Top 10 Things to Do in Ecuador (Ecuador Travel Guide)

– Ecuador is one of the countries with the highest biological
diversity in the world. While most people are familiar with the popular Galápagos Islands
and maybe the capital, Quito, they’re missing out on La Sierra which is the Andean region of the country. Along the avenue of the volcanoes, you are able to see Ecuador’s
most incredible landscapes. (happy music) With this video, I introduce
you to the best things to do in Ecuador along this
avenue from north to south. Vamanos! The Otavalo valley
itself is worth a visit. The city of Otavalo is
located approximately one and a half hours north of Quito. And is surrounded by three volcanoes. The reason for a visit is the
fact that one of the largest, indigenous markets for
clothes in South American is taking place here every Saturday. Don’t forget to bargain. The so called Lake of the
Guinea Pig is situated in a former volcano crater
better know as a caldera. Right at foot of the volcano Cotacachi. The view from the edge of
the crater is phenomenal. You can also go for a
boat tour on the lake. If you got some more
time, I recommend hiking the whole crater loop, which
is about 20 kilometers. One of the must in Ecuador
for most travelers is the equator, which is also
responsible for the name of the country. I myself took the chance and
visited the Quitsato monument. which is a huge Sundial near Cayambe deriving from the Inca culture. The monument is located
exactly on the equator and you are able to spot the
Cayambe volcano from there. The capital of Ecuador is also the highest official
capital city in the world, with it’s old town being part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. You should plan a least a few days to explore a number of sites
of Quito and it’s surroundings. My visit to the hot
springs of Papallacta was the relaxing finish of my trip. The village is located around
60 kilometers east of Quito. The pools are field
with thermal water from the surrounding hot springs. De Reserva Ecologica Cayambe Coca is one of the most
beautiful national parks in the north of the region and
perfect for hiking trips. You can easily add a
stay at the hot springs as you actually drive past
them on your way to this hike. Quilotoa is one of my favorite
places to see in Equador, similar to Cuicocha, it is a
huge crater filled with water. On clear days you can enjoy
it on extraordinary panorama. Besides the popular view point at the village named Quilotoa, I recommend checking out the
to access view point, Shalala. Which is mostly unknown. A trip with the Tren Crucero
is considered to be one of the most picturesque
train rides in the world. in three days the train runs
from Quito down to Guayaquil and passes all possible
climate zones and landscapes. On it’s way down, I was
lucky enough to ride the section between
Riobamba through Alausi and the Devil’s Nose to Bucay. And was blown away by the views. Close to the city of Cuenca
you can visit the most important Inca site in Ecuador. The whole complex is
bastion and a sanctuary at the same time. Very similar to the structures
you can find in Peru. The third largest city
of Ecuador is also home to a very beautiful old
town which is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage
and definitely worth a visit. Besides the architecture
including the huge cathedrel, I liked the relaxed atmosphere. Cuenco is also known for is nightlife. Alright, if you want to find
out more about the places mentioned go and check out
my related travel guide where I also list how
to get to those places and where to stay. If you’ve been to Ecuador yourself, tell us your favorite places to visit in the comment section below. Finally don’t forget to subscribe for new travel videos every Thursday. Thanks for watching.

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