WHAT to DO in HELSINKI | TOP 10 sights

WHAT to DO in HELSINKI | TOP  10 sights

hey guys. Welcome back to Surf and Turf Travel. that’s right we got a special one for you today more from Europe Helsinki
Finland we’re gonna be telling you guys about…
Our top 10 Ssights. Yeah top 10 sites and if you stay until the end we have one
more secret recommendation which is actually our top site don’t skip to the
end you got to see the first 10 but the last one I think you’re gonna be really
really impressed with that ok let’s run it we’ll we used Maria’s (Surf’s) favorite
transportation method to get to the white cathedral one of the coolest
architectural places I think in all of Helsinki You gonna try this?
maybe. would you like “Hirvilihapiirakka?” I think I’m gonna get the “Hirvilihapiirakka”…Wow yeah yeah which everybody moose meat pie So the Hirvilihapiirakka…Did I say it right? Hirvilihapiirakka…what is in it? It’s Moose meat and that’s it? and rice okay and then serve with the
regular condiments yeah? okay I think I’ll have a Coke ZeroMoose meat pie! First time! No that’s it. 10 euro drink and moose meat pie now the waiting Can I have the creamy salmon soup please? yep so we got two very traditional
Finnish foods here… one moose meat pie and one salmon soup with apparently some
delicious Finnish bread. let’s see how it is Oh big chunks Salty and delicious!
yeah? here we go, moose meat pie I’ll let
everybody take a look here okay it’s like it’s like ground beef a
little bit of ketchup and then some rice in there all in a very flaky crust here
goes nothing… For people who like meat Hows the death?
it’s really really good. not bad for him 6.50 euro that’s great not just because
of your super hungry? well and I’m super hungry that might be helping a little
bit but you know I gotta say the food here if you eat out is really really
expensive so coming down here to the market is a really good alternative to
trying to go to some restaurant or something like that I mean earlier we
just bought a couple of beers and they were eight euros each so we get a meal
and soda for that was eight Euro… too bad. Real Salmon! real………….Mooooooooose! so after a long day in the national
parks now we’re checking out Porvoo. It was literally the first sign I saw when
I walked off the airplane so I was expecting big things but this is
actually the first time that I’ve really I really felt like I’ve seen some of the
authentic culture of Finland with some of these houses and the colors along the
river I mean it’s just so adorable out here thank you guys for watching and I know
the even aching with anticipation to find out what the number 11 is and
without further ado we’ve linked it right up here for you guys assuming Lina
fortress absolutely stunning check it out right up here make sure to hit that
like button hit the subscribe button if you want to see more we got more from
Scandinavia coming real soon Finland Sweden Denmark and Norway
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so you can be notified when that stuff comes out throw in the comments any
feedback that you have for us we always appreciate it and with that bye bye, were done….For now



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  1. Beautifully shot. Was just there last month and had such a great time. Wish weโ€™d had more time to do more of the things you guys suggested. All the best โ€“ Henry

  2. Great video!!, very Good edited , thanks my dear friend for sharing!, great contribution to anyone who travels to that place!!, happy weekend and a like #7!, I have a novelty that you will surely like, in case one day you are encouraged to come to Barcelona, a greeting couple .

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  5. The cathedral is really cool indeed!
    Don't you guys love the musicians that make our street strolls nicer?
    Nice b-roll

  6. Merci d'รชtre venu ร  moi ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘
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  9. Hello my dear. I like to watch your videos. They are interesting and lovingworks. Thanks for the views from Helsinki :-)) Greetings and a nice time.

  10. Great to see you list of best things to do in Helsinki! I subbed! Hope we can support each others account! Take care!

  11. Great to see you list of best things to do in Helsinki! I subbed! Hope we can support each others account! Take care!

  12. This was awesome and so well timed! My wife and I are planning a visit in October so this was super helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Good week. God bless you…….

  19. Very good video. I see Porvoo and Nuksio. I like go to walk around the lake at Nuksio and have lot place. The views on Nuksio and Porvoo with Dorne very beautiful and In Helsinki cental too. You did very good job. I have at Porvoo too but not update yet.

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