Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson

Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson

This is Tucker Carlson, the new king of cable
news. He took over Bill O’Reilly’s slot in April, and since then he’s had the most watched
news show on cable. Fox viewers love him because he takes on the
liberal elite, and Fox executives love him because he’s not embroiled in a sexual harassment
scandal. But there’s someone else who really likes
Tucker Carlson. In replace of O’Reilly we get Tucker, who I think is a much better figure. He’s certainly more intelligent. This is Richard Spencer, one of the most notorious white supremacists in the country. He at least has a kind of open-mindedness in a way that Bill O’Reilly never would. Spencer isn’t the only professional racist giddy about Tucker’s show. Here’s David Duke, former Grand Wizard of
the KKK, tweeting ‘god bless Tucker Carlson.’ And here’s the white supremacist website
Daily Stormer calling Tucker “literally our greatest ally.” So what the hell is going on here? Why are white supremacists so excited about
Tucker Carlson? In a lot of ways, Tucker is a typical Fox
News host. He complains about political correctness,
attacks the liberal media, interviews Fabio. Okay, that was weird. But what’s caught the attention of white
supremacists is the way Tucker talks about immigration. Normally, conservative pundits focus on illegal
immigration. All Americans should welcome legal immigrants, folks who obey our laws and go through the
proper procedures. But Tucker is different. Tucker’s spent the first few months of his show depicting both legal and undocumented
immigrants as potential criminals. We decided to take a closer look at the link
between immigrants and crime in this country. We really don’t have good numbers on the
crimes committed by immigrants, illegal and otherwise. He goes after Latinos. Mexican citizens make up more than fourteen
percent of the entire federal prison population. He goes after Muslims. Why is violent terrorism an inevitability
in Europe? There are a lot of Muslims living in Europe
now. And he goes after refugees. Who would have thought that all those migrants are having a big effect on the crime rate. That talking point is, of course, bullshit. Native-born Americans are incarcerated at
higher rates than both legal and undocumented immigrants. Cities with high refugee populations typically
see their crime rates decrease. And the overwhelming majority of terror attacks
in the EU aren’t religiously motivated. But that hasn’t stopped Tucker from making
that myth a central theme on his show. Foreigners come to our countries and kill
our people. You think our leaders would blame them but
no, they blame us. Oof, “foreigners.” Dropping a hard F. A hard F. Tucker Carlson’s major reason for existing
is to create a frame in which immigrants are a grave threat to
the survival of America as we know it. This is Chip Berlet. He’s a journalist who’s spent decades studying the language of right-wing extremists. That’s the classic right-wing populist idea, that there’s a group of threatening people, they’re not like us, and we need to stop them before they stop
us. Tucker obviously isn’t the first person
to do this. American history is full of demagogues who
used the myth of immigrant crime to smear marginalized
groups. Look at the crime rate that’s changed in
terms of the immigration It’s a myth that’s persisted as the crime
rate has dropped as more immigrants have come to America. But what makes Tucker different, and what makes white supremacists like him
so much, is that, aside from the haircut, he doesn’t look
the part of a David Duke. He makes anti-immigrant propaganda look mainstream. Tucker Carlson is kind of a restatement of
all of these things in a kind of neat, well-dressed package. One of the ways Tucker does this is by cherry-picking, focusing on individual stories of immigrant
crime to smear immigrants as a whole. In March for example, Tucker fixated on the
story of two undocumented immigrants who were accused of raping one of their classmates. We told you plenty about that horrifying crime
in Rockville, Maryland and why wouldn’t we tell you that? It highlights the critical downsides of existing
American immigration policy. It was the perfect Tucker Carlson story because
it let him peddle an old-school, racist trope about immigrants
being rapists without having to actually say it outright. Why are people embarrassed to point to something that actually happened and draw obvious conclusions
from it? He only had to hint at it. Sometimes, when foreign countries send their
people here, they are not sending their very best. This whole way of packaging information is
designed to give plausible deniability while cementing the
bad idea in the minds of the viewers. That case ended up getting dropped, by the
way, after prosecutors found that the facts didn’t
support the charges. But it didn’t matter. Tucker had already made his point. On Twitter, David Duke said Tucker’s coverage
of the story was one of his best performances. This is a common trick that demagogues use
shape the already entrenched prejudices of the audience. Another way Tucker normalizes harmful tropes
about immigrants is by inviting anti-immigrant extremists to
do his dirty work for him. With the Maryland case, it was people like
Ann Coulter. There are all these Americans who wouldn’t
have dead children, who wouldn’t be raped but for our immigration
policy. After the terrorist attacks in the UK, it
was Katie Hopkins, a woman who literally called for a “final
solution” on Twitter. A final- Yeah. People talk about integration, I always hear
the world colonization. We have opened our arms and told everyone
to come and effectively take over. It’s basically the handing off of the concern to a group of people who are more than happy
to take you by the hand and turn it into a fist. Also can we talk about the annoying eyebrow
thing Tucker does when he’s talking to someone
he agrees with? He acts like his mind is being blown by the
most basic comments. He’s doing it right now, isn’t he? But the thing white supremacists love most
about Tucker Carlson is his rejection of multiculturalism. Tucker argues that the problem with Mexican
and Muslim immigrants is that they’re not ‘like us.’ They come from different, inferior cultures. This is a country founded on European culture. Is the Western civilization we’re talking
about superior to the culture that these immigrants are bringing. And Tucker says that welcoming those different
cultures is making America a worse place to live. Our leaders worship multiculturalism so we
encourage immigrants to reject our culture because all
cultures are equal, except that they’re not all equal. This probably goes without saying, but that’s really similar to how white supremacists
talk about immigration. And Tucker peddles this idea on his show constantly. Also you’ve got a lot of nerve talking about the sanctity of Western culture for a guy who went on Dancing
With The Stars and did this. You don’t have rhythm where you come from? Nice. Y’all never invented hips? Okay. That kind of language means that Tucker’s
anti-immigrant shtick isn’t actually about immigration. It’s about people who seem different. Which is why a Tucker segment about illegal
immigration suddenly veers into why Spanish speakers are
making schools worse. Does it make a school better when people move
in who don’t speak English? Why a segment on that Maryland rape case suddenly becomes about how the defendants
should’ve learned English. What they should’ve done is put him in some
remedial English and learn some English first. Tucker is training the biggest audience in
cable news to be suspicious of people who aren’t like
them. This is having an effect on my kid’s school,
on my culture, on the economy, and your point is you’re
not allowed to have that opinion. To view them as threats. I’m talking about terror threats, I’m
talking about rioting, I’m talking about a massive spike in crime. As invaders. The invasion of Europe intensified this weekend. More than 7,000 African migrants arrived in
Italy. And that’s why white supremacists love Tucker
Carlson. Not because they think he’s one of them, but because as long as he’s teaching his
audience to view difference as dangerous, he’s making
their jobs a lot easier. I’m no fan of Bill O’Reilly, but even he recognized talk of “European
culture” as a dog whistle for white supremacists. I want to preserve my heritage like every
people does. Preserve your heritage? What does that mean? How about European heritage? What does that mean? They’re people!

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  1. This video has no bearing on nothing! We live in a different world now. Comparing old right wing ideas to today's situation in America is unrealistic, this this the left tactic again!

  2. Has anyone but me noticed that the white males committing domestic terrorism definitely fit inside Tucker Carlson's demographic and Rush Limbaugh's "Ditto Heads"?

  3. OMG Mr. "I have two cubic zirconias in my ears" is all about sensationalizing about people who have become sensational. The truth is unimportant, it's an old ploy to gain attention.

  4. why not show clips of Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Al Gore, et. al denouncing the illegal immigrants? oh, yea. probably because it would skew the lying point lying vox is trying to make

  5. The melting pot of America has been overwhelmed for quite some time. America is an imported idea that is based on English Common Law, Biblical Precepts, and cautionary tales of Roman history among other things.

    Like it or not, it was White Europeans that overwhelmingly settled this country and made it what it is. The experiment was so successful, we have never had a lack of people wanting to come here.

    So give whitey his due.

    Those pioneers did something Revolutionary, and large chunks of this planet have yet to catch-up. To sustain and preserve this republic we have to emphasize cultural assimilation and the melting pot.

  6. The claim 2% of terrorism is religious is also fraudulent. Between London bombing in 2005 and Paris bombing, only 48 people died of terrorism. Those two Islamic terrorism killed almost 200 people. The 2% is a false stat that categorized any anti-government incident as terrorism, such as separatist protests, which can be completely peaceful but still count as terrorism. The fact is, Islamic terrorism is not only by far the deadliest, but also the only organised and deliberate terrorist act that targets the general public.

  7. You can argue all you want, doesn't change the fact that eventually everyone here in the U.S will be Hispanic. The white will get bred out and this is what they want. It's that easy. Look at the statistics on white people not having kids, but the Hispanics here are just popping out kids left and right. On top of this, their bringing kids to the border.

  8. Tucker Carlson has never advocated violence or hatred to anyone. Cite the video! You can't, because it doesn't exist. Vilify anyone you disagree with. But Tucker is right on.

  9. Dude, stop posting BS. And if you do, at least make sure that the cut scenes you present actually support your arguments and are presented with proper context.

  10. I don't understand why white supremacists don't like being called white supremacists. Is it because you guys realize on some level how destructive and sickening your ideology is?

  11. Personally I respect everybody's political views no matter how wrong they be but you literally just accused Tucker of "cherry-picking" whereas that's almost literally all you do. Seriously, if you would just preface your videos with the fact that ev. you spew out IS JUST YOUR OPINION, I might actually subscribe and become a regular viewer out of sheer appreciation for originality. That level of realism is just waiting for somebody to reach out and grab it!!

  12. I agree that we should be more like Europe. We should have parliamentary democracy and more generous social welfare.

  13. Why white supremacists cling to any white man with power is in hope for something but that is not at any fault of the white man in power ,if anyone claims different that is a sign of insecurities.

  14. "Why do white supremicists love Tucker Carlson?" Easy answer: They love him for the same reasons left wing assassins (like the one who shot Steve Scalise) "love" Bernie Sanders. Badly informed, sick and cruel people. But I guess that doesn't fit Vox' narrative, right? SAD!

  15. Aborigines IQ is about half that of most Americans who are clearly SUPERIOR. Does that make all white Americans WHITE SUPREMACISTS ?

  16. IN THE END, people will be remember you for what you said and God will remember you too. What a waste of life. YOLO

  17. This is not a WHITE HOMELAND!!! Anymore than Australia is a White Homeland, or Hawaii is a White Homeland!!! Only after the original indigenous inhabitants were MASSACRED and ASSIMILATED did former EUROPEAN CITIZENS get their WHITE HOMELAND!!!!

  18. Vox likes to perpetuate the RACIST talking point associating Arabs with Islam as tho the oppression of Ex-Muslims are meaningless.

  19. As a citizen whose country depended on multiculturalism to survive especially during its early years of independence I'm extremely disgusted at these white supremacists. Their parents should've worn protection.

  20. Where did he get that information? Carl…Stop speaking on my behalf. I don't like golddiggers, i.e., people who are stealing my family's wealth/resources.

  21. ATTENTION: anyone with a decent IQ, Please do not scroll down, These Trump supporters are the most IDIOTIC PEOPLE you’ll ever hear from please don’t read their comments YOU WILL LOSE AT LEAST 20 IQ points, THEY ARE JUST AS RETARTED AS TRUMP

  22. My goodness. Stop reading comments. You’ve been told many times. And besides, your popcorn is probably empty by now.

  23. When you look at all the comments from white nationalists, you realize that while they're disgusting "people", at least they're at home just running their mouths on the internet – a few decades ago, they'd be out burning crosses, lynching people, and bombing churches. And as soon as they realize nobody cares about their ignorance and fear based opinions, they'll probably go back to the lynchings and bombings…as well as committing mass shootings.

  24. I think Tucker really believes in what he says, but even though i'm a huge fan of Tucker, i"m 100% against his view of immigration

  25. Just because some bad people agree with him doesn’t make him or his ideas inherently wrong. It means bad people pick and choose what they wanna hear from certain people

  26. Why self hating Whites and Racist POC’ believe Tucker Carlson is a racist…! They just can’t tolerate a White Man who believes in sovereignty, has the common sense of recognizing the differences between foreign illegal aliens who are by definition CRIMINALS living in America. My Brother along with THOUSANDS of American citizens are killed by illegal aliens ANNUALLY.

  27. There're so many white supremists & Tucker Carlson types in Hawaii who want to colonize & make locals become 2nd class citizens. They don't even know no one called them & overthrew the Kingdom of Hawaii at gunpoint.

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