Top 5 places to visit in Prishtina | Kosovo πŸ‡½πŸ‡° | 2019 An authentic Balkan experience | Ep.5.|

Top 5 places to visit in Prishtina | Kosovo πŸ‡½πŸ‡° |  2019 An authentic Balkan experience | Ep.5.|

– We’re in Montenegro,
in a very small town in the mountains. We stayed in some wooden
cabin, some kind of lodge in the forest in the mountain. I found it in booking by chance, and we had the best experience ever. (lively instrumental music) Just yesterday, Arek was saying, you know, it would be great if we
could meet some local people and make some friends everywhere we go. And that happened. (everyone speaking in foreign language) (singing in foreign language
and playing accordion music) (lively accordion folk music) – Essentially, this has been
one of the most authentic part of our holiday so far. We got to this really lovely shack, and it’s literally in
the middle of nowhere. There’s no wi-fi, there’s no internet. There’s not even very good
telephone signal at the moment. What an experience. We got really, really nice welcome. The guy was super nice. He just said, “Leave all
your stuff, come in here, have some tea, warm up next to the fire.” – Yeah, and then we end up partying with local police and chief
of the police from the town, and some local businessmen and one guy, who was playing– – Harmonica.
– Not harmonica. – Oh sorry, the accordion.
– Accordion. We were dancing with them in the room, and then everyone just went
outside and started dancing. It was just amazing. – To be honest, the only thing we haven’t tried so far is the rakia. – Yeah, but we had too
many beers to try rakia. – Yeah, we thought if
we’re gonna have that, then the night would
end slightly differently from what we would have loved. – So.
– Yeah. – Yeah, but before we even got here, we were in Pristina in Kosovo. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Kosovo is the
youngest country in Europe. It declared its independence
on the 17th of February 2008. Today, only 102 countries recognize Kosovo as the independent state. This is one of the main
attractions of Pristina, the Newborn monument. The Newborn sculpture is a particular symbol of the new country. Every year, on the independence day, the monument is painted differently, and it changes its look. When we were there, B and
O was changed to number 10, to commemorate the 10th year anniversary. (upbeat music) The next step on our tour
is the ethnographic museum. It’s located inside two Ottoman buildings from the 18th century. It is situated in Pristina’s
Old Town neighborhood, near the spectacular Mehmet Fatih Mosque. The places were owned by the Gjiku family, and were just recently
turned into museum in 2006. The English speaking guide offers a tour of one of the properties and explained anecdotes
of the Kosovo culture. You will see typical clothes, weapons, and jewelry from that time. The entrance to the
museum is free of charge, but tips are accepted. A great way to continue
the day after your visit is to walk through Pristina Old Town and admire other Ottoman
era buildings and houses. Here you can see the Cathedral
of Saint Mother Teresa. Although only 2% of Pristina
population is Catholic, the new Catholic cathedral stands as one of the tallest
building in the city. It was built thanks to donations of Catholics, Muslims, and non-believers of Albanian descent
from all over the world. The bell tower is open for visitors and cost one Euro to see the
beautiful panorama of the city. This interesting building is a library. The unique architecture of the building, which is deemed by some the
ugliest building in the world, was intended to incorporate both Byzantine and Islamic forms. The box building, completed in 1982, is topped with 99 domes
and encased in a metal net. Inside, there are more than
two million library items. It has been used by Croatian
and Bosnian refugees as living quarters and by
Serbian army as command center, during which many historical
books were destroyed. The library is open to visitors, but guests should bring
identification, like a passport. Our tour guide also took us to old mosque. He led us in through some back entrance. The mosque has been under
renovation for years and we had a chance to
admire some old crests on the ceiling and see
how a renovation is going. In the next episode, we are in Serbia, where we’re gonna explore
little wooden village made by Emir Kusturica, the most
famous Balkan film director. If you liked this
episode, please subscribe, hit notification button, like it, and comment if you like. And see you in the next episode. Thank you for watching.

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  1. Great list! The shots you captured are stunning. Looks like you had a great time with your new friends, there's nothing better than meeting new people while travelling!

  2. I'm an albanian
    27th April of 2019
    I visited Prizren
    I gotta say
    They were nicer Albanians
    I loved the way of their friendship

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