White House: Trump Is Joking When He Talks About Border Wall Pardons | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

White House: Trump Is Joking When He Talks About Border Wall Pardons | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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100 Replies to “White House: Trump Is Joking When He Talks About Border Wall Pardons | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. This criminal president IS above the law; the whole world has watched this sad fact happening in plain sight again and again and again ever since his presidency began. There is no opposition at all; the Dems are just as gutless and spineless as Moscow Mitch and his Senate Republicans.

  2. Low I.Q Trump not a fan. I prefer presidents who are not criminal's. 🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒

  3. KGB Barr, working for Kremlin Trump, working for Master Putin. America has been invaded by Russia and everyone’s just going through their daily business not being aware.

  4. Your political system is completely screwed……..Your congress seems powerless, the Senate cronies won't do anything….starting to look like you have a self declared King with his hand picked court jesters rather than a democratically elected President.


  6. So now, if someone sees Trump's video and starts working on the Wall, goes to jail, loses their house with court/lawyer fees, and finds out that Trump was kidding. Then what ?

  7. The White House need to quite making lame excuses for Trump when they think the public is stupid enough to believe it.
    Please give us more credit than what you're offering.
    One Nation under God!

  8. Who'll pardon him when he's in JAIL???? There are people in mental institutions who are more stable than the FAT, LYING, ORANGE IMBECILE!!!! One flew over the cuckoo's nest, and he is in OUR WH!!!!

  9. The FAT, LYING, ORANGE IMBECILE has succeeded in making the USA a $hithole country!!!! He's laughing all the way to the bank every day!!!!

  10. The President does not get the benefit of being able to say it's a joke later. If he says something, everyone including the courts needs to take it as a direct order, unless the President immediately makes it absolutely clear it was a joke and not to be taken seriously.

  11. Putin has his zombies posting comment's all over the place. Be aware of what you are reading.
    They are making comments in this feed as well.

  12. Leading our country with illegal orders stating I’m joking is offensive and is not leadership, it’s full view of his instability to even come up with this crap. Trump thinks his power should be a dictatorship, not in America it’s time for him to step out. This man throws out ideas to see how they will be provide, if anyone in his circle repeats it then he proceed to ppl say I’m right this should be done… what??? Are we that blind. Barr’s party is most likely how he is paying off trump for fund he receive illegally in a quid pro quo plan that was illegal, trying to coverup some wrong doings Barr has handled for Trump. Will this crap ever end??!!??

  13. The reporting on Barr's 30,000$ kickback would have been stronger if a reporter had spent 15-30 minutes calling the other "big and fancy" hotels to check on whether they in fact could not accommodate a party for 200 persons as was claimed.

  14. Inez Qtaish is writing" I did not quit working at Bronzeville park nursing facility and if I was fired I didn't get no notice not even verbally.

  15. tRump is talking about doing things that the militia groups have been prepping for since the 1980s. Big government taking their land. Unbelievable. You can't make this stuff up.

  16. So every thing is a jolk. So the president is a jolk.then get this jolker out of office as if hes above the law. Hail this clown.now now now .

  17. For a guy that seems to have no sense of humor at all, his aids are making him seem like a guy that jokes all the time. I believe what I see not what some Bozo says about him.

  18. Cute. He was joking when he took the oath of office too.
    And lets include a place where G7 can be spyed on or listened too for Putin.

  19. White House : Trump is Joking…
    America : Trump is a JOKE
    GOP: (crickets chirping)
    SDNY: We're waiting for you, #45

  20. I thought the president was supposed to govern not be a stand up comedian. There are already lots of them which Trump keeps in business.

  21. Fake news….. evidently you don't get tired of spewing the fake propaganda… never mind… keep at it….

    The wall is being built (even in the face of corrupt dnc resistance and their minions to pour illegals into our nation) High time to allocate more resources (including bounties) to go after ALL illegal aliens and deport them once and for all…. this would end the voter base for the corrupt dnc… we will take our country back and fix the loopholes in our immigration system.. including "anchor baby" garbage….

  22. Trump was not joking. He has become far too comfortable with running his hateful, un-American mouth and causing irreparable harms, as have his malpracticing GOP enablers. Our People, nation and the greater good of the world are not joking matters. The Presidency is not a joking matter. Any reasonable adult and many children, know better.Trump is hostile, ignorant, destructive, self serving, inept and unfit. We need to e mail our reps, along with our, "reps," en masse, to make this stance clear-and relentless by sheer number.

  23. Joking? What kind of world leader 'Jokes' about handing out pardons? My God he's losing his mind..talk about abuse of power!

  24. Trump has pardoned murderous wackos like: Arizona sheriff psychopath Joe Arpio; or John Arthur Johnson, aka Jack Johnson (violation of the White Slave Traffic Act , Northern District of Illinois). Or pyromaniac Steven Dwight Hammond (Use of fire to damage and destroy property of the United States).

  25. MK the is the busiest little troll of them all. At least 14 comment per news item. Says my queen was executed wow. Funny the first comment were typed in a language that I read them as suddenly pro Democrat. Thought what changed its mind but it went back to same old same old. Confused? Already knew that one. The late princess would be Lady Diana not just Diana. Our Queen is very much alive and I suggest you give the computer back to your parents and stop robbing the medicine cabinet of your parents pills. Keep trolling!,

  26. When I was young and stupid therefore conservative I’d say something cruel or racist and then when things got uncomfortable I’d try to pass it off as a joke. By the time I was twelve though I outgrew that phase and realized why bigotry was wrong and just how toxic my family really was.
    Apparently some children never mature.

  27. My next door neighbour's kids are causing trouble in my yard. I complained several times, but my neighbour just said that he was busy keeping a steady job and the creditors off his back, so naturally the kids were creating havoc. So I built a fence on my property, but when I told the contractor that my neighbour would cover the bill, he laughed in my face and told me he made the deal with me, not my neighbour, so I was the one to cough up the cash.
    Such a meanie 🙁
    But seriously, America needs to sandblast the White House and sweep out the entire senate. There's too many old rich families running the show behind the scenes and thus your country into the ground by enabeling criminal, low-brow deadbeats to be their sock puppets. True, we got Erdogan, but in contrary to the US, he isn't ruling one of the world's major superpowers. And Turkey is not a democracy.

  28. If it was a joke how come his staff (the ones who talked to the media) didn't realize it was a joke? And if they did realize it was a joke, why would they bother even telling a reporter about it?

  29. It's rather questionable that every time DJT gets caught volunteering something he shouldn't he was just joking. For a guy with no obvious sense of humour and who fails to smile unless he's benefitting himself jokes don't strike as something that would come naturally. DJT is the president of the United States no one should have to tell him what he says matter A LOT. One might think that after the shooter in elPaso quoted the presidents words then there would be a considerable awareness by everyone in this administration to be extra vigilant of what not to say or how to say it.

  30. There is no reason why -45 needs to have the next G7 at his property. It is against the Constitution period, under emoluments .If they let him then I will never believe in our government again.

  31. Boo hoo hoo how about cover some real news instead of fantasy stories. Trump has every democrat sniffing his behind for 4 years now, you think he actually will break a law like some others do and gets away with it. Same old b's for years but never cover any democrats wrong doing and everyone knows it except maybe the,well, no, everyone knows it.

  32. 1. The White House covering down saying that his willingness to break the law is a joke, should not be called unusual, it is IMMORAL! 2. How much taxpayer money are we giving Trump by paying for his visits and events at his own properties?!

  33. Big Boy Barr is getting his first thank you gift from don the con..This is so transparent..unreal. I Sleezy peeps.

  34. You MSNBC people are so unamerican! This wall protects Americans and Mexicans! Has nothing to do with breaking laws or racism! No borders equals death and inhumane costs and chaos!

  35. Washington Post, another lying source besides PMSBS. The people on the border want that wall. Don't get it twisted spin doctors.

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