This is Narita Airport If you visit Japan, there’s a good chance you’ll end up going through here And today we’ll explore something different We’re taking the Narita Chibaraki Highway bus for an adventure We’re getting on the bus now We’ll be taking this to explore the area along the south coast of the Kasumigaura lake It’s the second biggest lake in Japan It’s a giant soy sauce barrel We got off at this highway bus stop Actually, in Japan, they usually have a lot of stuff in these little stops Like local specialties Japanese pit stops like these are usually pretty interesting because you get to see a lot of local specialties They usually have a convenience store and some kind of delicatessen store with local omiyage, so travel gifts and local specialties It’s much more than a gas station in most other countries His hands are like that because he’s running fast He’s like Japan’s Speedy Gonzales except “Nanjamon” is his name Can I have some of your gurt No it’s my gurt Time to grab lunch We’re at a place called Araiya Automated Corner And it’s one of two restaurants in all of Japan that has only automatic machines or vending machines Moreover, this place is super old school The machines are old there’s some arcade machines inside with old video games And it looks super cool And there’s people walking into that place all the time So it’s actually getting (a lot of business) quite decent traffic This place looks and feels so old and weird If you saw it from a street I think most of you wouldn’t enter I think I wouldn’t either but it’s good fun It’s really good And they have Tetris on arcade, that counts Wow That’s pure skill Kasumigaura Lake covers about 176 square kilometers And it’s growing in popularity so it sees a lot of recreational uses in the summer time And it’s super windy today so there’s a lot of kite surfers, or wind surfers? What are the called? Wind surfers. So these are grapes Wine is made of grapes So it’s a fruit beverage They have this cool shop with wine and wine accessories and everything We’re going to do some wine tasting Smells nice They have a selection of beers Some wines liquors This is the first winery to be opened in Japan It was opened in 1903 and there’s a lot of wine history here Let’s go check out the wine museum The murder, the murder must have been here I found the murderer’s secret passage Wow The family secret of the Tanaka’s is buried here Under one of htese barrels This is the tabehodai-nomihodai dinner The wine chateau has an All-you-can-eat deal here all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink and I’m so excited The serving size in Japanese restaurants is usually much smaller than in other countries So people are used to bigger portions than they get in Japan And the drinks are kind of on the pricey side just because I think Japanese people, they just drink less So putting all this together, if you can pay for an all you can drink and all you can eat, 9 times of out 10 you’re going to get a better value than if you were paying for everything seperately Just cooking, just mistering my **** up This is very nice You don’t get this type of atmosphere in Tokyo It’s like, we’re in a park, in a garden, having barbecue I feel like I’m in France I’m also wearing stripes I am Coincidence? I think not That was very good and this concludes the first day of our exploration of this area Nice This is the Ushiku Daibutsu and it holds the world record for the tallest bronze Buddha statue in the world It stands at a 120 meters tall This feels like a trippy spaceship We’re in the chest of the Buddha now, which is about 85 meters high And it’s got views every direction North, South, East and West It’s so peaceful here It leaves a strong impression to imagine that each of these Buddhas represents a whole family history This is so impressive to me This room is really, it’s like a memorable sight Yeah, it’s like different from anything else I’ve seen Not going to lie, I don’t know the order of all of these strokes So I’m just going to do my best I think this is a scripture and all that I can really read is year, month, day Have you ever heard the story about Kasia and the goat? Is there a story about me and the goat? Is it the one about my grandma’s house and the goats that kept running away? That’s all you get I like these squirrel houses, they’re like góralskie haty (Polish highlander houses) So we were just there, at that Buddha, and now we’re going shopping This place has a completely different vibe than shopping in Tokyo The prices are better and there’s much more space And it feels like California a bit Yeah, it’s like a California shopping mall If you’re shopping for Japanese brands, this is a good place to have a lot in one place There’s also a good mix of foreign brands here A lot of the sizes in the stores in Japan are a lot smaller than I’ve been used to in other countries so it’s worth trying clothes on here If you’re shopping, bring your passport because a lot of stores now have the tax-free option which will make the shopping cheaper Shopping makes me hungry And since we’re in Japan, there’s sushi Can I order a smile from you? Japanese food is good for a shopping break because it’s very light so you can continue shopping afterwards without feeling bloated I got to go catch Kris This theme park is called Ibaraido and apart from offering the French town part, it also has other things So cute, you’re so cute, so cute Time for my personal favorite in the animal kingdom Llama Wow This looks legit, we have pies like this in Poland There’s a bakery, because Europe No complaints, I miss bread So the main theme here is France But there’s also pizza because you know Europe Such a big piece Look at these pastries They look super tasty This is actually similar to the Polish Uwaga Pies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) This is really, really good, It’s like the most authentic, legit pie that I’ve had in Japan It really feels like something made in Poland to me It all looks familiar in a way I mean Polish towns are a bit different than French but the idea is roughly the same It’s true what they say, one man’s everyday life is another man’s theme park As a foreigner living in Tokyo, I think this is a great spot to get away from the noisy city and experience a different climate And a pretty good spot to go on a date Do you like pigs? Ugh, I guess so I like pigs It seems like you’re really getting something across Nothing So that concludes our vacation away from Tokyo city All the places we’ve visited are within 1-2 hours away from Tokyo city If you want to visit these places, in the video description you’ll find information about the bus we’ve been using The bus that takes you from the Narita Airport to the Kasumigaura Coast Tanoshikatta (it was fun) Owarimashita (we’re done) Uwaga Pies out

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