TOP 10 THINGS TO DO in the AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL !  (Watch Before You Go)

What’s up Members of the Barrio And new viewers I’m Jon And if you’re curious about visiting the Azores Islands You’ve come to the right place And if you can’t tell by this tan We spent nearly one month hopping between 6 of the 9 volcanic islands In the Atlantic And i’m here to tell you They’re Europe’s Best Kept Secret I’m going to give you all, 10 Amazing Things To Do When you visit the Azores And all of these activites were covered On our 13 episode playlist Linked down below in the description So give it a look After you’re done Watching this entire video Here we go.. 10 Amazing Things To Do when you visit the Azores Islands Number 10 Drink a Gin and Tonic at Peter Cafe Sport This is a famous sailor bar In the legendary sailor town of Horta On Faial Island And it’s a must visit
Not only does it have tons of history And memorabilia from sailors who’ve passed through over the last.. Century or so But they make the best gin and tonic I’ve ever had Seriously The gin do mar is made with a special Azorean Gin That has a passion fruit flavor And is the perfect antidote to a day of siteseeing Around Horta Better yet.. hit up Pria Do Porto Pimm first It was the nicest beach we saw during our month long trip Number 9 hike around Flores Island Flores The Western most point of Europe And also in my opinion the most beautiful of the Azorean Islands It has some amazing hiking trails Our favorite was a short walk to reach some of the most gorgeous waterfalls We’ve ever seen But anywhere you look You’re going to see some magic There really was no island I enjoyed Just wandering around more An added bonus tip Car rentals are very expensive In Flores In some ways it is easier to hire a taxi For the day to take you to one drop off spot For a hike And that taxi driver can you pick you up on the other end Saving you.. the hassle of having to go back and forth to your car Number 8 Go wine tasting on Pico Island In general Buying wine on the Azores Is a smart move And also really cheap compared to the United States But Pico Island has the best conditions for growing wine Due to the volcanic soil And if you’re into white wine You’ll have many options of places to not only buy.. This delicious alcohol But also sample it Buy some before you leave if you’re a fan Since they can cost double the price abroad Number 7 Visit Fajas on Sao Jorge Island Sao Jorge is a rugged beautiful terrain With some amazing natural beauty But it’s most well known for it’s amount of Fajas Or old volcanic landslides That settled on the bottom of cliffs Here you can find some small villages Like Fajas Dos Cubres That some of the most amazing scenery You’ll ever see It’s worth it just to hike around And stop in for lunch at any of these spots And forget about the grind of life Quick tip It is very steep and hilly In many of the Azorean Islands Especially Sao Jorge Now you do save a lot of money renting a car that’s a manual transmission But be warned.. If you’re not good at driving a stick shift Practice before you go Especially on hills There were a couple of moments where.. Our car stalled in the middle of a steep incline And it was a little bit scary I think I lost a couple of pounds sweating Number 6 Eat Cozido and Visit Hot Springs in Furnas Located on the Big Island of Sao Miguel While this can feel a bit touristy compared to some of the other things on the list I admit the novelty of eating stew that was cooked underground by volcanic steam for 6 hours Is something you’ve got to tell your friends back home you did They have about 5 different types of meat And it’s quite a tasty treat That rhymed After you gain 5 pounds Head to one of the multiple hot springs In the town And soak in one of there thermal volcanic baths Trust me… it’s very relaxing Number 5, walk inside of a volcano That’s right Algar Do Carvao Located on Terceira Island is one of the few volcanos in the world you can actually Go inside of It’s extinct.. so don’t expect any lava But.. you can expect amazing views of a volcanic chimney And some incredible views from inside That you won’t believe They even have a little pool of rain water at the bottom Just remember It’s going to be a lot of stairs A shoutout to our amazing guide Gui If you visit Terceira Island you’ve got to book a tour with him And make sure to check out those videos Linked down below Number 4 Visit Sete Cidades on Sao Miguel Island I’ll warn you that this is quickly turning into the biggest tourist spot in the entire Azores Islands chain But.. for good reason These multiple lakes are flanked by an incredible landscape And if you get a clearer day Like the day we went It can provide for some unforgettable scenery You can enjoy the area even more by tacking on some mountain biking And kayaking to the experience And make sure you visit the abandoned hotel monte palace It’s kind of creepy to walk into abandoned rooms But the view from the rooftop is incredible And it’ll provide some great photo opportunities I had a viewer ask me about doing a seperate video about the cost of visiting the Azores And unfortunately I won’t have the time to make a complete list But…i’m going to throw some numbers out there for you First some really cheap stuff Beer 1 Euro Coffee 1 Euro or less Depending on where you go Bottles of wine Can go.. 3 to 5 euros.. again depending.. you could even buy a bottle at a restaurant for less than 10 Euros So alcohol, coffee.. extremely cheap Eating out at restaurants Dinner.. on average 8 to 12 Euros Lunch even cheaper 4 to 5 euros For sandwiches at cafes As far as hotels are concerned On the bigger islands like Sao Miguel We could book a hotel or an airbnb For 50 Euros or less On the smaller places like Flores for example We spent 80 euros a night On an airbnb Which was pretty basic And the issue there is.. There’s not a lot of accomodations right now Now as far as car rentals were concerned On the bigger places like Terceira and Sao Miguel I thought car rentals for a manual transmission Were fairly affordable 20 to 40 Euros a day at most spots Where it got dicey was the smaller places Pico Island.. Flores For example We didn’t even rent a car Because it was just too expensive And we found it more cost effective to book tours instead Or get local taxi drivers.. i kind of insist that you look into that When you visit the smaller places Let’s get back to that list Number 3 Wander Angra do Heroismo On Terceira Island We got very lucky to visit this enchanting city During the festival of San Joaninas But this place seriously felt like Disneyworld In that magical sort of way It’s got to be one of Europe’s most beautiful cities That few.. have ever heard of Gorgeous cobblestone streets A UNESCO World Heritage site With a location right on the water This was by far my favorite city On the Azores And a great base for any trip To Terceira Island Number 2 Go Canyoning on Flores Island Canyoning is a really fun activity Which consists of jumping into rivers Scrambling on rocks And in our case on Flores Rappelling next to Waterfalls You can go canyoning on some of the islands of the Azores But Flores has the best setting in my opinion Because of it’s sheer beauty This was one of my favorite activities we did in almost a month There Because you get up close and personal with nature And you get to wear really cool skin tight outfits Okay well you may not like that part Number 1 Climb Pico Mountain On Pico Island You can add climbing a mountain to your checklist When you visit the Azores Mount Pico is the highest peak in all of Portugal At 2,351 meters above sea level I recommend you go with a guide When you do this As it took us over 8 hours Up and down A guide will help pace you and show you the best path To the top Plus provide you with essential equipment Like hiking sticks The view from the top is like nothing I’ve ever seen And it’s a real sense of accomplishment To touch that summit I recommend Nuno and Monica From ATipico If you do this trip Trust me They’re amazing guides Members of the Barrio I am so sad to say This is the end of our Azores Series But I hope by watching This guide That you’ve been inspired to visit these amazing volcanic islands In the Atlantic Located just 4 and a half hours from New York City My American viewers out there I am looking straight at you guys You have no excuse not to visit this place Quick reminder, all of these experiences were covered On my guide to the Azores playlist Linked down below 13 episodes of things to do When you actually visit the beautiful Azores Islands A special thanks to all the hotels, tour companies, and Azores Airlines For making this trip so much easier to compile Subscribe to this channel for travel adventures From around the world We’re just getting started Guys thank you so much for watching Leave me a comment if you enjoyed this video And tell me which of these ten things You would most like to do Until next time

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  4. Awesome video! I had a good laugh when you mentioned a sun tan 😂. OMG the name of this beautiful island sounds 1000% better in Português. Greetings to you all beautiful people

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  6. Thank you! My grandmother fav food was cozido, no wonder my father and sist want to go there! Since is an Island. Is it rainny most of the time?

  7. My mother's family is from Faial Island, they migrated to Florianópolis , Brazil around 250 years ago, lost contact with our island relatives, will go visit it one day. Any Cardozo from Faial Reading this?

  8. Santa Maria Island in Azores is the best and it is the most paradisiacal island of azores you didn't came 🙁 . Please come at Summer 🙂 .

  9. Haha nice description of the best places. Funny accent for the locations names.. You must come here more times to pronounce it better…

  10. Gui is the best! He and his wife are easily the best tour guides I've ever had the pleasure of touring with. They did an incredible tour of the island, volcano, and wineries on Terceira. I would book him again 10/10.

  11. Thanks for the video! I would had that Lagoa do Fogo is the greatest vulcano sigth seen of Sao Miguel – It´s wilder and higher than Lagoa das 7 cidades, although 7 cidades it´s extreemely beautifull from the 3 main points of view: Vista do Rei, Boca do inferno and Miradouro da Cumieira, this last one for me the most bueautifull, specialy at sun dawn! Try Salto do Cavalo view point over lagoa das furnas and the village it self… Crazy beautifull!!
    Keep posting this wonderfull experiences! Wish you the best

  12. Im portuguese, from Terceira island. I will give a tip best time to visit is from the start of March, we have a lot events (almost all the year to be fair, we celebrate a lot, at least Terceira we can almost be called a party island hahahahah)

  13. I was born in Pico besides the wine we have the highest mountain if you like to clime I’ve been in all of them it’s beautiful

  14. One of the best good paced travel-summaries I've seen. Entertaining and colorful in more than one way. Thank you & GOD bless

  15. Paradise?? Each island is a plot of grass to feed cows. People aren't so nice and often make fun of tourists for their diferent behaviors (culturally influenced).
    It's only a piece of third world!

  16. I lived on Terceira for 2 years and lived through the Great Azores Earthquake. I still have friends there. There are no extinct volcanos, they are only dormant.

  17. I was born in Terceira Island and have been in the US for 50 years. I was 10 when we migrated here. You guys are picking on this kid for his pronunciations…is he even Portuguese? I really enjoyed seeing some of the other Islands..which I've visited Sao Miguel and Santa Maria. Have not been to others. My point is enjoy the videos and stop badmouthing the guy…he did a great job.

  18. I'm so excited to finally see where my dad was born. We are going in June from 1st and coming back on the 18th. I'm ready for the hiking!!!

  19. This video was actually quite useful when i went so thank you! If you want to watch a quick travel diary of when i visited Azores, you can find it on my channel

  20. Want to have fun on our vacation and the convenience of a local transport?
    In our tour van on the of São Jorge, we will take you to the most attractive points of the island.
    Cheese tasting, visit the coffee plantation and handcrafts, visit some fajãs and the tasting of our gastronomy dishes are good examples of what we are going to do.
    Choose our company and have an urforgettable experience!!!

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  23. I spent 2 weeks on Terceira while in the Navy Reserves after active duty.
    it was one of the most beautiful places. There is much more to see there than he showed.

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  27. Thanks for posting this. I flew back through the Azores on the way back from deployment. It was in the middle of the night and I didn't get to see anything from the air. Seeing it on video shows me that I missed a lot of beauty.

  28. Wow have to visit the Azores loved the info video would love to visit tersaida island hope I spelled it right.

  29. actually, the islands are all incredible, but no people, you feel like you are at end of the world, i wished to see much more of local people and villages.

  30. We absolutely loved it there! We sailed there and then spent 10 months exploring the beautiful island chain 🙂

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  33. Hi Jon! Thanks to you and your wonderful videos we are going to the Azores in October. A quick question, how many nights would you recommend to stay in Flores? We have planned 4 nights, and expect to do cannoying, some hiking and exploring, and a day trip to Corvo. Let me know when you get a chance, please. Thanks a lot!

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