What Ukrainian girls in Odessa think of foreign guys! | How to travel better

What Ukrainian girls in Odessa think of foreign guys! | How to travel better

[English] -Would you like to date a foreign guy?
-no -I would chose to be with a foreign guy.
-yes -I had a different experience while dating foreign guys, that’s why I deal with them discreetly … -What’s up YouTube? Hi! I’m Conor the Language Tsar and today I’m speaking to you from the favor city of Odessa in Ukraine. Odessa is not just a beautiful city and an interesting place to come and visit as a traveler it’s also known for the favor beauty of female inhabitants. -So Odessa girls are famous all over the world for their beauty. Thousands, really hundred of thousands of foreign guys come here every year hoping to meet a girl, find a wife hookup find a girlfriend, everything in between. But what do Odessa girls actually think about foreign guys? Do they like them? Do they think they are annoying? Do they find them jerks? Do they think they are all sex tourists? What exactly do they think of you guys when you come here? So today we gonna go and find out what the girls of Odessa think of you! [Russian] -Hey!
-Are from Odessa? -yes
-Girls from Odessa -Do foreigners come to Odessa often?
-yes -So what do you think, are they good or bad? -Always good guys -Good, uhm
-Yes, we haven’t met bad foreigners -Would you prefer to date foreigners or be with Ukrainian guys? What do you think? -Situation in our country is quite complicated, so we prefer foreigners -Where are they from?
-Turkey. -There are 2 types of Turkish people who are coming here: those who are coming to study and tourists. They are totally different. -Have you met lots of foreigners or not? In the street, café places, night clubs? -To be honest, I cannot see here lots of guys from Odessa or Slavic people even. -Usually during the summer we have more foreigners in the city. -80% of people here are foreigners are Turks, Arabs and Americans. Mostly Turkish people here for sure. -Where are you from?
-I’m Irish-British, born in Ireland. -You have great roots. – Odessa has being an international city since the times of our parents, grandparents etc. And it’s very good because this is the true spirit of Odessa. I think you may observe many different styles and totally different types of food, so it’s quite normal and typical for us. It is very good. -For me it’s very interesting to talk with native speakers of different languages. -I adore speaking with foreigners. I look for any opportunity to talk in a foreign language. -We even hosted people from Georgia, Poland and Lithuania We talked with them a lot, discovered something new … Very interesting experience. -I had bad experience with some Turks. While lying on the beach I noticed that they were filming me on their phones. -Yes?
-Gosh -Yes, imagine when I was lying on the beach. That’s why I do not appreciate their company. -Now I understand -For sure, there are also normal people so I think Turkish people have a different attitude (mentality) and they think that can do whatever they want. -For sure, I cannot judge all foreigners just because of one person. If one guy was rude I cannot say that all foreigners are like him. -What do you think, the attitude of all foreigners is different or they behave in the same way? -For sure no, you know the attitude of Turkish people and why they are coming to Ukraine …
-Okay -Because …. They know that they can …. well we have those “easy women” … -In theory, would you like to have foreign husband or boyfriend? -I’m married
-Oh, already 🙂 -You mean are all of the tourists are “sex tourists”? Some of them are but it’s not huge. Thus, some of them are different. I have lots of friends who found love in foreign countries and they left and are very happy. -I really met lots of guys who are coming to Ukraine to find someone not just for one night. I work with tourists and I met guys who want to find a girlfriend, get married and have a family. Recently a couple of Italians came here for kind of “Marriage tour”, they were checking out marriage agencies. They were truly searching for a potential life partner here because Ukrainian women are beautiful, glorious and great housewifes as well, it’s obvious that guys want to have a Ukrainian wife. -We all search for precious soulmate. Nationality doesn’t matter. -Left, left, 1, 2, 3!
Left, left, 1, 2, 3! -What do you value more? Love or Money?
-Love -Love
-Love for sure -Where there is love there always would be money. -So, love over money? Love! I’m a teacher in University and money is not important for me, I just love what I do. -Love
-Love for sure -Love
-Love for sure -Love or money? Great question. It will not take me long to think. Money for sure. [English] -So it was a huge surprise and great delight for me to discover that Ukrainian girls actually value love over money when it comes to finding a partner and a boyfriend. So I get to be honest at the first time. [Russian] My love … I need to be honest with you: I’m not rich, I lied I’m poor, don’t have any money. But we still have our love, right? -No money, no honey. -My love, it was joke my love. [English] -So that concludes my video about what Odessa girls think of foreign guys here in Ukraine on the Black Sea. If you like this video give it a big thumbs up and subscribe in order to see more videos from here in Odessa in Ukraine. So until the next video it’s goodbye [Russian – “до свидание!”] from Odessa, Ukraine on the shores of Black Sea.

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100 Replies to “What Ukrainian girls in Odessa think of foreign guys! | How to travel better”

  1. There is a city called "Nova Odessa" here in Brazil, but the original one is much more beautiful. I heard that this name was given to the Brazilian city after his founder visited Ukraine and became enchanted by Odessa. Now I can understand why.

  2. Now I want an Ukrainian girl so I can finally start my sex life at age 27, oh wait, no money no honey. *cries* *suicides*

  3. I'd fuck the shit out of those Ukrainian woman. Any Ukrainian woman who want a British passport hit me up. I'll marry you 👌🥒💦

  4. Them local boys don't know how lucky they are, being constantly surrounded by beautiful women like that all the time

  5. Women= love=money= sex= fun=headache= fight=court=depressing
    My view = women = sex= 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ run
    Hide and seek help advice

  6. What turks and arabs do in Ukraine, they do the same in Western countries, especially in my own country (France). No matter if they were born in Europe or are illegal aliens. Same bad attitude towards white girls.

  7. Asking these girls about British guys is like asking British guys about Ukrainian girls. How many do you know?

  8. Общаться они любят!!! А потом из-за вот таких "украинок" которые ни чем не отличаются от проституток….. А как вы думаете как потом смотрят на детей вот таких женщин?! Почему эти парни не могут найти себе женщин в себя в стране? Вы ни когда не задавали себе этот вопрос?

  9. These girls think you're a jerk, man.. Look at the dire look on their faces when he talks to them.. It's not like you're anything close to the western Casanova, man.. Someone had to tell you that..

  10. It's not like it's that simple, would a girl date a total loser in your country? It's exactly the same there.. They'd even be more likely to date a loser like you with no financial stability just because you've got a western passport.. You should thank these girls to date guys no woman wants in their own country, rather than call them whores.. If they're rofessionals they're after money, if they're just the common girl they're just after men, just like you're after women

  11. No thanks. I prefer somewhere more quaint and idyllic where the women are beautiful but also human. Like Toxteth, Liverpool UK.

  12. вроде Одесса, а даже команды мотросам отдают по русски

  13. В комментах перепись нищих лузеров из Одессы, которым не дают. 🙂

  14. Absolutely a scam. All "Brides" share a database of all men, including photos. So they all know who you are writing to, even what you are saying. They are all "trained" in how to manipulate the men, even often giving exactly the same answers to difficult questions. VERBATIM. There is a school in Odessa where women purchase training programs and have a manual filled with "lines" to use to manipulate the men. They are ALL paid, and most use many sites for income. Use google image search on their photos and see for yourself. Russian and Ukrainian Intelligence officers are involved in many like sites, so be forewarned.

  15. Как думаете какой национальности эта девушка 0:06? Она сама на какую-то турчанку похожа, но точно не на коренную украинку

  16. My advice to Ukranian women is don't marry an american guy particularly if he is from the southern United states.. They are cheap and ANGRY people and once in the states they will expect you to contribute half of the household expenses.

  17. Free love and natural human romance is no longer an option for the younger generation of today. It’s sad to hear pretty girls talk in a mercenary way about love and marriage.

  18. In Odessa, there are many prostitute practice. These women love only your money, not you. You are dreamers.

  19. Hey Connor, love your videos, I am really interested to know how you learned Russian and Ukrainian and how long it took, please?

  20. Hey. How did you learn Russian? I am from Ukraine and I know that for foreigners it is a very difficult language

  21. I'm going to Odessa with my husband, who's white and two small kids. I was too impulsive and didn't do much research on the country prior to booking the trip – i guess I just thought it was in Europe so it must be Ok. And I didn't know the crisis with Russia was an ongoing issue – because there hasn't been any news coverage of late. Anyway, is Odessa safe for black people? Can anyone who lives there or has visited share their experience? I'd really appreciate any advice as I'm very close to cancelling our trip at a risk of losing all the money we've already paid. I just can't risk my kids' safety. Most government website advise against travel to certain areas and they advice caution in the rest of the country, but i just want first-hand experience from people who know Odessa. Thanks

  22. any non russian speaking guys will never have a clue to what they think or how they feel, or what they want from a foreigner ?? couldnt u have edited with english response popups ?

  23. So, Ukrainian women lie just like their American counterparts…love over money? Believe their actions, not their words!

  24. I am sorry that i have to make a remark like this on your channel but i think girl at 2:27 and again at 4:59 is just amazing

  25. He is such a idiot himself is speaking english and their is no english subtitle for what odessa girl is speaking.
    So how do audience understand what odessa think about foreigner.

  26. As a Brown South-Asian guy living in Canada. The only Ukrainian woman worth marrying in this video is the educated teacher/professor with glasses, she looks really wife material because she is educated, appreciates other cultures, etc. Sure she might not be the best looking BUT so what, if you want a super-attractive woman, than don't be surprised when she dumps yo ass for bigger better deal like the rest of younger green-card-diggers in this video.

  27. wtf is that microphone? i mean was xD giant thing with a cable and absolute horrific sound quality. someone scammed your ass back then.

  28. k….. your audience is mainly english-speaking, i am taking a guess, right?? this whole vid is girls speaking in russian. translate each and every girl, after you speak to them. the overall is love over money, ok, well, my question to you is: why make a 10 minute vid just to have that answered? there is a turkish dude who gave a better explanation in the comment section below, than your vid tried to accomplish, dawg….

  29. What an asshole this uploader is. He sees this people like wild animals. Ask your mother what she thought when your father fucked her and show it to us!

  30. The thing I like most about Ukrainian women, and Russian women also, is the fact that they are very classy. Western people have become more accepting of crass humor and rude treatment of each other. Here in Texas, people still act respectfully for the most part, but even here, younger people are not as worried about how they are perceived in public.

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