6 Replies to “Wedding Planning Tips ft. KatieQ đŸ’—”

  1. I like the advice that this shouldn't be the best day of your life. My best man toast at my brother's wedding was basically, "I hope this is the least interesting, least fun, least loving day of your life, because I want every day from here on out to be more interesting, more fun, more loving."

    They got divorced 20 years later, but I still think it's a really good toast.

  2. Just adding my two cents: Wedding is not the only/start of other people telling you what to do. It starts even before. Like "why are you not getting married" or "you should not be single"…

  3. Oh man. The just have fun at your wedding tip is really important. I was stressed out the whole time and didn't enjoy myself as much as I wish I had.

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