Weekend Update on Doug Jones Defeating Roy Moore – SNL

Weekend Update on Doug Jones Defeating Roy Moore – SNL

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  1. The after the election the DOW jumped and since then the Stock market steady climbing up
    Manufacturing are coming back
    Companies are coming back
    Stopping companies that are trying to leave
    Unemployment rate reduce to less than 4%
    Black Unemployment are reduce
    Create over 2.2 millions jobs
    Save Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions and. . . . . . Of Dollars withdrawal from Paris accord
    We DON'T have to give Billions and Billions and Billions and. . . . . Of Dollars for Iran ANYMORE
    We DON'T have to arm and fund ISIS ANYMORE
    Children can enjoy their food again at school
    The DOW over 24,000 points
    The best Market in 17 years
    The lowest Unemployment in 16 years
    Over 6 TRILLION DOLLARS added to the stock market
    Export beef again
    Steel industry start again
    Mining coal again
    Keystone pipe line start again
    Dakota pipe line start again
    Drill oil again
    Save second amendment
    Follow constitution
    Little girls DON'T have to see grown adult male private parts in the bathroom ANYMORE
    Make Military great again
    Make police great again
    Law and order
    Religious liberty
    Illegal immigrants reduce over 78%
    AND so much more. . . .

  2. – Tens of millions dollars
    – Fake news
    – Smear campaign
    – False accusations
    – Voter intimidation
    – Flip-flopping on major issues
    – Identity politics
    – Help from establishment Republicans

    This is what it takes for a Democrat to take a tiny lead over a weak conservative Republican.

  3. Alabama vote tally may change due to the discovery of fraudulent voter practices and the failure to count military absentee ballots.

  4. I'd sooner laugh at a polio victim. I think there's 60 lefty "funny guys" on late night television by now. It's literally "hahaha omg trump joke"! Do you people ever get tired of this shit?

  5. FAKE NIGHT LIVE cant even talk about alabama election fraud. No wonder theyre called propaganda. Sad! https://youtu.be/0AxVXM2Lts4
    Recount happening in alabama. Sad for democrats!

  6. Tax cuts! You're welcome libtard, brain damaged, hollywood pervert culture, Communist, 8 gender ass, delusional haters. BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!! SUCK IT TRAITORS. TOP KEK>

  7. How about put the whole tweet on there? "Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory. The write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. The people of Alabama are great, and the Republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. It never ends!"

  8. This is comedy, respect it as that, the truth about that election is coming from the haters that hate america, wake up young people that watch b's, to many of them in Hollywood are child molesters, they lie to you so your children that go to Hollywood will be raped by them, read the real news at fox, TRUTH. TRUTH. TRUTH

  9. The bit about voting for the guy who they'd rather be pulled over by…. that applies to white people too. Ever dealt with a power hungry Utah cop? You don't want to they're fucking dicks.

  10. An alleged pedophile is not a pedophile until proven guilty, but that is only if you subscribe to the rule of law in America.

  11. I live in the town where the Burger King story came from. The paper the next ay, no bullshit, wrote in their article about it "Police said they weren't sure if the man was saying his name was Burger King, or if he was referring to himself as THE Burger King."

    …Small towns in the MIdwest don't have much to report on sometimes.

  12. "Black people aren't really democrats…we just vote for the guy less likely to put us on a boat…" #Facts

  13. 1:27 You are aware that there are college-educated, non-racist Republicans, right? how come African-Americans have a substantially more difficult time getting an ID to vote than Caucasians??

  14. Che ftw. Some of his best here.
    Also warming to Jost. "You can't shame President Grab-Ass because shame to Trump is like spinach to Popeye…You can't assassinate his character because his character already committed suicide forty years ago"–Bang.

  15. Sure snl ! Black dnc slaves from out of state were shipped in to Alabama from other states ! Jones most likely a real pervert as Moore s stories were fake and paid for !

  16. youtube has more commercials than tv, why the fuck is there a 30 sec ad after every 5 min video. go fuck ur self ranch gmc and stupid tech universities. obv ur impossible to ignore, i cant skip ad

  17. Leslie Jones looks NOTHING like Omarosa… isn't this at least borderline racist? Like I know they could have brought in someone else, but it's like they just decided, "Well, we have one black woman on payroll, may as well just use her"?

  18. Trump is a Biggest Loser we've ever had in Washington. And I'm an older person so I know this to be a fact and true. Michael Avenatti. Has busted is f*** up ass to the curb and then some. Michael's our president yeah baby you go. Keep rocking the world Avenatti.

  19. So it has been a year and still no charges against roy .So either the dems were lying about kids being hurt by him or they did not give a shit and dropped all the hurt kids as soon as they got what they wanted .So which is it?

  20. Does anybody else find it CONVENIENT that every time a senator, judge, or any other male political figure gets accused of rape, it's always (I repeat, ALWAYS!) right before he tries to get elected for something??? Such a huge COINCIDENCE, right? If he really did do it, why not prosecute him back when it actually happened rather than waiting until the best time to get publicity & fame? 🙄 🤔🤔🤔

  21. "If this were a Christmas movie this would be the part where you winked at the camera and disappeared and we realized that you lived inside of us the whole time."

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