It’s Saturday and today we are
doing so much wedding planning we’ve been engaged out for about three
weeks a lot of time to do too much wedding
pity and I’ve done a little bit of research just contacting venues but if I
work full time in Britain works full time to do stress but we already made a
pretty solid guest list and I’ve been in touch with a ton of different venues
such a day we’re finally touring one in the Orlando area and I really hope we
like it at first it wasn’t really about my radar
at some place that I would even consider so I’ll be interested which how I feel
about it when I see it in person it’s really pretty but
number one most is outdoors so that just makes me a little nervous because
the weather in Florida it’s just so you never know and whatnot so business
are planning to spring wedding but does ease my mind a little bit because it
definitely rains a lot less in the second time so we’ll see you will
definitely update you on how we feel after we tore it and then after that
we’re probably gonna go look at wedding rings for
sincerity husband I want to pick out one for him so that’s a
today and then we might start apartment hunting as well to begin the great so
really excited it’s going to be a good time Oh we just finished our tour and I’d like
it cetaceans
they’re like right after I asked Brandon that you really like that
that made me like hip more it’s definitely eclectic
for sure and I’d like incense burning but I do I do like a lot about it but and I think I’d love that up doors we’re looking at January or February or
March so we have another tour to be
that baby will still go to we just have a lot to talk about and a lot of budget going ready ring shopping now lunch was
so good but not just time to get some bling for this room and we’ve got some good ones now we have
a better idea of what he likes and we got my ring and sleep
so much shinier now it’s crazy how dirty it gets with all the lotion and stuff
like that so they learned that I really shouldn’t
be taking it off a little bit more I just said I wanted to get off that makes
me nervous but when I like wash dishes or take showers and currently I’m
sitting at all she also gave us lots of magazines they help me get inspired obviously
there’s tons online and on boxing right which is really
we may look at another maybe not hey friends back to where we started
this morning so today was a really fun day touring a venue and getting lunch
with my fiancee and then going ring shopping I just I never expected this to
be I never expected wedding planning to me so in-depth I know there’s a lot of
decisions you have to make and a lot of choices but I never expected it to be
this tricky there’s just so much to consider when like choosing a venue
especially so yeah I’m so glad we went to visit Baker in real life so I could
really see it and we could just get a better idea what it’s like and I love
that Brandon loves it because that makes me love it even more and I definitely
think it has a lot of strong potential but there’s just some things to consider
and of course there are hesitations with it being outside and stuff and I don’t
know there’s just so much I feel like for a venue I should just know
automatically like this is the one kind of like getting married you know this is
the one but then again it’s just like the place and you can really make it
your own and it does kind of have that blank slate appeal because there’s so
much you can do with it and the people who own it are really flexible and
pretty much up for anything so I really like that and we can bring in all our
own vendors and I do have moments where I can picture our wedding so easily
there then I have other moments where I’m like what if it rains or like I’m
just wondering where could because I kind of want to do a first look also if
you don’t know a first look is um it’s where the bride and groom see each
other before the wedding you may get to have like the surprise moment I’ve seen
each other for the first time so I kind of want to do that with Brandon because
I heard from a lot of people that you it’s like two special moments because
you get to see each other for first time and then when I walk down the aisle
obviously that’s special as well so I don’t know it seems kind of fun to do
that but again like I said tons to consider but I hope this was fun for you
guys to watch it’ll definitely we filming lots of other wedding Benny
witty wedding related videos soon let me know if you have any suggestions
next week I’m actually going to a bridal show in Orlando on Sunday so I’ll
probably vlog that cuz I really want to document this time in my life and
hopefully it’s helpful or fun for y’all to watch them I’ll talk to you guys soon
and have a beautiful day bye we’ll change this


  1. I love wedding planning! <3 It gives me flashbacks of my own planning, and honestly, seems like you guys are doing it so thought out. Its awesome that you guys are already planning and it s only been three weeks since you've gotten engaged! The venue looks beautiful but you have to absolutely love it and picture yourself on your wedding day! You don't have to choose the first one hun, look around and you'll know when the venue is the one for you guys. XOXO

  2. OMG I love you I’m so happy for you and your Fiancé that you’re getting married I love your channel you’re amazing you’re so inspiring when my days aren’t going as I planned you always put a smile on my face please please please follow me on Instagram @Bralynn_patterson please and thank you 😊 😍😘😇😎🤓🤩

  3. I know you are going to pick the right venue. No matter what, it's going to be amazing!! Rain or shine you'll still get married to the love of your life and that's all that matters!!!

  4. Ah!! Congratulations you guys! It's so great that you're vlogging this whole thing because it'll be so amazing to look back on (and show future kids haha).

  5. Wonderful video….I know you will pick the right venue to plan your magically wedding with your true love😍

  6. You are going to be the most BEAUTIFUL bride!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled for you!! 😭😍❤️

  7. Next time you go to the Black Bean Deli, hit me up! I would love to meet you 🙂 We have so much in common!

  8. I have been married for 15 years and I never take my rings off, so yes they do get dirty. A simple way to clean them is with Dawn dish soap and a toothbrush. I take a little bowl with warm water and put some Dawn in it and stir it up. Drop in my rings (and other jewelry) and let it soak for a few minutes and then take a toothbrush and scrub it. Looks new afterwards!

  9. As far as venue, definitely view others and when you find the right one, it will make you feel like yes, I can see myself having my wedding here.

  10. Trust me all the planning is scary (I planned mine within 4 months due to the military lol) but once you walk down that aisle it’s like nothing else mattered! 💕

  11. It being outside is definitely something to consider. Have a solid back-up plan. Our wedding was on Jan 3rd and it was hot humid and it rained.
    Congrats and enjoy the experience!

  12. Congrats on your engagement and congrats on getting married you guys are so cute couples. I just recently started watching your videos couples of them and I am really likening then . And I hope you guys find a really nice venue and also a futhure apartment for you both hope you find a good one please keep on putting videos I am going to wait can’t wait to see more . When is the wedding

  13. Hi love, I toured a couple wedding venues and when I found the one I KNEW it. I had such a strong feeling and after I toured the one we chose it was all I thought about even when touring other venues so I knew it was the one. Definitely don't rush into a decision – you'll know what will work best for you and Brandon! So excited to see more wedding planning videos! xoxo

  14. My suggestions from my experience: find some wedding-planning lists, write down everything that you have to do, write down everything that you and Brandon want (and how much you want it – especially when budgeting, you can't always have everything unfortunately!) – plan, plan, plan, and then hopefully when the day itself comes around everything will be sorted and you can relax and really enjoy your day! I'm a big planner and quite enjoyed the planning part, and my husband mostly took a back seat when it came to decisions, except for a few things which I didn't agree with to start with, and then I saw his point of view! There's a lot to do – we had about a year and a half between getting engaged and getting married, to get everything organised. Remember that it's up to you two what your wedding involves. Good luck, and also try to enjoy your time as a bride to be! 🙂

  15. So exciting for you. Orlando venues are so gorgeous! Florida is one of my favorite places for weddings because everywhere you look is a great photo op!

  16. Your such a beautiful soul I’m in the middle of planing my wedding to it’s so much to think about and you want it to be just right

  17. I'm getting married in October and when we toured the venue we knew it was it. Keep in mind where the ceremony, cocktail hour, etc would take place if it did rain and make sure you're ok with that too! Best of luck wedding planning!

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