Travel With Chatura | Arangala (Vlog 214) [EN Sub]

Travel With Chatura | Arangala  (Vlog 214) [EN Sub]

Travel with Chathura Its misty & drizzling pretty much all day It’s likely night or early morning However we have to discover a mountain
where very few people visit First we’ll ascent the mountain We are heading towards Mathale, from Mathale town
we turned to Naula From Naula , to Arangala So I’ve told you the directions Came amidst the Rain So you must already know where we
are; beside the Arangala mountain range The place gives a great aesthetic pleasure I am gazed by it’s beauty and of course this
is yet another beautiful hotel. Ayubowan! (May you have a long life) smells so good! Ayubowan! (May you have a long life) Here you are ! amidst the rain
let’s go then! It’s awesome! It’s a spectacular construction If you are in Mathale at any
time of the day you could expect the rain Sometimes it may be an obstacle
for your journey. To reach the rooms here ,
have to go through this bridge It’s really a bad day for me
coz, I’m not feeling well! I’ll hold the umbrella Never mind you just hold it for
me buddy! Is it up there?
Actually the bed room is in down stairs I’ll have a glance It’s a densely forested area That’s the Rangala mountain range planning to climb the mountain Compared to Sigiriya , Pidurangala
Arangala has it’s own specialty ..but a proper study has not been done I inquired wether the criterias were followed before constructing the hotel considering the factors
that directly or indirectly cause a change in biodiversity However they have received the necessary permissions.
Thus, this is not yet a reservation . Having a striking beauty should see it. ..the rainy view feels like living in a glass house This is Mr, Malinda Fernando, the director of
the Arangala Forest Lodge A hotel built in a very unique yet as a
distinctive concept just tell us some details of
the hotel? There are 10 rooms, actually
they are more likely cabanas because our guests prefer
cabanas rather than rooms ..provide a sense of freedom and space for the honeymoon couples we have isolated
also more secluded cabanas Most people want to escape daily routine and
enjoy the magic of nature expecting, secluded getaways set in amazing surroundings Why there are bridges everywhere? Chathura ,some rooms are there that is partly or completely
below the level of the ground In that case we have to build stairs for each levels and that will be difficult for older people.
As a result we build these bridges which will be
an easy acces for the buggy vehicle. What is the average cost ?
Literally, it’s a very reasonable price. Most Sri Lankan’s seek hotel’s offering and special deals.
Realizing the facilities they choose to stay . Come and enjoy with your kids in this convenient
location, close to all local amenities we’ll see up there chicken has already been seasoned.
How long it has been kept? 20 minutes Who’s expect a Korean barbecue in Mathale The dish is under the A La Carte menu
but we can prepare it within 30 minutes after placing the order People would never expect this in Mathale
right!? Arangala forest is delighted to serve their guests upon their
request so at any cost we are able to fullfill their request some sauce, butter , barbecue and pepper
for the chicken Eventhough I’m sick or because it’s
raining we can’t stop our journey. It’s yummy and the jumbo prawns
made with fresh prawns Good Morning! Do you believe it’s morning? It’s 07.32 forgot to wear my watch Thus it’s 07.30, the sun had entirely
emerged from the fog the mist looming inside the hotel and
also birds whistle amid there is a bewildering array hidden here
as the sun shines accordingly However it’s a breathtaking experience it’s pointless to start the journey too early
today You can use two directions to
the peak, one along the waterfall ..where as other leads directs directly
which is kinda narrower path by the woods feeling nauseous and tired because
I’m not feeling well today Today going to climb a mountain in Mathale.
One of most popular scenic attractions in the area. Arangala Kanda (mountain) Our resting place is above this,
will follow the trail along the waterfall Luckily, no leeches When climbing Bandigala mountain (which is also in Mathale) there were plenty,
gladly this time it’s a leech-free hike First mind your protection while you are
hiking despite the ascent. climb down safely is
what matters most Upon reaching the summit the pleasure is
unpredictable. Worth trying even though it’s hard. Up here could see the Kanamula yaya, Arangala estate,
Naula town , Nalanda town Likewise, up to Kandalama lake,
the Kandalama mountains Dolu Kanda within the scope of 360 could see until
Riverston in Mathale District Not it’s 12.00 so not being covered with mist
could see all around me everywhere the rain is coming up in the hills.
See, right up there As the weather is unpredictable
better to climb in early as possible
not in the evenings view from here is spectacular
yet there are certain constructions Still it’s filled with flora and fauna Could see so many medicinal herbs
when you are climbing the hills When hiking wind will be a significant thing
as it will be very challenging and exhausting. moving to the next mountain one is not enough Finally, reached the peak!
It’s really tiresome coz not feeling well



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