Top 10 Worst Places for Drunk Driving & DUI’s

Top 10 Worst Places for Drunk Driving & DUI’s

What is going on everyone welcome back to the world according to Briggs My name is Briggs and I never remember to set my clocks back. I don’t know what the deal is with that I’d never do even though they told me the night before anyway, here’s a question for you Have you ever made a really bad decision? most of us have one of the worst bad decisions a person can make Besides using a double negative is driving while under the influence I know I did a couple times in high school and it’s not something I’m proud of I’m just glad no one ever got hurt. I wised up around 19 and never did it again Nobody ever really plans on driving while impaired it normally happens like this You meet your two roommates down at the Regal Beagle for a happy hour which turns into four hours of happiness You can’t remember how many drinks you had but you’re fine besides you only live a mile away What’s the worst that could happen about halfway home? Deputy Barney Fife has pulled you over and tells you you’re gonna have to blow you say something smart Like I’m not doing that to get out of this ticket. You can give me the ticket next thing You know, you’re calling your landlord. Mr. Furley to bail you out It never goes well for anyone the stats for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated Whichever you prefer have declined over the last 20 years or so in most cities in the u.s Some cities sorta act like they didn’t get the memo that this was a bad thing to be doing And that’s what we’re gonna be looking at today the places where they’re still doing a lot of drunk driving driving under the influence Whichever so why don’t you sit on back get a drink and watch my top ten worst cities for DUI in America Number 10 Scottsdale, Arizona Scottsdale is the sixth largest city in Arizona with about 250,000 residents Scottsdale is sort of a tourist destination since it is in such close proximity To Phoenix with a local casino and all the golf courses around Scottsdale It’s safe to assume that you’ll be on the road with some poor decision makers three point four percent of the people in Scottsdale have driven drunk and now have that on their record to give you an idea How bad this is the national average is 17 percent Be safe while in Scottsdale if you decide to drive while impaired in some manner Make sure you got a good lawyer. They have ads on all the bus stops around Scottsdale Number nine Rio Rancho New Mexico Rio Rancho is a smaller suburb of Albuquerque with just under a hundred thousand residents while the city is pretty safe As far as crime rate goes they only have like one in every 44 residents being affected by a crime Which is really low and if you know anything about Albuquerque that’s freaking amazing They have areas in Albuquerque that the criminals don’t even feel safe now. They’re drunk driving stats in Rio Rancho is a different story The drunk driving rate is so much higher with about 3.5 percent of the residents have a DUI on their record They have a strange amount of people that have run into buildings You know those big things people live in and do business in and stuff like that that never move and they don’t jump into streets People keep running into them here. This place is like an ad for farmers insurance. They’ve seen some things Number 8 Fayetteville, Arkansas Fayetteville in Arkansas not to be confused with the second largest city in North Carolina Also called Fayetteville. The one North Carolina has two hundred thousand residents, Fayetteville Arkansas has a population of about eighty-five thousand residents of these residents about 3.6 percent have been arrested for DUI because they got behind the wheel after having too many drinks or other substances I can see a lot of good things about Fayetteville Arkansas. They’re really a good city That’s you know Getting better all the time and for Arkansas that’s amazing their city that’s growing Economically home ownership is rising and the crime isn’t crazy. They have crime, but it’s not terribly bad Well that is until you factor in the DUI stats, then they got bad crime Number seven Longmont Colorado when you think of Colorado you think of driving under the influence of cannabis since it’s one of the first states Legalized recreational marijuana. I’ve been to Denver a bunch of times. They have a lot of really good beer, too Not just the cannabis. The cannabis dudes are easy to spot in traffic They normally have a few bumper stickers with some political message on them when you drive up next to them if you look at them They’ll wave they always do they don’t mind the traffic if you yell something to them from your car to their car They always laugh and then they say what and then they laugh some more Why did you laugh if you didn’t know what I said that always bugs me? anyway Longmont is one of the worst cities for safe driving when in the city you have to be extra cautious since about 3.7 percent of the population has a DUI from alcohol Number 6 Chula Vista, California, Chula. Vista is a city in California close to the Mexican border It’s in between San Diego and the border. It’s really close Maybe it’s the college in the city or Mexico that drives up the increasing number of drunk drivers either way Chula Vista has an incredibly high rate of drunk drivers within the city of about two hundred and seventy-one thousand residents about three point eight five percent of them have had a DUI before One lady was arrested for DUI when the police searched her vehicle They found 12 of those wine and a pouch empty inside the car. She drank all 12 them They figure what they need to do is they need to put a straw in those things like the Capri Suns that way You know when you can’t get the straw in that little hole, you know You shouldn’t drive technically I had kids that used to wrinkles all the time And I think even without drinking I had a hard time putting them in. So that’s a really good indicator Number five, Shawnee, Kansas So it is in Kansas and what else you gonna do in Kansas but drink and those are the words of a local Shawnee Resident I know well knew anyway explain that later Shawnee is a small town of about 65,000 residents Just outside of Kansas City almost four percent of the city’s population has a drunk while driving on their record That isn’t a good number for such a nice town. I was in Shawnee five months ago when I did that Amtrak video Anyway, I stopped by to see one of my oldest subscribers His name was Matt, and he had been around since my gaming days on this channel. Yes, that’s how this channel started I was a gamer. Well a very bad one. But anyway moving on Mack passed away three weeks ago He it was the asbestos thing that whole mesothelioma Stuff it was horrible. Anyway, I think he moved back to Wisconsin right before it passed Anyway, I’ve been thinking about making a video about that one but Shawnee is a really nice place with a Really? It’s just a really nice town and it’s too bad that this is such a bad stat for them But yeah, four percent of the population has a drunk driving charge on their record Number four Sparks Nevada Sparks is located right next to Reno with just over a hundred thousand residents currently four point five percent of those residen Has a DUI on their record that’s about 152 or something percent higher than the national average It’s way higher than national average marks was founded in 1904 and incorporated less than a year later in 1905 in 2010 the US Census Bureau population count for Sparks was 90 thousand and now it’s estimated to have over 100 thousand So the city’s growing it’s the fifth. Most populous city in Nevada It shouldn’t be a big shock to anyone that a place with gambling and tourists have drunk driving They’re just gonna kind of go hand in hand You get pulled over you try and bribe the cop with a $10 casino chip and a coupon to the buffet next thing You know you’re in jail Number 3 Billings, Montana Billings is the largest city in Montana with about a hundred and ten thousand residents This means the biggest part of the state is at risk for a population decrease because of all the drunk driving about 4.7 percent of the city’s adults have had a DUI sometimes multiple Billings is a pretty dangerous place when it comes to driving around especially since in some of the areas the speed limit is 85 miles An hour, this is the type of place that when you get arrested you go to court There’s a good chance your lawyers showing up in cowboy boots Billings was nicknamed the Magic City because of its rapid growth from its founding as a railroad town in March of 1882 the city is named after Frederick H Billings a former president of Northern Pacific Railroad So another railroad town springing up in the middle of nowhere at the time It was nowhere now at some point anyway moving on recently I’ve noticed a bunch of tech companies are moving to the Billings area, which I find strange middle nowhere But anyway, they’re getting tech companies in there And you know, that’s not good for the drunk driving stat or just driving stats computer nerds are notoriously bad drivers Number 2 orange, California Orange is located in Southern California near Anaheim and Iselin there’s gridlock traffic in this area Always you have tons tourists who don’t know their way around which makes this area incredibly more dangerous to be drinking and driving I mean, they just step out into traffic yet. Remember not every country has crosswalks Some of them just bolt out in the middle of street It is weird around there too many years living in Southern California driving around there was horrible I’ve always hated the traffic out this way. Orange has been 140,000 residents and 4.7 percent of them have duis on their records. I wonder how many Disney employees have DUIs Could you imagine the dude that plays goofy has three duis and he is in real life more a mess than the character He actually plays And Number one Cheyenne Wyoming Cheyenne has a very small population of only 63 Thousand residents and it’s sort of strange considering it’s the also the state capital It’s not a lot of people for a state capital. Anyway, there’s not a lot of people in Wyoming So I guess it fits among these residents nearly six percent have had a DUI That’s like 270 something higher than the national average. That’s crazy. That is a serious jump They’re the second worse has less than 5% It’s like their happy hour involves a keg of beer each If you moved to Cheyenne Make sure you get a life insurance and a homeowner’s insurance quote because it’s just a better time before you And/or your house gets run over by a big truck with a gun rack The guys got a keg of beer sitting in the front seat with a seat belt on it pair of sunglasses So the cop thinks he’s carpooling. That’s how they do it in, Wyoming All right, so that’s my top ten worst cities for duis I hope you guys enjoyed – hope you have some information especially out of this one It’s really not a joking manner, but you know You just thought I’d give you the stats so you can see what you’re up against if you happen to go there drive through there Or whatever some of these places they’re doing their own thing Don’t forget all the links below give the video a big thumbs up Leave me a comment buy a t-shirt subscribe if you haven’t everybody have a great day be nice to each other

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  1. I’ve lived in Billings, MT and Cheyenne, WY… there’s not much to do there but drink😂🤣😁 In Montana I had a supervisor that had over 15 DUIs … and those are just the times he got caught! And yes he still had a valid drivers license 🤷🏻‍♂️ scary shit

  2. I was expecting a boatload of places in the Bubba States to be on this list. Either they have found dry Jeeeeeeeee-sus or the local Gummints look the other way when Steve (I know my rights) is driving drunk on his riding lawnmower.

    I was disappointed that Cheyenne was #1.

  3. The drinking age was raised to 21 in the United States back in 1984 and STILL!! STILL people are drinking and driving!!

  4. living in Montana I though you would get around to us, the REALLY scary stat is when the high school graduation party gets busted and everyone is drunk(like Kansas we don't have much to do here)all the little lushes get an MIP, stands for Minor in Possession even if they are driving and goes away when they reach 21 , if they reach 21, then they graduate to DWI, I guess it is just Darwinism weeding out the weak

  5. Hi from Magic City Video Gamer and just wanted say hi from a fan of yours from Billings, Mt and totally agree on your stats about Billings DUI stats

  6. I'm surprised that an Alaskan town isn't on the list due to the reputation of having a fair share of alcoholics in that state.

  7. The leaves floating down on that country lane? If you did a loop of that I swear I would watch for an hour w/o even blinking. It's soul restoring.

  8. How come no Michigan cities in this list? Every family gathering I went to in Michigan featured people drinking and then driving home.

  9. Im a little shocked Shreveport LA didnt make the list…I mean…when your state has drive through daiquiri stands…

  10. Wow, what a bleak place there at 2:18 Almost no green around at all. To my European eyes that doesn't look like a nice place to live.

  11. Yes, but to be honest, the social stigma wasn't nearly as strong against drunk driving decades years ago.
    And yes, back in the 70's I got a DUI also. Luckily, I'm not dead because of that stupid decision.

  12. You should do a list of the top 10 drive through bars I. SHREVEPORT LOUISIANA. stopped last month at a drive through and got two 8 oz. Strawberry Daquaris to go. My girlfriend agreed they put plenty of alcohol in. Only 7 dollars for both. It's like how can you have drive through bars and not make the list. Lol

  13. What is not a question as in what did you say. What is meant to say what are you gonna do. They laugh because you aren’t gonna do anything. Basically it’s road rage instigating

  14. I live walking distance from my favorite places I like to drink don't drink and drive after even 1 sip this is the 1 thing off duty police get arrested for all the time I know people who move to far away quiet town's need a car to get anywhere and they always go somewhere to party just makes me shake my head I worked fast food restaurants and kept up my mentality about drunk driving I just frown on it and this attitude lead to me becoming a truck driver before that I drove taxis and heard all the sob stories about everybody who got busted for it they always say I only had a little bit my message to the world don't do it at all if you don't like what I wrote leave me some comments I want to read what you have to say

  15. im disabled by drunk driver..thanks but no place is a place to drive while drinking or ruined my life..and i still dont have a crippled and inside..thanks a lot drunks

  16. Aspen Colorado . DUI capital of Colorado . Money , cars , and stupidity . Most of them are not residents . Pitkin county bank account grows fat on their fines .

  17. I did 535 days for my 3rd duo in 20 years..
    I caught 2 when I was in my early 20’s.. then got another one at 41 yo.. and they hooked my ass up with time!!

    And I def deserved it

    Do NOT drink and drive!!
    It’s not worth it!!

  18. No place is okay for driving drunk, high on weed, or in any condition not safe to drive. Get a ride from a friend, call a taxi, take a Uber or Lyft, or use public transportation. If possible sleep over that friends house. People it’s common sense.

  19. Out of all new Mexico cities I would of thought Rio rancho would of been towards the bottom like just above Los Alamos.

  20. Cheyenne WY: 6% is like one person in 16 or 17 has a DUI!
    I worked for an auto insurance rating bureau years ago. We wanted to raise the insurance rates on pickup trucks. We were told, "No," by the Wyoming Insurance Commissioner because the like style of Wyoming is a pickup truck, shot gun and a dog! That would be a rate increase on almost everybody!

  21. Not sure why a y douche bag would think there is a where that is appropriate to drink and drive. So let's give these idioms tips on where you can get away with it…guess you've never had a 4×convicted drunk driver hit your best friend head on as the idiot was on his way to a AA meeting. Too bad my friend is dead now. But glad it's entertaining YouTube content you asshole…hope that never happens to your mother

  22. I’m not surprised to see Billings there. Part of it is that the penalty for a DUI in Montana is a slap on a wrist compared to other states.

  23. Off topic but…I was in Albuquerque for three days. THREE DAYS.
    Almost got car jacked and we got to experience being 4 or 5 doors down from a double homicide at the motel. We later found out that it wasn't even the first double homicide in that motel that year. I didn't feel safe until I got to go home…to Detroit.
    So yeeeah….Albuquerque.

  24. Lord. I will never forget the time I got a DUI. The police didn’t take me to jail, they wrote me a ticket and let me call someone to come drive my car….wtf. Shouldn’t they haven taken…you know what nvm. Y’all get the point

  25. Google Charlotte. Google Raleigh. Google Greensboro. Google Durham. Google Winston-Salem. Also, know that not only is Fayetteville, NC just a bit smaller than you thought, 99.4% of its population is not Civilian. I know you’re knew here. Moron. Stop typing.

  26. Should come to Southwestern Indiana. Made up of little towns, the alcohol intake is one of the most in the U. S. per capita , and is a hotbed for DWI arrests !

  27. The speed limit in Montana is only 80 mph not 85. 85 mph is only allowed on Texas State Highway 130, which is a tollway.

  28. Orange California #2 position on this list is because it has high drunk driving enforcement rate, NOT because there is a large number of drunk drivers. I’ve always found Orange to be a safe place to drive. No comparison to some of the California Desert areas like 29 Palms, or Joshua Tree, where I’ve told people you take your life in your own hands if you go driving there at Night!

  29. Is it that these places have more drunk drivers, or just more cops per capita and perhaps more vigorous DUI enforcement so you're more likely to get caught?

  30. 17% of drivers in the US have a prior DUI conviction, not 1.7%. If Scottsdale is twice the national average, it's pretty scary.

  31. #2-Orange, CA, WOW. Could it be Chapman University???? It is located right down the street from the Orange Circle. The place you showed on your video. I see the students in the grocery store where I shop. All they buy is BOOZE………………………………………….

  32. Fayetteville is the sixth largest city in North Carolina behind Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro and Winston-Salem

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