“Walter’s holiday cheer” | Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special | JEFF DUNHAM

“Walter’s holiday cheer” | Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special | JEFF DUNHAM

(laughing) – So, Walter, you look very
festive, happy holidays! (laughing) – You’re really gonna try this, aren’t ya? – Happy holidays. – I am not doing any Christmas crap. – It’ll be fun! – You are so gay. (applause) – Just pretend. – What? – Fake it. – Does your wife do that too? (laughing) Oh, you know, it used to hurt my feelings now I realize it’s just great time saver. “Ohh,” we’re done, where’s the remote? – Would you just do this? – Okay, well, start over. – Okay, okay. (laughing) Hey, Walter! – Yes, what is it, Jeff? (applause) Sorry I can’t act worth (beep). – You look very festive, happy holidays! – What? – Happy holidays! – You know, I’ve been wanting to say this for a couple of years now. Screw you, it’s Merry Christmas! (applause) – You know, Walter, there
are people of other faiths. – And they’re wrong! – Wait a minute! What if somebody walked
up to you on the street and very sincerely said
to you “Happy Kwanzaa!” What would you do? (laughing) – First, I purchase
them an eye color chart. Then I’d throw away the champagne and pull out the fricken’ malt liquor! Ho ho yo yo! – I understand. – Word. – Word? – Do you feel me? – Do you know what you’re talking about? – Fo’ shizzle. – Where did you learn all this? – My cable box got stuck
on the BET network. I learned a lot of new stuff. Apparently now I’m ghetto fabulous! Chill, home dog. I’m finna bust a cap on yo ass. Cracker. (applause) Uh, nice badonkadonks. Oh yeah, there’s nothing better than a woman’s nice badonkadonk, and I- (laughing) She looks familiar. (applause) Turn around! (laughing) What, I think she’s my screen saver! (applause)

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100 Replies to ““Walter’s holiday cheer” | Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special | JEFF DUNHAM”

  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Ur really gunna try this aren't u im not doing any of this Christmas crap u r so gay 😂😂😂 just a great time saver😂😂😂 screw u its merry Christmas😂😂 lol 😂😂 hoe hoe yo yo word do u feel me😂😂😂🌊 im finna gunna bust a cap on yo ass😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I don't think I've ever said "happy holidays" to anyone. I've said "enjoy the holidays" as they were coming up, and of course I've said "happy/merry Christmas" but screw "happy holidays." Its "merry Christmas!"

  3. Walter sure had said (jokingly) "Who put somethin' in YOUR egg nog?" Or "There's not enough EGG in the egg nog!" , after he'd his TV be stuck in La La Land on the BET channel. (LOL!) 😂 Chillin' and hangn' out in the ghetto, while accidentally being lost in America,huh? (comically) & (good naturedly) 😸 Man,I had laughed so hard,I began to choke. 👍

  4. Thank you you are the only one who really makes me forget about everything around me when you are doing the greatest thing that makes me laugh so much and so hard in difficult times I watch your show

  5. That's me on Christmas it's just another day to me and I laugh at all the idiots wasting their time and money buying crap for people that they're going to exchange or return.

  6. Jeff, you can start the sentence over… but you can’t start the show or the video over….. mistakes are forever…

  7. HAPPY CHRISTMAS, it's a Holiday because of CHRISTMAS, never let the PC traitors, or a foreign IDEOLOGY change our CULTURE for their heathen ideology….HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL….

  8. Walter talking street is hilarious . Jeff Dunham is the best ventriloquist comic I've ever seen. My favorite character is achmed the dead Terrorist with Walter a close second, and then Peanut.

  9. Life is rough and times are hard so here's your Fucking Christmas card. Merry Fucking Christmas. Thanks for the laughs Mr. Ghetto fab.

  10. I love how people are going off on other people who tell them their comments arent right. Im gonna put this out there. It is a funny joke when he does it on stage but its not so funny when you say you agree with it.

  11. I emailed jeff dunham a great poem for walter to do:
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    This poem is over screw you

  12. Jeff Dunham makes us laugh he is the best ventriloquist I liked his Christmas special and the Halloween one he is a true legend and icon his kids will take over and they will make sure his legacy lives on they will make their dad and mom very proud

  13. @JeffDunham I have comment for Walter I read something yesterday about white rabbits did Walter ever had a pet Rabbit.

  14. Ah, 2008. When you could use "gay" as an insult and say your faith is the only correct one without every politically correct turd in the room jumping on you.

  15. Screw you its Merry Christmas after he says Hey Walter and yes what is it Jeff Walter should have said then your so gay sometimes you forget it's just Jeff up there but it looks it's 2 people up there all the time with each his characters which makes Jeff great at what he does but you can still see Jeff's throat move

  16. Trash whore Thief bitch.
    Stealing from a poor man makes you the lowest scum on Earth especially with that piece of s*** isn't even the real one

  17. Man! He acts and looks like George W. Bush! With respect.
    Unlike the idiot orange thing in the White House as for today, such a dumb ass

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