What I Eat in a Day, Living Alone, On the Weekend

What I Eat in a Day, Living Alone, On the Weekend

At least 71 countries restricting entry of people traveling from S. Korea

over 70 countries are restricting entry from South Korea due to the rapid spread of Kovac 19 in the countryRead More At least 71 countries restricting entry of people traveling from S. Korea

Husband’s weekend morning routine (two nice bois)

Husband’s weekend morning routine (two nice bois)

Our cozy morning routine we’re currently staying at Max’s cousins place the apartment is cute and tiny this is theRead More Husband’s weekend morning routine (two nice bois)

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  1. I always love to watch ur relaxing videos. Anw, in this video, i’m wondering where did you buy the Chibi Maruko Chan sweater, it looks so kawaii

  2. I have watched this video several times because lonliness is a real struggle for me. But I’m praying that I can turn this around in 2020. To accept being alone and find peace in the alone time without being lonely. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I’ve been watching this while eating dinner, i hate eating alone.. I’m studying for my exams in my college city, and I feel so empty without my loved ones

  4. I just found your channel, and your videos make me so happy. I wish you health and happiness! 本当にありがとうございました

  5. I never thought I would be alone when I was a child. I thought of having a family and children until a twisted reality told me I could never have a family and enjoy my life because I didn't fit in with what was considered "normal". So I'll die alone, and I may even assist that final judgement and make it quicker. I never thought I'd die alone.

  6. I came across this video because the food looked so cute and tasty and I left with the wholesome messages you added throughout the video!

  7. I live with my family but I constantly crave being a alone. I had never felt so peaceful and happy from within as when my family went away without me and I was able to just live in silence. I could exercise whenever I wanted to without any judgement, stay in reading, studying and seeing friends. My lifestyle was so much better for that week and I felt such a desire to take care of myself

  8. Love your peace ☮️. Thank you for sharing. People need to see and feel how wonderful it is to discover yourself and the true joy we are capable of feeling on our own. Once you discover true joy on your own just imagine the magnitude that you can have on those around you and how much more you can truly love and accept those around. 💡❤️

    On a side note: you should maybe stop using salt shakers and do what chefs do 🤏 😆😂

  9. «  I realized that I feel happy than with people who don’t genuinely care for me » – Rhea Y.

    I can feel you especially if you came out from a toxic relationship.

  10. I just want to go visit and have you as my guide because the things you do are just so simple and relaxing haha

  11. I have been an introvert and a homebody my whole life, I would rather be alone than being with alot of people. It is not something I learned, it is just my personality and I'm kind of grateful for it. I get tired after only being out in town for a whole day. I actually feel bad for people that are not okay with being alone. Imagine not being okay with only being with yourself and not finding peace with quiet and calm. Does not sound like a fun life to have. I actually feel more lonely around people than without.

  12. No wonder you have such a good attitude! I feel it takes a special type of person that can live alone and be alright with it! I applaud you!

  13. Thank you for your thoughts on how Being Alone is also Being Happy.
    I too learnt as you, that to be alone, I could be in the happiest of places, just by spending time with myself and understanding more of myself.
    Not saying that spending time in company of friends, associates isnt nice, fun and good, but being alone, I find myself totally centred, totally at peace, totally connected to my spirituality.
    Again thank you for sharing, and omg! wish I could eat as much as you and stay as slim, as you do! But hey! that's how life is 🙂
    Stay Happy 🙂 🙂

  14. I love the ghibli music 💕 your videos are really beautiful and help me to feel calm and relaxed when I am stressed. Thank you angel 💙

  15. This kind of solitude scares the hell out of me. I have never been alone. And that makes me sad… sometimes i wish i was.

  16. Hello everyone. Thank you for watching 💕If you have time please contribute in adding foreign language. 🙏
    and notify me through the comment section. Thank you for your continued love and support😊💕have a nice day!

  17. Yes love to live alone but how to manage house properly without mom because if i suddenly came far from my parents how i will what is less more and needs in my house???

  18. Hi Rhea!!! your new subscriber 🙋❤️. I totally agree with you that you need to be happy and strong enough even if you are alone..live your life to the fullest. I wish you stay happy always. lots of love from India ❤️❤️ And yes I love your videos even though it's my first time watching it 🌹👍

  19. In many countries it is very hard financially to live alone. You are lucky to live in Japan, since alone is preferable to family sometimes, and roommates can be dangerous.

  20. I live alone too……….BUT DANG GIRL, PUT SOME SYRUP ON THEM PANCAKES! !! 😂❤😂❤😂❤😂💜😅🐼

  21. I’ve been watching your videos a lot lately I am just wondering if you’re still a Filipina at heart …you should try showing some Filipino food in your vlogs just saying. only if you want to

  22. Rhea.
    I want to just say a few things.
    I have always, ALWAYS been a person who sought peace, quiet, calm and I thrive being alone. I am an avid book reader; thought-seeker; and I actually feel like I "shut down" after too much PEOPLE- exposure. Hahaha. Let me tell you that once I found your videos, and if you haven't watched Ivy Kitchen's videos- ahhhhhh! You must! You have such a soothing lifestyle with your grateful heart and genuine words. In fact, I have actually watched so many of your videos that I used all of my data and called immediately to upgrade my phone plan so I could continue to watch you. It literally slows my heart rate. Makes me smile. Gets me warm. Fuzzy. Heavy with a full belly; ( because watching you eat- honey-child! You are the cutest, most adorable, TINY human food 'compactor' I have ever seen! 🤭). You are so soothing that when I hear my boyfriend's truck pull up in the driveway- I actually curl my lip up and frown. It's like a still body of cool, blue water and silence and all of a sudden an ass throw a big ole rock into the water and it's loud and causes a bunch of ripples and waves. WHO NEEDS THAT?! Anyway. I thank you for being that cool, still body of peacefulness. I hope you know you cause much happiness for your YouTube family. And now, if you will excuse me- I just heard my boyfriend's truck pull up. I must go lock him out of the house and watch more of your videos…..

  23. What a beautiful video. You are so upbeat and positive. Never a harsh word. You are a great role model for us all. So glad to have found your channel. Enjoying your videos. Looking forward to many more to come. All the best to you and your husband! 😁✌💚

  24. Like you, I am happy when I'm alone. I feel burdened when I'm with someone who makes my life less peaceful. It is crazy for others, but I feel more creative when I'm alone. I think that's why writers, especially famous ones does not want to be disturb. They will isolate themselves to work on their craft. Bill Gates is the same. The price of not being alone is constant interruption. Mind and creativity flows freely when you are alone. People also do not understand why you need to be alone. They are just empty inside so they fill themselves out with distractions. If you agree, please thumbs up.

  25. I have no choice but to be content living alone. I am lonely usually alone so not much I can do. Many people have treated me like crap so I tend to keep to myself. I have a limited amount of relatives and what little bit of friends I have they are not very good. Difficulty making true friends. I'm a introvert and enjoy my alone times sometimes, but sometimes i want company. I would like a companion but not trying to get married any time soon. He needs to have his own place. I go see relatives and then just go home to unwind later. Same with a friend but need real friends not the crappy ones I got as they make feel me feel even worse as they act like they dont need me and it feels onesided. Why be my friend if I am so disposable?

  26. Boy I love your Cooking Pan for The Eggs and Pancakes. Most North American Homes don't have that. Yo make cooking so beautiful and Zen.

  27. Do all of you find "inner peace" when you watch these vlogs – thank you for sharing your calm – it's really relaxing

  28. This made me very emotional because I'm always alone, but I don't feel the way you do about it. It has made me feel incredibly lonely and sad. I admire your outlook.

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