Tourist Attractions in Ayutthaya

Tourist Attractions in Ayutthaya

SA-WAD-DEE-KRUB SA-WAD-DEE-KA Welcome to our THAI-ny Trip Hello everyone We are at Hua Lum Pong Station which is the central railway station in Bangkok Thailand. So, where are we going? We are going to Pra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya which was the former capital of Thailand for 417 years. Ayutthaya is one of Thailand’s historical and majestic highlights. It’s time to get in the train~ Let’s go!!!

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  1. Nice Video guys. We were only at Ayutthaya last week, and as you have said, it is beautiful city. And don't worry about your English, its better than my Thai 🙂

  2. I liked that you went by train to Ayutthaya – I want to do that too. You must all be graduates of university level English I think, because you are very proficient speakers. You certainly make Ayutthaya look like a great destination and when I am in Bangkok next year studying Thai, I will make sure I go to Ayutthaya one weekend to visit the ancient capital of Siam.

  3. I having a wonderful time during my journey at Ayuttaya. Well done guys! Come across this site due to missing my trip to Bangkok…

  4. i enjoyed this video very much,,,,, especially the ending part talking to adventures !!!!! But your guys forget to inform us when is the last train back to bangkok ??????

  5. I like your videos, thank you for sharing it, however I think you should put the name of the place for our reference . thank you

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