VattaKottai Fort Vlog – 1 I Travel with Ram & Sam I English Subtitles I Kanyakumari Memes

VattaKottai Fort Vlog – 1 I Travel with Ram & Sam I English Subtitles I Kanyakumari Memes

(Intro) ( Music ) Ram : A warm greeting to Kanyakumari Memes viewers Sam : Vanakkam Ram : Today we are going to explore a Fort in Kanyakumari district. There are many Forts in Kanyakumari district. but this fort is a hidden fort and mostly unknown for people. So, we are going to explore that Fort. Sam : The Fort name is “Vattakottai Fort”. Ram : Vattakottai Fort! Sam : We are departing from Thuckalay! I think it will take around one hour to reach the fort. Ram : The distance of the fort from Thuckalay is 35 kms. Sam : There is a lot of things to explore in Vattakotai Fort. Common Let’s go ! Ram : Okay ! ( Music ) Sam :There is an entry fee of Rs.25-/- for vehicles where they collect on the way to Vattakotai. They collect separate fee for vehicles. Ram : Yes! A lady is collecting the fee in a check post. Sam : Yes, 25 Rs!
Ram : Here is the bill ! ( Music ) Ram : We have reached Vattakottai Fort !
Sam : Yes, we have reached! We have Parked the car over there ! Now we are going to take tickets ! We have reached Vattakotai Fort by one hour as we have expected. There is no Traffic as well ! Ram : As Expected we have reached in time ! Sam : So, Lets take the tickets now! Ram : Sam is taking Tickets We can take tickets in two ways one is Digital Payment ( Cards) and another one is using cash. If we take tickets using Card there is a discount of Rs.5/-. They are charging only 20 Rs. If we pay using cash the ticket charges are Rs 25. They said the discount is for encouraging Digital Payment/Transactions. Sam : We got the tickets ! Ram : Okay, Lets go in ! Sam : Wait, Let me get the balance money ! The actual price using Card is 20 Rs. As we don’t have the card, we took tickets paying in cash. 1,2,3,4,5….. ( Counting the Tickets) The car parking facility is available here, you can park your vehicles here. Okay, Let’s go inside the fort and explore! We are now standing near to the entrance of Vattakotai Fort ! There is symbol over there in the wall, this symbol is the logo of Travancore Kingdom. It was built renovated during their period. Sam : Ram, Could you please tell the daily timings of this Fort? Ram : Tourists can visit here from 08:00am to 06:00pm. You can see the logo right over me ! Sam : Today, we have a lot of tourists here we will go inside the fort and see ! ( Music ) Ram : We are standing inside the Fort. This Fort was built in 18th century by Marthanda varma King. Sam : Initially, this fort was built in Bricks. Later it was modified under the supervision of Captain Eustachius De Lannoy, an ex-Dutch naval officer of the Dutch East India Company…. ….who became commander of the Travancore Army (the very army that defeated him in the Battle of Colachel) in the 18th century, …after he earned the trust of the Travancore King Marthanda Varma. Ram : Yes, the commander trained the soldiers of Travancore Kingdom in Vattakotai Fort. Sam : Later on the brick fort was changed to Granite fort by Captain Eustachius De Lannoy. This fort is also used to monitor enemies which is located in the sea shore. It has an excellent Visible from the top. So it is easy to monitor enemies. Ram : It is an beautiful and peaceful place, if you come visit it you can experience it. Sam : There is a pond inside the Fort. This pond should be used by the soldiers for refreshments. Because the fort only got sea waters near by, we cannot use sea water for refreshments. Ram : If you look around in the Fort’s Ground floor, you can see structures built using stones. It should have been used for soldiers to take rest or to jail enemies or even used as a Stable. The place is really greenish and beautiful ! The fort would have not been this good before 18th century. Sam : Yes, you are correct. There is only a less chance because, this fort was recently renovated. Look at the pond, it look beautiful but the water seems to be dirty. Ram : Yes, the water in the pond is really bad. Sam : Gardening was done in a good manner. You are always welcome to visit this place. Ram : You can spend one day completely in this fort. Sam : But, the sun shines so bright in the noon time Ram : Either come by Morning or it’s better to choose evening time. Sam : Yes, 08:00am – 11:00am is better in morning. If it’s evening you can come after 03:00pm Ram : But, you have a lot of trees here so that you can take rest under the trees (Shadows). As the fort is located near the sea shore the sea breeze is good. Sam : Let’s go to the top floor and check the view.
Ram : Let’s go ! Common ! ( Music) Ram : The fort is really beautiful and greenish ! This is where the place I mentioned earlier, Soldiers would have used this place to take rest/jail enemies or even as a Stable. Sam : The Iron bars has been uninstalled. When I visited last time, it was properly installed. May be, the bars would have damaged. Ram : Okay, Let’s go to the top floor. Sam : Ram, Look how beautiful is this structure built in stones. Ram : People said, there is only a least possibility to get these stones near by. It’s really amazing to hear, when they brought the stones from somewhere else and built it. Sam : This is the path to go Top floor ! You can see a slope like structure in the middle. This slope is used to take the Artillery to the Top Floor. This is beautiful with steps on both sides with a slope in the middle. Ram : Sam, Wait. I am also coming. Wow ! ( Music ) Ram : The side walls of Vattakotai Fort is 25 feet height and 5 feet width constructed in a Powerful & Stronger way. No one can attack this Fort easily !
What are you saying Sam? Sam : Yes, It was built strong & powerful.
We need to appreciate De Lannoy. Like Ram said, no one can attack this fort easily, because the visibility range is too high. You can monitor enemies. This fort played a major role is protecting the borders of Travancore Kingdom. — Sam : The beach near the fort is really beautiful. It is full of black sands. You can also see Western Ghats from the Fort. Ram : We couldn’t able to show the Western Ghats for viewers clearly in camera. It is really beautiful to see Sea on one side and Western Ghats at the other side.
The sea breeze is pretty good ! We feel like heaven ! I am proud to born in this beautiful Kanyakumari district. I am pretty sure if this Fort was located in some other place, it would be attracted more by the tourists. Vattakottai Fort is unknown for many people. Sam : Tourists coming from outside will see only the important tourist places like Kanyakumari , Padmanabapuram Palace etc. But, the vattakotai fort is a beautiful underrated place. It should also be visited by tourists. If you are visiting Kanyakumari, Kindly do ask your Tour agency/Company to take you to Vattakotai Fort. Ram : We can experience the beauty of this Vattakotai Fort. If you need to experience the beauty do visit this Fort. ( Music ) Sam : Now we are standing at the edge of the Fort. You can see, a part of the fort extends into the sea. Please don’t try like we are standing on the parapet wall, because it’s too danger. Ram : Because, the wind is heavy, it might push you down to the sea! Sam : Not only sea, there is rocks over there, if you fall down then it would be the end of your story ! So, please don’t try this. We climbed just to show you ! VattaKottai Fort is a protected site under the Indian archaeological department ( Thirussur Circle ) On the Top Floor, there is only one solo tree you can see. You can get shadows only through that solo tree ! There is no tree other than that in top floor. ( Explaining the better Visiting time ) ( Music ) Sam : There is no toilet facility inside the Fort ! You can only use toilets/restrooms outside the fort ! Drinking water facility is available inside the Fort ! For foreigners ( Outside India ) the Ticket rates are… How much Ram?
Ram : 300 Rs/person. Sam : To take videos the cost is 25Rs, and if you caught without tickets inside the Fort 500Rs fine/Penalty will be levied ! Ram : If you want to buy any eatables you can buy it from the shops outside the Fort. Sam : Yes, There is no shops inside the fort.
Ram : Drinking water facility is the only facility available inside the Fort ! Ram : We have explored Vattakottai Fort and learned about it’s history ! We will also explore all the places around Kanyakumari ! Sam : Yes, definitely we will Explore all the places around Kanyakumari in “Travel with Ram & Sam” series (Kanyakumari Memes Initiative) If you are a tourists coming from outside, for packages you can contact us personally in Instagram ( Link Given in Description). This is not a Business motive, but it will be helpful for you. We will provide you all the details about Kanyakumari and places ! Ram : Follow us on Instagram ( Link Given in the description ) Sam : You can also drop a message in our Kanyakumari Memes Facebook Page ! Follow us on Instagram ! So, please do comment what place we need to explore in the next video ! We will definitely explore it ! Sam : Until then we are signing off, This is Sam and…
Ram : Raam !
Sam : Bubbyee ! ( End Music ) Shout out to the boys who worked in this Video !
( Pratheen , Shiju & Kavin )
Thank you boys !

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