Walking Meditation Through Guanajuato Mexico

Walking Meditation Through Guanajuato Mexico

[music] Hi everyone! I’m Melanie Jade Rummel, and thank you for joining me for this episode
of TrueYou TV, helping you live your truth and love your life. One of the tools that I use to create a life
I love is meditation. Now before you moan and groan and tell me how much you hate to
meditate, just hear me out. You know I love to have fun, and I only do
things that give me results, so I’m not going to encourage you to try to calm your mind
of all your thoughts and sit in silence for an hour while nothing happens. Instead, I’ve
offered tons of guided meditations on my website. Just go to my blog and click on “Meditations”. But if you are someone who wants to be more
active and doesn’t like to just sit still for a long period of time, then join me today
for a walking meditation through the beautiful streets of Guanajuato, Mexico. For this meditation, you’re going to take
a moment before we start to think of a concern that’s been on your mind or a question you
would like guidance about. Just write that down so you have a note of it, and then come
along with me on this walking meditation. You’ll get an idea for how to do a walking
meditation, and then at the end, you can grab your tennis shoes and go out in your neck
of the woods to do one yourself. At the end of any walking meditation, take
a moment to look back over your concern. Notice if you have received any additional guidance
or you have any new thoughts about that concern. It’s amazing the kind of guidance you can
get when you take a few moments to just let go and focus on something else. So are you ready? Come along with me for this
beautiful walking meditation! Forget about your concern, release your worries,
and come along with me. A walking meditation means you set aside what’s bothering you
and allow yourself to get inspired by the world around you. You focus on the colors,
the textures, the sounds, the people you see, and you become fully present. With each step, your mind opens to new inspiration
and ideas. You breathe deeper, your muscles relax, and you remind yourself that there
is beauty, abundance, and peace all around you. This is the beautiful day you have been
given. And these colors and textures in your environment are just for you, to make you
feel good in this moment. Notice how you already feel more relaxed and
at peace. Just breathing and being. Without even realizing it, you are getting new insight
into your life. When you’re done with your walking meditation, look at the note you made
about your concern, and write down any new insight or feelings you have about it. A walking
meditation is a great way to calm your mind, get guidance, and connect with your Spirit. For more inspiration, sign up for my weekly
newsletter and join me on facebook. Thank you for joining me, and have a wonderful day! [music]

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  1. Hello Melanie , How wonderful you made this video in Guanajuato , I Born and Live in León a city not far of Guanajuato City , i Notice this Video dont have other comments , Id like to Chat whit you well an Email would be nice , Saved your web page in my Favorites and will be reading it , For some reason i came to watch this video , i belive nothing is coinsidence But Causality , i learned by Silva Method Meditation and Id like to share experiences if its possible whit you , as Guide from you .

  2. Meditate on this….Jesus is the way the truth and the life…..not "self" indulgent thought or happiness in this world….which is passing away. Most "spiritualists" cannot face the TRUTH…..sad to say.

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