Trump Wants to Build a Wall on the Colorado-Mexico Border

Trump Wants to Build a Wall on the Colorado-Mexico Border

-Hey, before we get started,
I just want to give a special shout-out to all of
our viewers watching from the Colorado-Mexico border. You guys —
[ Cheers and applause ] iHola!
Hola, dude. Yeah, you hear about this? During a speech in
Pittsburgh yesterday, President Trump said
that he’s building sections of the border wall,
but I think he got confused exactly where our border is. Check out what — -We’re building a wall on
the border of New Mexico and we’re building a wall
in Colorado. -By the time Trump is
done building all these walls, the country’s going to look
like 50 giant cubicles. Then Trump announced our
Coast Guard would be patrolling
the ports of Nebraska. So that’s good.
-Oh. -But Trump addressed his
comments in a tweet and said, “Kiddingly, we’re building
a wall in Colorado.” Then stated, “We’re not
building a wall in Kansas, but they get the benefit
of the wall we’re building on the border. Referred to people in
the very packed auditorium from Colorado and Kansas getting
the benefit of the border wall.” Well, that clears it up.
There you go. Forget immigrants. I think we need to deport
Trump’s English teacher. Meanwhile, today at
The White House, Trump participated in a
ceremony in honor of the Hindu holiday Diwali. Things got off to a rough start
when Trump told everyone, “We’re going to build Diwali
in Colorado.” -Diwali! -There’s a lot happening
right now with all the impeachment stuff
and Trump’s border wall and Colorado, and I just wonder
what’s happening in other news. Can we see something?
♪♪ -And, according to a new study,
thinking too much could cause you to die sooner. ♪♪ -Nobody think. No one think.
Everyone stop thinking. Some 2020 news. Pete Buttigieg said that he used
marijuana a handful of times, and it was back when he was
still growing up. Still growing up? The guy is barely old enough to
see the “Joker” movie on his own. I mean, come on.
Oh, hang on. I’m being told there’s
some breaking news in the 2020 election. -Oh.
-Yeah. -We do have some
breaking news to get to from the 2020 campaign trail. Congressman Tim Ryan,
Democrat from Ohio, has dropped out of
the presidential race. -I’m not in charge of
the news department here, but I don’t think
a guy dropping out of the race who’s polling at less than 1% really qualifies as
breaking news. Do you guys know who
Tim Ryan is? -No.
-That’s part of the problem. That’s why.
“Breaking news.” Rumors started swirling
he might drop out of the race ever since he announced
that he’s running for president. Some more 2020 news. I saw that Judge Judy
has endorsed former New York City Mayor
Michael Bloomberg for president. Sounds good, but I still
want to hear what the judges from “Hot Bench”
think before I make my decision. -Yeah. -This is interesting. I saw that the band Coldplay is
revealing the track list of their new double album
in newspapers around the world. That story again. Coldplay is keeping their
track list a complete secret. [ Laughter ] I read about — As long as
The Roots are laughing, it’s all good. I read about a group of
scientists who taught rats how to drive tiny cars and claimed the rats
found it relaxing. When the report was published,
the scientists’ families were like, “Wait. That’s what
you’ve been studying? If rats find driving relaxing?
What’s going on?” And, finally, a new study found
that mashed potatoes are just as good as Gatorade
when exercising. So remember this Thanksgiving,
you’re not overeating. You’re training for
the Winter Games. We have a great show.



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100 Replies to “Trump Wants to Build a Wall on the Colorado-Mexico Border”

  1. Mayor Pete say he used Marijuana a handful of times. I, on the other hand, used hand fulls of of bud a shit load of times.

  2. Someone needs to leak Trump’s academic transcript to see just how bad a student he was and how much his father had to pay to buy him his degree.

  3. you don't understand… it is not just trump… hundreds of people clap their hands and agreed with trump… US really need a reality check if you think this is just one person and is trump… this is about millions of idiots running America at the same time..

  4. Got to keep them illegal New Mexicans out of the U.S. you know. We just can't have them going around Colorado like they belong in the U.S.

  5. This is why I love Jimmy Fallon: he’s not biased, he’ll make fun of both Republicans and Democrats, doesn’t matter who they are

  6. Jimmy, wrong language. Obviously people who live on the Colorado Mexico speak only two languages. Esperanto and Klingon. DUH.

  7. Trump is doing the right thing building the wall's along the border. Only if he would annex Canada then that country would finally start to improve. Make America great again! And keep out immigrants, as Canada should do the same.

  8. Trump's "MAGA" to keep New "MEXICAN" out of the U.S.A. 😂🤣😂 or deport the state back to old Mexico and build a WALL to keep the Weed (drugs) in Colorado. "Made in the USA"

  9. why mexico and china have a war pack ? what nation is this war pack aimed at ? google USA , keep on voting but try to keep up , google reading ,that helps

  10. Request to see his elementary school grades back to kindergarten! Also request any head trauma from childhood to adulthood. If he's mentally unstable, there's possible aid for removal from office.

  11. My father once told my sons to keep away from the computer as they had colds.
    He went on to say how do you think it gets virus smart Alec’s
    The laughter has still not stopped reminds me of someone.

  12. my nephew just accepted a position with Roche based in Belmont California. He will be relocating from Roche in the Boston area………when looking at the on-line real estate listings, as he plans to purchase a home out there, we noticed that EVERY house we looked at in Marin and San Mateo counties (his choice of areas) has a wall around their backyards…………..why is that??????

  13. Trump has the IQ of a carrot and anyone still believing what he says and tweets have an IQ even less.
    He couldn't run a bath without flood damage.

  14. So trump wants walls??? I would give him 4 walls so Americans will be safe Again. That should be what everyone wants.💙💙💙🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Omg. This can't be our president!!! It's not even funny anymore !!! Wth is wrong with republicans backing this thing 🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. The wallsTrump is referring to is the corruption going on from coast to coast…Wait watch..he is draining the swamp..busting the pedofiles.No more more hunger..opening up technology .Live in the light ,walk in the light or get the hell off the planet.

  17. The guy makes his products in China and the people supporting him think he’s bringing jobs back from China. Forget stupid.. this some meth level stupid

  18. Denver is flooded with cartels and Crime a wall around that city wouldn’t be that bad my hole wall has kept me safe even though I almost killed someone trying to snick in in tha bk door

  19. California is such a raging dumpster fire because of it's liberal enforced policies, it'd be a good idea to build a wall around it and dump all the illegals off in there since they want them so bad.

  20. He wouldn't make a pimple on johnny carsons ass . He's average at best . Rumor is he's a real asshole to work with .

  21. Get some original shit man, every news outlet has already reported this stupid shit, it's annoying that's all they ever talk about is trump

  22. Remember whe The Tonight Show was funny? They fired Jay Leno for making fun of Obama. Jimi Kimmel is a non-funny America hating puke like the rest of these late night losers.

  23. Hey jimmy Fallon you flaming liberal you’ll never be Johnny Carson that’s why I never watch you. You’re just another California flaming liberal snowflake.

  24. I agree with Trump on this one. There are thousands of people who live in New Mexico commuting to work in Colorado every day and no-one does anything to stop them! Another place that needs a wall is the border between Oregon and Washington!

  25. Yeah, sorry the newspaper joke was a little too highbrow for your American audience, but that was the point of the joke too.

  26. If Corruption was stopped in Washington the Democrats would go broke. A license to practice Law in Washington is a Licence to Lie. Ask Sidney Powell she wrote the book on the subject. That all the Democrats are, a Licence to Lie, that’s why they are all in the Legal Profession. They can Lie Legally and get away with it.

  27. Fallon needs to retire from comedy. He's clearly out of gas. Buttigieg is 37 and Fallon is 45. The fact that Buttigieg didn't use weed isn't something to pick on from someone who a (past?) abuser of booze and narcotics. Pick your jokes man.

  28. Trumps a dumb fuck y’all remember when he said he was gonna visit the Virgin Islands president 😂😂😂not knowing that it was him fucking idiot

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