TRIP REPORT: VivaAerobus Airbus A320NEO – Mexico’s Ryanair – Mexico City ✈ Guadalajara

TRIP REPORT: VivaAerobus Airbus A320NEO – Mexico’s Ryanair – Mexico City ✈ Guadalajara

Hello, my name is Robin and I want to thank you very much for taking the time to watch this new video of mine. I’m here at the airport of Mexico City. It’s very early, it’s about 6 am and it’s already buzzing here. I’m going to fly with VivaAerobus today, from here in Mexico City at Terminal 1 to Guadalajara. And as it looks like right now we’re flying on an Airbus A320 NEO. And that’s going to be a first for me, so I’m super excited for this flight today. So, let’s go through security and head to the terminal. So please, come with me. Viva Aerobus operates from terminal 1 in Mexico city, the oldest of the two terminals here. The layout of this terminal is quite different than I am used to with traditional airports around the world, and it took me a while before I was able to find the check-in counters, as they are somewhat hidden in a corner. I already had my boarding pass on my phone and I had just carry on, so i was able to go straight to airside. Before security though, you can also find
some places to eat, like this local chilaquiles place, but also Circle K, Cinnabon and Starbucks
and shops like the sunglass hut. All these shops, frankly, are pretty small and inconvenient. Airside is as impractical as the area before security. The whole terminal is basically one long narrow hallway with gates and sometimes a shop or a place to eat. Most shops and places to eat here are pretty small as well, with the biggest shop the duty free shop. I bet things were designed to standards 30 years ago, when there was much less traffic. I had just enough time for a quick breakfast sandwich here at the Taba cafe, which I really enjoyed. VivaAerobus was founded back in 2006 and was
partly owned by the founder of Ryanair. Before starting this channel I have flown
with Ryanair dozens of times, but something I hadn’t even seen on any Ryanair flight: VivaAerobus requires each passenger to have their carry on weighed and tagged at the gate. Depending on your ticket your allowance is either 10 kgs or 22 lbs, or 15 kgs or 33 lbs. Well, the aircraft has arrived and indeed, it seems to be an Airbus A320 NEO. Let’s get on board. This flight today is a very big deal for me, as this is my first flight ever on a NEO aircraft and there are still very few of these next gen A320 family aircraft flying around in North America, with none in Canada. Viva Aerobus doesn’t advertise whether the flight is operated with an NEO or CEO aircraft and operates them interchangeably, so I had about a 50/50 chance of getting on one. This A320 NEO with registration XA-VIN was delivered to the low cost airline in December of 2018, just 9 months before I flew on it, making the plane virtually brand new. If you happen to be a regular viewer of my
channel, you might know that this flight today is part of a trip around North America that
I just completed a few weeks ago. Besides this flight on Viva Aerobus, I have
also tried out other Mexican airlines Volaris and Aero Mexico. And have I flown on Delta and Air Canada. Of course, during all my travels I share this on my social media accounts. If you want to follow my trips while they
happen, I do invite you to follow me on my Instagram and my Twitter, for which you can find the links in the description down below. The Viva Aerobus A320 NEO has 186 seats, one row of six more than the A320 CEO. Aside from emergency exit and bulkhead seats, all seats have the same seat pitch of 30” and as it was a half empty flight, I had a
whole row to myself. The seats have a really small tray table,
but it does feature an indentation for a cup, and can be moved forward and backwards. Down below is a traditional seat pocket, something you won’t find on a Ryanair aircraft. And the legroom is not disappointing, and I’m 6 ft or 183 centimetres. In the seat pocket you can find an ad, inflight magazine “enViva”, safety card and onboard menu “Mi Cafe”. Service on this hour long flight started right after take off. Prices on the menu are in Mexican pesos, which divided by 20 will get you the prices converted in US Dollars. Menu items are very affordable with soft drinks for under 2 dollars and beer for 3. I took a snack combo for 70 pesos which included a soft drink and a bag of crisps. The can of Coke was not chilled and around room temperature. And instead, the the cup came full of ice cubes. The airline has grown a fair bit since it started with 2 Boeing 737-300 aircraft 13 years ago, and now offers many domestic and
international routes on their all-Airbus fleet. The airline prides itself in having a young
fleet with an average age of about 4 years. The airline still has more NEO aircraft on
order, including A321 NEO, of which they will add 41 to their fleet. Until that time, I am just glad I finally
got to fly on one of these new models. Please hang on until after landing for my
two final cents on this flight. Well that was a nice first experience on the Airbus A320 [NEO] and I have to say that this aircraft is very quiet. Wow I’m super impressed, really. But one thing I didn’t like so much at the flight today, and that was the crew. Even though they were super friendly, all they did was just chatting in the galley in the front. And even though, at the end of the flight, near the end, before landing, the captain turned on the seatbelt signs, because we went through an area of turbulence they just stood there, and as far as I know they have to go through the aircraft, to see if everyone is wearing their seatbelt. So, that’s a bit unprofessional, really. Anyway, the flight was good. It wasn’t delayed. Well, we left a little bit later, but we arrived perfectly on time. So, I have no complaints with that. It was cheap, so I would definitely try VivaAerobus again. And maybe, I’ll be on their A320 NEO again. I really like it. Anyway, thank you very much for watching. And if you like this video, please give it a bit thumbs up. And if you enjoy such videos, please consider subscribing to the channel. And I’ll see you, next week.

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