Wedding Series | My Sisters Bengali Wedding Day Preparations VLOG | + The Day Before The Wedding

Wedding Series | My Sisters Bengali Wedding Day Preparations VLOG | + The Day Before The Wedding

Hey guys my name is Anyeka Jamal and
welcome back to my youtube channel so as you can probably tell from the title of
this video this is going to be one of the final videos for this series it’s
been a great run I must say but it is coming to it and because this video is
little arrangements that we had to make prior to the wedding day and it was also
the day before the wedding day so part two will be the actual wedding day and
you guys are welcome on this journey inside the box is this scroll I really
like this kind of design it’s very like regal and just untie the knot unwrap it you open the scroll up like this and on
both sides as little borders that match to the box and it’s like a muslin paper
mache type material really strong I thought it’s gonna be really flimsy but
I’m very surprised and I thought it’d be a lot smaller which is it’s good that
there’s more space but it’s just a sample so it doesn’t have my stuff on it
sharain phillips and kevin holes apparently they’re getting hitched this
stupid doing that other thing woman is such a like an olden style design but
yea the rioting they’ve put it in red burgundy but you can get it in any color
apparently yeah burgundy doesn’t look yeah should be gold with the theme yeah
but that might be hard to read if it’s gold
so like even black or something maybe Brown yeah and then you just roll it
back up and tie back up the scroll with the
mounting not to seal so they’ll put like your initials on it
it’s so cool so what would happen is obviously you’d put we put the scroll in
the envelope of the right size and then when you close em below it’ll be you use
one of these to seal it all you do is get like some fire candle or something
and to melt it a bit and then you seal it like this yeah these are the they’re
thank-you cards like thank you for coming
that’s got a thank you card in it yeah no one needs to be thanked us feeding
them is thank you enough RSVP cards again they come they come in and give a
shit if they don’t this is I’m guessing a favor but and it has like the names
and the date of the people started getting married this is a money envelope
so like give me money yeah and they’ll the gifted money in this and I put it in
the box at the venue he’s our menu called menu cards yeah and
this is a program of what’s gonna happen oh no this is like a prating deed with it’s got some random address in that
there’s another box in that box this is like a different type of invites so you
have like another insert in there saying who what the event is when he
and all of that I didn’t order this office I don’t know why they said this
probably because I chose the cheapest one and they’re trying to sell me an
expensive one I just think what’s the point of spending that much money on any
bike people are gonna throw away so in this little tray is this the scroll so
again same concept it’s a much smaller one you just open it up black and gold
and black and gold looks much nicer and then it’s just same kind of stuff really
details of the invite I don’t know what the point is of having a scroll I’m counting it let’s just put it in the
box then you’ll know and if there’s enough of our but these make up the Box
like make it 3d and pop one of these so we’re just heading out now to
basically just hand out invites to everyone we’ve done it a few days like
we haven’t been able to do everything in the same day but yeah we’re just gonna
do that again today then I’m gonna hand out a few of my own as well
but I can’t do everything today unfortunately and I have to leave a few
for my other brands which will be in the country soon yeah personal giving out
some invitations it’s more like special and more it’s just my son so and it’s
like an Asian thing to do that instead we’re just like posting out we pasted up
you to like people that Nippon Ivan government like really fast but
obviously the ones in our town is like nicer to go and give them directly so
we’re doing that so yeah but yeah we’re just gonna head out now and drive around
and drop off I forget you know what I’m not gonna see
this oh wow what are your thoughts this is very like olden style and very cool
it reminds me I’m back of me back in the days my dress isn’t efficient it reminds
me of this TV series i watch me just like this oh I know what you mean and
then they just say the walls look bottom earful part of me is in love yeah so
much shit and gently who’s gonna read that wrong
you hopefully this is what’s in the bottle one see there’s clothes in two
books to thank you three suitcases where’s this from again so say this is the taxi that is
transporting us and my sister well not my sister my sister star Luca she spoke
fragile it was from Julie no use just have the numbers on it vegging Lee whoa didn’t expect that this would make
a nice I love what you did on this sides as
well a little craft so we made this check by going on Google
and getting an actual check up on our phones and then we basically made the
paper a lot bigger by gluing pieces together and then supporting it with
cellotape at the back so we could write over it at the front and then we put
some backing of cardboard to make it thicker and like so it will stand
upright and then these little pieces that we’re putting across is so that
it’s one piece and doesn’t fold we used that spray glue because it was so strong
and it was really good so if you’re looking for a good glue that is no one
this was like our little masterpiece we were so specific with it and
everything had to be perfect we put so much effort into it was so cute and like
it was actually quite fun to do it was like complete teamwork and boy everyone
together is so cute but but we used a ruler so everything is very specific and
made sure all the margins and everything are in line with other parts of it as
well for example this part we made sure that
it was a certain amount away from the edge and we lined it up we went
everything over in pencil first and then went over it in the permanent
afterwards team bride is going over here in line with our date so we do make a
box in pencil up to this line that’s immaterial I decide I was named brothers
yeah they put a line and then let me in or me yeah 500,000 listen I thought that would be a cupboard what’s that I mean because we’re holding this mirror four
of us I don’t even if they can see the back on about bloody pajamas we made it
to our destination I’m actually really tired but we kind of
saved my life I am oh yeah no I won’t come every five
minutes yeah I heard whitening strips in craft
one so that pretty much completes this video I hope you guys enjoyed it and if
you did remember to Like comment and subscribe for more the wedding vlog is
soon coming so make sure you subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. even though the wedding is super fun, it’s the traditions of Dawats and getting the hampers ready, etc that brings the fam close together! Loved your vlog can’t wait for the wedding! 💓✨

  2. Hey guys! You can find My Sister’s Wedding Vlog here:

    To see the professional wedding photographs, follow my Instagram: @anyekajamal ♥️

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