Weird Questions Gay Couples Get

Weird Questions Gay Couples Get

– I mean when we bought our bed– – Oh my god wait, are you two a couple? – Yeah.
– Yes, mm-hmm. – (laughs) I thought you were brothers. – Nope.
– No. – Are you sure you’re not brothers? – Yep.
– Pretty, pretty sure. – [Girl] Yeah?
– Not brothers. [Girl] Not brothers.
– Nope. – Which one’s the guy
and which one’s the girl? – We’re both guys.
Right right okay. But like, you know. – Do you two just check out
guys together all the time? – Yes. – Oh my god you guys are getting married? I’ve never been to a
gay wedding can I come? – Um, we just met you.
– So. – Oh I don’t mind. – We were thinking of starting by painting the living room first. – Oh okay.
– What color do you guys think we should go with? – Um, oh, I don’t know
what colors do you like? – Oh, uh, well we had
talked about… pewter? – Yeah. yeah.
– Is that a good color? – Why are you ask–, oh.
– Yeah. – You know, my cousin’s gay, Terry, do you know Terry? – Yeah, gay Terry.
– Yeah, everyone knows gay Terry, yeah.
– [Cook] Yeah, yeah. – You guys, I need to pick out an outfit for the company
Christmas party will you help? – Why are you asking u– ah, oh. – Alright, just checking on your room. Um, two queens?
– Wha–? – He’s talking about the beds. – Oh go– (laughs) – So when you guys are on
a date like this who pays? – So when you guys slow dance who leads? – Who plans the brunch place,
do you guys take turns? – We own a brunch restaurant chain. – Of course you do.
– Yeah of course. – But you guys just wear
each others’ clothes right? – Actually that we do.
– We do do that. – Awesome, that’s great. – I need a new gay best friend, will you be my new gay
best friend? Please? – We just met you. – You guys don’t watch Real Housewives? – Are you sure you’re gay?
(laughs) – We’re pretty sure. – Are you gonna have gaybies? – I’m sorry what?
– Gay babies. – Can I be your surrogate,
our babies would look so– – We just met you. – So if you guys have kids, are you gonna let them play sports? – Why would we not let
our kids play sports? – I don’t know, I just thought, like, musical theater and
stuff (laughs) plays, dances. – Who’s the twink and
who’s the leather daddy? – Wow. Wow.
(laughs) – Wow.
(laughs) – Who wants weiners,
you guys right? (laughs) – Oh, will you be my escort
to the gay pride parade? I mean, you need a gay to get into one of those things right?
– You do, you need a gay to get in
and yes we will go with you. – Oh you’re gonna be
my gaykeeper. (laughs) – Judy Garland, Judy Garland.
– Seen it. – I know who Judy Garland is
– Do you? – Are you sure you’re gay?
– Pretty sure. – Are you gay? – That’s a really
sensitive subject (laughs)

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  2. i- i love this video. it’s so true. for me as a lesbian it’s like everyone thinks you’re joking and just not interested in them. also they think you’re just friends that make out..

  3. All the comments I’m looking at are from like, five minutes ago but this video came out three years ago.

  4. Shameful as it is, I would probably ask who usually tops and who usually bottoms… And who does lead when they decide to slow-dance.

  5. Stereotypical tough. Depends on country( it really does) but in most cases people are just getting embrassed for some reasons when they realise someone's gay.

  6. I think the whole 'confusing the couple for brothers' thing happens mostly to white gays since a lot of them do tend to look….related. A lot of gay people of color make fun of them for that (amongst themselves, not openly)

  7. "I N E E D A N E W G A Y B E S T F R I E N D W I L L Y O U B E M Y N E W G A Y B E S T F R I E N D ?"

    that sentence is why you don't have one anymore

  8. I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend and we're both guys and I hate it when people go which ones the guy and which is the girl, and I go…ay babe you girl or guy? by boyfriend says, a guy.

  9. When I saw the thumbnail, I honestly thought one of the questions would be, “Have you guys ever thought about having a devil’s threesome? Can I be the girl?!” 😈 💜

  10. All red heads aren’t like this don’t worry 😌 as a red head I can say this don’t worry I don’t act like this at all I disown red heads who act like this no ma’me

  11. 1:55 excuse me madam, are YOU sure your husband isn't way gayer than those two guys together?
    2:48 that was actually good even for me! xD

  12. I'm a lesbain and whenever someone asks me 'Who would be the man in the relationship?', it's really just a polite way of saying 'Are you a top or a bottom?'

  13. Imma just answer some gay questions
    Q: Who's the girl and guy
    A: It's a gay relationship

    Q: Are you guys brothers/sisters?
    A: Maybe.. If we were From Alabama

    Q: When you slow dance, who leads
    A: The top 😂

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