Weekend Adventuring with the Triumph Bonneville – /RideApart

Weekend Adventuring with the Triumph Bonneville – /RideApart

JAMIE ROBINSON: The idea behind
this week’s show is to escape the hustle and bustle of
city life, so I’m here in the Sequoia National Forest
one man, one machine, few belongings. Welcome to RideApart. I just saw you, actually, you
guys from the road there. So can you tell us a little
bit about where we are? BRIAN DE LA CERDA: Yeah. We are– I’m kind of timid to say,
just because of how special this place is. JAMIE ROBINSON: OK, well
maybe not, then. BRIAN DE LA CERDA: No, no, OK. JAMIE ROBINSON: Sequoia
National Forest. BRIAN DE LA CERDA: Sequoia
National Forest. We’re at the middle fork of the
river called the Tule, and the Tule is nestled in
the foothills of the southern Sierra. JAMIE ROBINSON: So I want to
stay as close to the Earth as I can today. I really want to camp under the
stars, eat local produce. Could you tell us, recommend
maybe where I can rest my head tonight? BRIAN DE LA CERDA: 10 miles up
the road, there’s a huge monolith called Dome Rock, and
Dome Rock is this huge boulder that tons of climbers come
out to experience. JAMIE ROBINSON: Straight
into there? I’ll break my leg. That was refreshing. Awesome. Where else could you do this? Anywhere else locally that
you recommend that I should aim for? BRIAN DE LA CERDA: Yeah, so if
you continue down the Great Western Divide Highway, you’re
going to stumble across this very famous site, which
is called the Trail of 100 Giants. JAMIE ROBINSON: So here we are
in Ponderosa, population 64. I’ve not seen anyone
for awhile. Let’s pop indoors, see what
local grub I can muster for tonight, and then
it’s camping. It’s my first time here. I am starving. So what do you recommend, man? MALE SPEAKER: I recommend bacon
ortega burger or bacon cheeseburger. JAMIE ROBINSON: Ortega burger? MALE SPEAKER: Sure. JAMIE ROBINSON: What’s
in that? MALE SPEAKER: It’s got bacon,
it’s got cheese, and it’s got a big ortega chile. JAMIE ROBINSON: Oh wow. Is that the recommendation? MALE SPEAKER: That’s the
recommendation right there. JAMIE ROBINSON: I will take
you up on it, sir. MALE SPEAKER: OK. JAMIE ROBINSON: I dropped
lucky tonight. I thought it could be
a cooked noodle, but instead I get a burger. Welcome to America, home
of the big burger. I might be on my own, but I’ve
got a full belly, I’ve ridden some fantastic roads, and now
it’s peace and quiet all night underneath the stars. Twelve-year-old malt. So our buddy Brian recommended
I come here, Trail of the 100 Giants. Here we are. Let’s go check it out. Holy moley. So yesterday, we came into the
Sequoia National Forest on this beautiful road. Then we bumped into Brian. He said that we had to go to
Dome Rock and here to the giant trees. We’ve done that. We’re just going
to head south. Let’s see what we can find. And you know it’s going
to be good. Oh no. Road closed. Oh well. 23 miles, I can still have
some fun in 23 miles. Oh no. Oh well. This one’s not. Just look at this. It’s fantastic. There’s not anybody around,
just Mother Nature. Wow. What a trip. I have to say, anybody who’s
stressed out with city life, you should just get a
motorcycle, because I’ve just got just a run of the mill
motorcycle here, a fantastic one from Triumph, but it’s not
a dual sport, and I’m having an amazing adventure. It might only be 48 hours,
but it’s epic. Get a motorcycle, get on the
road, you’ll have a blast. Do I look like I just woke up? Because I have. [YELLING]. It’s freezing! I don’t often walk around in
my underpants like this.

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77 Replies to “Weekend Adventuring with the Triumph Bonneville – /RideApart”

  1. Outstanding! loved every minute.I ride a Royal enfield 500 when I find the Gl1800 goldwing boring.. Simple is pure and best

  2. is it possible to pick up a fallen Bonneville by yourself? i would worry that if you fell off this bike on your own you wouldn't be able to pick it up again

  3. Wonderfull video…. I heard the little ground clearance and smaller wheel than t100,, how did you ,manage on the pffroad conditions… did you scrape the bottom??

  4. I know this is an old video…but I just want to point out that the sound of a Bonneville is one of the sexiest bike sounds ever produced.

  5. I enjoyed this video.  Well done.  But I gotta' say, if it were me, I would have slowed down at times to relax and take in all that beauty I was driving through.  Looking forward to doing something like this soon.

  6. I think I've seen this video about 5 times now, it never gets old!! I'm going to try my best to go to a new spot every weekend this summer on my Savage. Adventures for life.

  7. Does anyone know how did he attach the backpack to the seat ? It could be a great option to carry gear without bulky side carriers or worse, a box case !

  8. I love the sound of a Bonnie. Such a great all around bike. I know a guy that trail rides with one all the time. America is a wonderful thing to see, isn't it.

  9. My heart hurts watching this video. I love it so much. It's honestly one of my favorite videos ever. Riding a terrific bike through one of the best national parks on the west coast, with swimming, and a great looking burger, and infreakingcredible views, and being surrounded by nature, building a campfire, camping beneath the stars… absolutely incredible. With all the negativity that's associated with America, especially recently, it's nice to see something like this that makes me feel so positive about it.

  10. Hey guys, this video inspired me to get back on a bike. And I really need the name of that SONG! Shazam cannot find it. Please help! 🙂

  11. Waw dude, very well presented and really amazing views there. Gotta do that too,,,Well done. 5 stars

  12. I jus realized something about Jamie’s Bike. .. in at least one shot the handle bars are black and when he gets to the burger joint they’re chrome.

  13. I can't believe you are always belting up and down the countryside and it's always sunny. Please tell me it rains there sometimes. Fantastic video diary. Is that a customised standard bonnie or a thruxton? Thanks, Gareth

  14. Saw this a few years ago. I have never seen a better video that casts a motorcycle in a more favorable light. Weekend getaway? Best ever! An epic weekend that would be very difficult to beat. Take this, you L. A. cubicle dwellers!
    Ortega burger? After a day of hard riding, that juicy, tasty burger is an oral orgy of sensual pleasure, and visceral satisfaction!
    The sky, under which he camps, is the sky of gods, illustrated to magnificence by its super-presence of stars. Maybe a bad head in the morning, but after 12-year old Scotch, who can complain. Still, a nice illustration of the harsh light of day dawning in America, if there should be those so naive as to imagine that such does not occur. It does, and it's not pretty; it is harsh, yes, even here, in America. Still, the success of the day promises greater adventures to be had, and they will be. Had, that is.

  15. I love this video too…real inspirational. It's easy to forget he may have had a cameraman with him tho and the fact that he is a pro racer explains how he was ripping through the curves. Still love it tho and I'm going to keep watching it.

  16. Made me want to drive my Bonneville T120 but then the roads are wet here right now and I don't want to get it all dirty so I went to town on my Ducati (easier to clean) and got a big burger.

  17. I have a Bonnie and loved the essence of this video…exploration, appreciation and freedom!!! Thanks for sharing…really enjoyed it despite my slight bias as a bonny owner!!!

  18. My childhood friend and I are planning a trip next summer to Pikes Peak with him on his Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer and me on my Triumph Street Twin/Cup conversion. This video makes me want to go now.

  19. I was inspired by this video to take up moto camping a few years ago. After a couple of years and a few setbacks, I am planning on following Jamie's tire tracks into the same area he rides here. Even planning to spend the last night of my trip at Dome Rock. Thanks Jaime!!

  20. I think bikes like this are perfect for roads, enough poke to keep the pace but not enough to get you into trouble. Hopefully getting my bonnevile this weekend!

  21. Oldie but goldie! What a great video! I've been watching 50 times! After watching this film in winter 2013, I bought Bonneville SE in early 2014! Thanks Jamie! You da man!

  22. Just dropping in here to say that this area is now one of my favorite regular weekend getaways. Was up there just last month. Ponderosa Lodge is under new management and the folks have done a lot of work, great people. Camping at Dome Rock spectacular. Was up there just last month. Rode up from Ventura County via power line roads to Mojave, over Jawbone Canyon and Piute Peak, Kernville, etc.. Returned through California Hot Springs (Old Stage Road) and Capinero Drive. Will be there again in October, taking in Sherman Pass and Horse Meadow.

  23. Welp, back again =) A six day trip to Colorado and Utah I had planned for months got cancelled en-route. Lots of frustration, anger, anxiety. What to do? I know! Clear my head at Dome Rock! Once again, camped by the rock, this time solo…nobody for miles. Spectacular night. Bonus: As I headed to Kernville for lunch the next day, I saw that the gate at 22S16 was open (has been closed for a couple years) and I saw and photographed the sign at 8:24. Rode all the way to Portugese Pass (single lane asphalt for most of it) then on south to Alta Sierra and Kernville. After lunch, I rode to Morro Bay via 155-58-41.
    Taking my fiance up there next weekend, car camping this time…will take in the slide (1:40) and "the cups" just downstream, and a couple waterfalls he missed =)

  24. Finally!! 5 years after watching this..the Inspiration.. "ONE MAN. ONE MACHINE".. got an interceptor 650 for the woods in Himalayas.. I can cry now 🙁

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