UFO Welcome Center

UFO Welcome Center

everybody in the town kind of knows about me. [MUSIC PLAYING] JODY PENDARVIS: Yeah, I’m
usually always looking up in the sky just in case I see a
little glimpse of a UFO. The people in town, I
believe, think that I’m eccentric, crazy. Even though they think that
maybe I’m an easygoing guy, but you know, actually,
they might be right. I could be off my rocker. [MUSIC PLAYING] JODY PENDARVIS: Hi, I’m
Jody Pendarvis. I call myself the ambassador. We’re in Bowman, South Carolina,
and you are now at the official UFO Welcome Center
that welcomes aliens from outer space. Not from this planet, but
from outer space. My main motivation for the first
UFO here was just to invite the aliens down, so I
created something that looks like a spaceship. So it’s almost like
a duck decoy. Yeah. Ducks in a pond, ducks
in the lake. So, this is a duck on Earth. Now they fly over and say, oh,
that might be one of mine. Let me go and make
sure it’s OK. Or repair it and take
it back with them. Ooh. Let’s go into the spaceship. This room here is the
experimental engine room. However, right now, the engine
hasn’t arrived from space, so I’m using it as a work and
storage place right now. Let me confirm something. Since I’m the captain of this
ship, I can talk to aliens when they come. And, if they say anything at
all, it’s top secret between them and me, OK? No government agents can
get it out of me. Nobody. But right now, let’s go upstairs
to the control rooms. Watch the radar, OK? Do you see it? This is my regular
AC controls, OK? In case you want to see what
wires is in space, this is what they look like. Even though the top looks safe,
with the wind it does sway a little bit. [WIND WHISTLING] JEDD THOMAS: Do you have any
concerns that this may not be space-worthy? You’ve got, like, a car jack
holding one side of it up, and you’ve got four bits
of plywood holding the other side up. You don’t worry that it’s going
to fall on your head as you sit there right now? JODY PENDARVIS: Oh, no. This thing is very
space-worthy. I’ve already had three big
windstorms, as big as a tornado, come by and
not even touch it. I’m up here nightly. Every night. Oh, except for the time
I have a date or two. Which, lately I’ve been having
a lot of dates, so it’s not too easy watching aliens
around here. When this was built in 1994,
the honest truth, I really never even thought about
aliens at any time. However, five years later in
’99, I was looking up in the sky and I said, why do I have
two moons in the sky? And then I realized one
was moving toward me. And the one I saw looked
like a round, big ball, like bluish. And that made me, like, seeing
is believing, right? The government, the men in blue,
US Marshals have been here twice. One time in ’99, after I
actually saw my UFOs, I just don’t know why, but they came
and asked me about it. So undoubtedly, they must
have saw them too. I play as dumb as I can, knowing
nothing about aliens. And they probably go back to
their cars and make out a good report, says, he’s
a great guy. Let’s talk to him later. I said, I want the ugliest
safety glasses there is. It trips every once in a while,
so you’ve got to go with the trip. Hey, that’s the way the
world works, you know? Sometimes you can keep going,
and sometimes you can’t. I built this without any diagram
or plan, and that’s one reason why the town of
Bowman wouldn’t give me a permit, a license, to run it. And also, it didn’t have the
right footing, electrical wires, and lights hanging
all over the place. It was for attracting
aliens, not humans. And, you know, it’s very safe. In fact, it’s been here
now over 14 years. I think it’s most stronger
than any house. When I went to apply for my
building permit, I also asked them for an application
to become mayor. I was running as the UFO
Man on the ballot for mayor three times. I went there around to the back
streets, the back streets where maybe drug alleys are
at, crackheads, you know, trying to solicit votes. So, they’d always get together
with their friends, talk about me, and pass the word. JEDD THOMAS: Drug addicts are
not probably the most reliable people to try and canvas
for elections. JODY PENDARVIS: Maybe that’s why
I only got, like, 41 votes altogether. Oh, one was mine. I counted on my fingers how
many I ought to get, and I should have got, like, 115. I was wrong all three times. So, I’m finished
with politics. So there. I’m putting it up. No more mayor. So, that’s a thing of
the history, OK? Gone. Now I’m just a nut with
a UFO welcome center. JEDD THOMAS: How do I put
this in a polite way? Did you get a lot of
pussy when you were trying to be mayor? JODY PENDARVIS: That’s
not too much. No, actually, women never did
flock around me when I was running for mayor. It’s only after I became
a dirty old man. -What? JODY PENDARVIS: Hi there,
sweetheart. Good to see you today. -You, too. JODY PENDARVIS: Yeah. -Yeah. What about later? JODY PENDARVIS: Let me check
the radar out and see if anybody else is going
to land, OK? -OK. JODY PENDARVIS: I have seven
girls right now. One might be a crackhead. One is a hooker. One’s got MS. However, two or
three are really great in bed. If I’ve learned anything about
anything in the last two years, it’s women. They like sex a lot. Remember the one
through seven? JEDD THOMAS: Yeah. JODY PENDARVIS: Ask her
what number she is. JEDD THOMAS: Oh, wait, wait. I didn’t know we can
talk about this. JODY PENDARVIS: Yes. JEDD THOMAS: We can talk about
them one to seven? What number are you? -I’m number four, but
it’s my own fault. JODY PENDARVIS: Actually, she’s
number four, but it’s not her own fault. -I just have to try harder. JODY PENDARVIS: I like that
competition stuff. She keeps trying to improve,
and it makes it better. Which is better for me. [MUSIC PLAYING] JODY PENDARVIS: One day, the
town of Bowman’s going to wake up and don’t see
the UFO on top. Maybe I blasted off. Oh, he’ll be back. JEDD THOMAS: If you had 10
minutes to grab everything that you needed, what would
you take with you? JODY PENDARVIS: I would
take with me any girl on the sidewalk. Come on, baby, let’s go. We got 10 minutes. It’s going now. Might have one or two other men
friends to take with me to help populate wherever
we’re going to land. Because anything can happen
when you’re crazy. I might have to go and
build some more bedrooms in here, though. Here I am. And now I’m gone. Goodbye. Here I go. Do do do do do do do. He’s gone. [MUSIC PLAYING] JODY PENDARVIS: Oh, try not
and knock that four by four over, OK? Easy on that metal, OK? Just don’t fall over the edge. OK. You got it. You got it. JEDD THOMAS: We good. This safe up here? JODY PENDARVIS: Safe? Now you guys do know this is
a piece of junk, right? JEDD THOMAS: That is amazing. I love it. JODY PENDARVIS: Yeah, right.

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100 Replies to “UFO Welcome Center”

  1. He "Plays as dumb as he can"  Can't be too hard! – He worries about the Men in Blue… He should worry about the Men in White… With the nice white coats with real long sleeves!  LOL  Hey, to each his own!

  2. I know this guy, he's a friend of the family. Honestly I don't think he's crazy, I think he's playing it up a lot for fun. That's the way it seemed when I met him anyway. For anyone interested he gives tours of that thing where he takes you up inside of it all the way to the third floor with the dome. At least he did for me. Also he's made some additions since this video. And I heard that he may have originally built the thing just to piss off the town because they were hassling him about something stupid.

  3. Alien races are mostly very neat and super advance, they wont go to this ugly messed up welcome center even they were there

  4. Mf got 7 girls granting constant pussy. He’s already doing better than me. Who knows he might even have that green alien pussy we all secretly want 😭.

  5. Secrets from one of the best-known and strongest UFO cases! It involved Lonnie Zamora,
    a police officer who witnessed an unknown craft and two short alien beings in
    Socorro, New Mexico. http://www.blue-planet-project.com/ufo-landing.html

  6. Make no mistake about it, he has truly fucked up the real estate comparables around him. the neighbors must hate him.

  7. Wat a stupid ass so aliens have that type of ufo it could b somthin we cant comprehend n i hate how people think aliens need wat humans need 2 live n they could look like nuffn we ever seen b4 they could b here now but in a different plane or on a different light spectrum we cant see so invisible people r dumb n dont think outside the box

  8. My dad grew up in the 60s and I swear to god the 1960s produced 3 kinds of Americans:
    1. Shell shocked Vietnam veterans
    2. Calm suburban husbands
    3. Fucking wild awesome hippies who are super chill and super friendly.

    Or all 3 if you get really lucky

  9. one of the best pieces I've seen on Vice! just the kind of thing I'm looking for when I come here. keep it up, six-years-ago Vice!

  10. ha ha you laugh now but a few years from now when there is a big ufo flap over his place he can say he told you so lol
    7:52 lol guy is a trip.

  11. This guy has a great outlook on things, he’s put this crazy world out of his mind and he’s enjoying his dreams.

  12. The end…. you know this a piece of junk right? This guy is not crazy at all, he likes to have fun. And he made me smile throughout the whole video.

  13. why do people have the mindset that aliens look like what we see in movies. well the aliens i saw in Ghana are called dwarfs. who else has seen a dwarf before?

  14. this man in INSANE – about he is the official ufo welcome center – i bet he is because no one else is dumb enough to do what he is doing! well at least he is not hurting anyone / except himself / mentally lol

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