that cool – I’ll go
with that but then yeah you go yeah no but there’s not enough room for all of
us I’m gonna go after and you can come with me again Oh a heart attack okay I go now who’s coming with me no
you want out be careful they’d be careful with the steering okay
we’ll be careful when you’re steering hold the steering wheel good okay don’t
worry just hold it good and steer straight whoa come here come here come here Ben
come here thank you it was so good right
so what score are you giving it thank you so much good morning okay
today is why you doing me one W because it’s
you eat because you hungry Anakin you want the cold you are taking wash okay
which play do you look how many you have to choose from which one you want oh
that’s a nice one yeah this one’s for the pancakes
good job how many pancakes do you like one for pancakes are you sure you’re
gonna eat for so many paintings what do you need to say thank you you’re welcome
mr. America okay so today’s our last day I’m kind of sad but also kind of happy
although we’re coming back for the weekend that is like the coldest pepper
it’s like minus 90 degrees 19 degrees I’m not leaving the house for Bamboula
which is Bamboula so Big Momma Wow where I push you by Mexico we love you when are you gonna
see it what are you kissing this side you’re kissing this side you don’t want
to leave okay baby we’ll come back soon I hope okay so let’s go by trees by sky by grass okay we’re on the plane and forgot my
wallet at the resort but they found it so they’ll ship it to us every time I
travel have to lose something it’s like I think guys how did you have fun
are you do you feel grateful what do you need to say thank you too and good job
thank you you’re welcome I love Benny did you have fun yeah was it the best
time ever yeah do you feel grateful you

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