Erica Conover here and this is a video
Journal of my world travels and little bits of my life here in the greatest
city on earth New York recently I got back from a week-long trip to Iceland in
this video I made a list of the most incredible places I saw walks blow in
the country now Before we jump into this video make sure to leave a like share
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travel destinations without any ado these are the top destinations in
Iceland you have to see to believe Iceland is known as the island of fire
and ice and for very good reason number one on our list are glaciers located
right at the Arctic Circle glaciers cover 11% of the land area of
Iceland simply put a glacier is a slow-moving
mass or river of ice formed by the accumulation and compaction of snow over
thousands and thousands of years on mountains Iceland is home to Europe’s
largest glacier but due to a freak snowstorm we weren’t able to explore it
so we are now at the second largest glacier in Iceland and I’m not gonna lie
to you I cannot pronounce it so I’m gonna put it right here across the
bottom of the screen now there are tons of ways to experience these glaciers you
can take a tour into another world by venturing into the beating heart of
these moving giants through one of the many ice caves or you can choose to trek
up and scale these massive bodies of ice on a glacier climb the only problem the tourists partially in part to videos such as mine
tourism in Iceland is exploding over the past five years now this is great for
the local economy but just a quick PSA reminder that you are a guest in this
location leave it as you found it if you want that isolation you have to get
there early in the morning before everyone else and that’s about it
now back to the glaciers now in my opinion you can forego the tours the
crowds all that save some cash and truly have a more intimate time by hiking on
your own up to the foot of the glaciers winter or summer if you’re in Iceland to
take the time you will not regret going and seeing these massive glaciers number
two on our list are the secret hot springs with all the geothermal activity
Iceland is home to dozens of hot springs and many of them are just the right
temperature to warm up from all of the treachery on the island and have a nice
little bit of relaxation the more well-known hot springs can become very
very crowded the other hot spring was full tourists and look behind me there
is not a single person here to place I’m at now you can’t find on Google you
can’t find that on TripAdvisor know what tourist website will show you where
we’re at now but I tell them where it’s at Mike know it’s a long story how we
found this place we more or less made friends with some locals that we met off
of Instagram maybe a few people can find out but no we can’t we can’t share with
everyone cuz this is a secret for Iceland it is a secret but it’s one of
those places that is so beautiful where I feel like you would have I mean I feel
I feel wrong not sharing it so this is what I’m gonna do I’m gonna tell three
people the secret location all you have to do is follow me on Instagram right
here send me a DM and I will reply to three people only three this is four
people going to Iceland or I mean if you live here you might I’d say you probably
know about this spot but I will pick three people who DM me and I will tell
them the location of this match I mean look at this place this is a magical hot
spring alright here we go into the hot springs oh my gosh dude it’s hot yeah
it’s good show in a natural thermal spring a
secret natural thermal spring in Iceland is unreal number three on our list is
black sand beach during the winter months Iceland is
devoid of all color it is black and white located a short drive outside the
tiny charming town of Veeck there is a lava beach with jet black sand where a
cliff plunges down a 500 vertical feet to the sea with menacing basalt columns
off in the distance that look like something out of a Tim Burton dreamland
at film especially if you come visit in the winter the contrast from the snow to
the black lava sand it’s something you have to see to believe again like most
attractions in Iceland they get very touristy at very quickly so make sure to
arrive early and walk up each from all the chaos to find some isolation the raw
power of the shore break at black sand beach is incredibly powerful and it will
actually knock you off your feet with the surge and suck you right back out to
sea so be cautious and if you’re lucky the Sun might
actually come out and light up those blue skies and give a little splash of
color to that black and white moving south east along the coast live number
four on our list diamondden beach welcome to a diamond beach on the
southeastern coast of Iceland there’s a massive glacier off in the distance way
way in the mountain range where pieces of icebergs from glacier lagoon drift
ashore here the pieces of glacial ice are tumbled by rough surf and melt in
salt water forming these diamond that like I mean the crystals that wash up on
the shore and the most unique thing about this Beach is that it will never
ever look the same it’s constantly changing with the tides all that glacier
runoff has to go somewhere and with the rugged cliff terrain Iceland is known
for some of the most unique waterfalls on planet earth skogafoss is by far the
most well known waterfall we’re up here early in the morning and we are at go
the boss we’re still in the southeastern corner
of Iceland and skogafoss is so unique because of the sheer height of the cliff
that this water is pulling over and we have all of our rain gear on because
we’re gonna get wet you can get to the waterfall without getting totally soaked
right back here this thing is massive being this cook you can see the raw
power of this waterfall make it a point in life to come and see things that make
you feel small it’s very important to do go Falls is another famous waterfall in
Iceland now go Falls is one of the most incredible waterfalls I have ever seen
it’s located in southern Iceland where the white river rushes south and flows
down into this wide curve the three-step staircase like waterfall and then
plunges down into this crevasse and go Falls with one of those spots where you
just stand there in all of nature now number 6 on our list isn’t a place but a
phenomenon the extreme weather this is an actual whiteout I should project pole
for now yeah once this is a little dangerous to
demonstrate how actually crazy is in this storm I’m going to go out just for
a second into the road so you can see how gnarly this is and why we pulled
over there is nothing more relevant in your
life when you are in Iceland than what kind of weather it is we stayed in the
town of Veeck for a little bit and when we first arrived at our air B&B we found
it was buried with three feet of snow that would be which is right out there between the driveway and the house the
weather can change in a matter of minutes take a look at this first shot
it was kind of gray skies and gloomy about 10 minutes later same location the
Sun came out and it doesn’t even look like the same place while in Iceland we
got caught in the worst storm that they have seen on the southeastern coast in
about 10 years you’re on the road now the storm cleared
on one of the people working at the gas station that we take refuge in said they
recorded the highest wind gust ever in Iceland and it was 214 km/h if you are
from the stage you can do the conversion but just about 133 miles an hour which i
think is a category 3 hurricane this is very very important in Iceland if the
roads are closed you’ll see this more or less this says if you have problems call
that number of a lot of the roads out here can shut down very fast because the
weather can change so fast when and thou always turn around this is something
that you need to take seriously while traveling by car in Icelandic and number
7 on our list is the cost of living the cost of living in Iceland is 72% higher
than in the United States on my last day in Iceland I traveled to Reykjavik and I
went to a local grocery store just to check out some of the prices 10 US
dollars for a loaf of bread a dozen donuts will cost you just about $20 a
tiny bag of pasta will cost you $8 $10 for a bag of salsa chips a dozen eggs
for $8 and for a tiny slice of New York cheesecake that will run you about 23 US
dollars if you want to see a more in depth video comparing the cost of living
in Iceland to New York I made a full video comparing everything from
toothpaste to rent so make sure to check that video out on my channel it is very
very eye-opening I’m curious comment down below if you’ve been to any of the
places on this list also comment any places on this list that I missed
because I will be going back to Iceland at this summer for the Midnight Sun and
with that I will see you in the next destination peace

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100 Replies to “Top 7 INCREDIBLE Places in ICELAND you WON’T BELIEVE EXIST”

  1. My Top 7 INCREDIBLE Places in ICELAND you WON'T BELIEVE EXIST! Comment below if you have been to Iceland or any place I missed on my list!

  2. I have been to almost every place you are talking about and I know where the secret hot spring is at. My friend I met there showed me it

  3. you lucky dude you visited Iceland
    i plan to go on a vacation that will never come till i become skeleton

  4. Well the most stunning waterfall in Iceland is Gullfoss, and the most powerful is Dettifoss. Your video is really really cute. Now I'm going to follow you

  5. Icelanders are stupid and vicious. They support poaching and killing of our world's whales among many, many other crimes.

  6. Iceland is the best and most beautiful country in the world. Its number 1 in my dream list. Really hope I could go there one day

  7. Thank you. I am going to Iceland in September to photograph the Northern Lights. We plan to spend time in VIK and travel around the island. So Excited!!!

  8. What suprises me is that is costs 10 dollars for nachos! Where i live you can pick a bag up for 43 pence from a budget supermarket (that's about just over half a dollar in US!)

  9. Name of secret location hotpot is Hrunalaug

    Location GPS :64°07’57.9″N 20°15’18.1″W Good luck 👍👍👍

  10. Iceland is my favorite place ever! I have been 6 times and see new things on every trip. Last visit was a whirlwind tour from Reykjavik to Akureyri to Grimsey Island in the Arctic Circle, to Myvatn, then to Gullfoss and Vik. Saw the Northern Lights, stayed in several AirBnBs, which were terrific! Go see this magical land. I promise you won't be sorry.

  11. Wow, i want to go to Iceland so bad!!!!
    Looks like paradise for vacation, but probably wouldn't want to live there due to weather.

  12. Been to most of these places in Iceland! If you haven’t gone back yet, be sure to check out Silfra next time you go. It’s a little touristy but you can scuba dive or snorkel between two continental plates. Also, check out Gjáin! You’ll feel like you’re walking through a fairytale land! Just be cautious on the roads getting there, they’re high dirt roads I think only open in summer. 👍🏻

  13. I wish i could visit in ICELAND all i want to do is to See the beautiful natural creature and take a photo on that beautiful place to visit in Iceland…😍😍😍 Im from ASIA….diffirent nature from Iceland

  14. I am from india ..i an simple and honest Man.. searching lifepartner from iceland.. if you interest then contact Whtsup +917908921210

  15. I just went there. It was MAGIC! check out my film from our latest trip if you want!

  16. Iceland is one of the most splendid country in the world ..! Also an interresting video about .. :

  17. Plz dnt show us such beautiful places…we poor people will die waiting for a little chance to visit such places 😭

  18. Great video! Some incred photos and drone shots. Iceland has been my overseas destination since '93. I've been six times and never get my fill. Try going North next time. Akureyri is a great little town to base from. Grab the ferry to Grimsey Island but be quick once you land there. They only stay long enough to drop off cargo. We almost got left there when we went. Take a whale watching tour as well. They seldom disappoint. October is a great month for a visit. Still plenty of things open and you can usually get a good Aurora show. Have fun and tak for the video!

  19. Awesome video! If you are interested I have a new channel about Icelanders living in Canada and their take on things 🙂

  20. I stopped watching at the end of suggestion #1. It is a very, very stupid thing to hike on a glacier alone. Don't suggest such nonsense.

  21. 3:43 not a secret for locals…
    Me and two of my friends went there (me, Sigmundur and Konráð) but no one goes there because it’s a long hike

  22. Just started watching your videos today and you make some amazing and information/helpful videos brotha. Keep it up👍🏼

  23. Went to gullforsen waterfall in summer and it was magic it truly was golden! just as the name suggests(goldenwaterfall)

  24. I went to Iceland in July of 2018 such a beautiful country my only regret is not exploring the north of the country and the southeast part :c.

  25. Northern light I think this is so beautiful thing and I want to see this in really life because this is so beautiful this places were so exciting I think everyone must go in this places and see this interesting and beautiful things and what are you think about this places ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘I am sure there are so many tourist because this ice and this places were really good

  26. yes youtuber me and my family just explored icelands south coastal area to the black sand and medium glacier water falls and the plane wreck was brilliant views all at late aug to early sept 2019l temp of 13 degreese centergrade on average plane back to uk saw the glaciers and the 2010 volcano covered glacier from the window looks fantastic, theres too much to see for 1 week there and i wanna be there again later in life.

  27. Just come back from a cruise to Iceland. Words are not enough for how beautiful that place is. Gullfoss is exceptional along with the National Park and the tectonic plates. I need to go back. What month did you visit in?

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