Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area 51 – Part 3

Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area 51 – Part 3

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Top 10 Channel on the internet — just when you thought everyone had forgotten about Area
51 and it had return to the conceptual dessert from wenst it came…. You guys wanted a part 3 of this video…so…I
mean honestly I really don’t have to mention Area 51 at all after saying the title…so…that’s
good…. This is the Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area
51 Part 3. I kind of feel like this series is the Youtube
version of the Dark Tourist Tv show… shout out David Farrier… if you make a part 3
can I please be your cohost….. also… I mean guys I still haven’t given up the
dream of being the doctors assistant one day COMMENTS ….. 10 – Hill of Crosses Lithuania
A hill of 200,000 crosses dating back hundreds of years? Yikes. It seems that people have been making pilgrimages
to the hill in the northern part of the Baltic country since the 1800s and the spot now looks
like something from a gothic horror movie. A lot of people believe that the crosses started
cropping up to mark the victims of revolts against the Russian regime in 1831 and 1863. During the soviet era, the site was set alight
by the Soviets but was rebuilt in the cover of darkness.. 9 – The Tower of London
AAhhh, the tower of London, aka one of the most haunted places in the world, let alone
England. The Tower of London has been home to MANY
MANY murders and appears to have the ghosts to show for it. The spooks of the tower of London are two
pronged. On the one hand there are the ghosts and on
the second there are the crows. The tower has been the prison and death spot
of some of the most famous people in British history, including Henry the 8ths wife, Anne
Boleyn who was beheaded here in 1536. She is said to haunt the tower to this day. Also haunting the tower are two young princes
who were killed on the orders of Richard III. The two youngsters appear most frequently
to other children who visit the tower on School trips. The most dramatic ghost is the ghost of the
Countess of Salisbury who has a very grisly death indeed. She broke free of her executioner who instead
of chopping off her head hacked her up with an axe. She can be heard screaming and running riot
in the castle’s grounds. OH and there is the ghost of a bear – it
seems exotic animals used to be kept at the tour and now the disgruntled spirit of a giant
captive bear is still roaming the grounds. So…. Now the crows. Crows are a symbol of bad opens, witchcraft
and death. There are a lot of crows at the Tower of London
– and legend have it, if the crows ever leave, England will fall. It seems the intensity of the place is palpable. One tourist had a turn when she was on a guided
tour of the tower. In one of the rooms used to imprison former
enemies of the crown, she broke down, screaming “there is just so much suffering”…. Blimey. 8 – The Bermuda Triangle
I have never talked about the flipping Bermuda Triangle more in my life than during the period
of my life wherein I have worked on this channel. It is ridiculous. But…here we go again. Let me give you my best hosting voice…. Forget Area 51, the dread is in the seabed! That’s right…I am talking the Bermuda
Triangle. There have been 12 notable aircraft incidents
and 10 notable sea incidents in which some 300 people have lost their lives. Some cite mystic fogs, some say explosive
gas bombs underground, others claim magnetic fields and forces and others pin the drama
down on ancient underwater aliens. Whatever is happening in the Bermuda Triangle…
the fact that is a large expanse of deep dark ocean makes it far scarier than Area 51. SPEAKING of deep dark ocean, let’s discuss
The Mariana Trench SHALL WE – 7 The Mariana Trench for those of you who don’t
know is the very deepest part of the ocean and it is located near Guam…which is pretty
farrrr out in the middle of the Philippine Sea. The Mariana Trench is pretty huge; spanning
1,580 miles in length and 43 miles in width. The deepest part is called the Challenger
Deep which is officially 10 thousand 994 metres below sea level, so 36 thousand and 70 ft,
however some unconfirmed reports add a further 40 or so metres in depth. So…. I mean …. The very bottom and most remote
part of the ocean is a pretty intense concept. It would be nearly pitch black down there
aaaaand also the pressure would be crushing. Movie director James Cameron has been down
there and travelling back to the surface means a rigorous process of decompression – if
you come up to quick you will, for all intent and purpose… pop aaaalllso….a 2016 research
expedition found very high levels of a chemical toxin called PCB in the sediment of the trench. This toxin was banned on land in the 70s as
it can cause liver damage and effect hormones in the body. Sooo….yeah….also….deep sea monsters…you
know. 6 – The Cambodian Killing Fields
If you don’t know about the Cambodian Killing fields…. Well…. I feel like you need to. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime organized
the mass genocide of almost one and a half million people in just four years. Following the downfall of the regime in 1979,
20,000 mass graves were discovered with thousands of bodied in every single one of them. Piles upon piles of skulls and bones still
litter landscapes. Many of these people were from religions banned
by The Khmer Rouge, such as ethnic Chinese, Vietnamese, Muslims, and 20 other minorities,
as well as those that threatened the regimes communist ideology. Want to see some images of the mass graves? I mean you probably don’t, but I image a
photo is better than being there. It isn’t just the memory of the regime that
echoes through Cambodia…I imagine there are a fair few ghosts too! 5 – Amityville Horror House
In 2016 it was reported that the Amityville Horror House was for sale. Imagine being the realtor! Three and a half bedrooms, two spacious bathrooms,
a poltergeist. I don’t know if was ever sold but like…
mate….i’d rather you than me. I say that like I have enough money to buy
a house…ha…I would probably have to settle with a horror house with my negligible budget! Anyway… let’s take it to 112 Ocean Avenue
Long Island. Self confessed expert demonologists Ed and
Lorraine Warren investigated the property and of the many cases the pair were involved
in, they both claimed this was the worst, in fact Lorraine said that she was scared
to return. The story goes that in 1974, 23 year old Ronald
J DeFeo Jnr murdered his entire family while they slept at their home in Amnityville, Long
island. He killed six people – these were his four
siblings and his parents . He said he heard voices that told him to do it. After a year, the house was eventually purchased
for 80,000 dollars – although the buyers, the Lutz family, stayed just 28 days because
of the horror they experienced. George and Kathy Lutz said they saw slime
coming out of the walls, knives being thrown from counters, figures wandering and wailing. George even said he saw his wife levitating
and an evil red eyed pig like creature glaring at him. Ed and Lorraine were brought in, along with
a priest, to rid the house of spirits – buuuuuutttt the general consensus is that they stuck around. 4 – The Akigohara Forest
If you feel like that name is familiar it is probably because somewhere on the back
of your mind you remember the Youtube scandal with Logan Paul in Early 2018. Aokigahara is a forest at the base of Mount
Fuji that formed over lava. Parts of the forest are very dense and it
is possible to get lost in the tick jumble of trees, which is perhaps why the area has
become a draw for those looking to end their lives. The forest is considered to be one of the
most popular suicide spots in Japan, and it is estimated that around 200 people visit
each year to contemplate suicide, with around half following through…however official
numbers are not known as the Japanese government want to disassociate death from the forests
image. A lot of reports of ghosts have come from
the forest too – in fact a popular Japanese legend says that the forest is home ti Yurei
– ghosts who will never find rest. 3 – The JSA
Often referred to as the Scariest Place in the World – the Joint Security Area is the
infamous spot that joins North Korea and South Korea where, in the past, soldiers have stood
guard ready to face one another. Landmines and other explosives line the North
Korea is notoriously volatile and has made constant threats to its neighbour and the
space between the two nations has historically been VERY tense. If you were caught in the JSA…likely you’d
be killed on sight as they aren’t running any risks here. In recent years, aggression has been scaled
back and it seems as if South Korea and North Korea are trying to put aside their beef…
but still.. I wouldn’t want to be in the no mans land
between the two nations. 2 – Fort Knox
You think that the place America may or may not keep its aliens is scary? Mate…imagine how scary the place America
keeps its money must be. Fort Knox is home to the United States Bullion
Depository –which holds half the countries wealth. Fort Knox a no entry zone with armed guards…and,…well…if
you aren’t supposed to be there then they’ll dispose of you one way or another. Recently the The U.S. Treasury says Fort Knox
is “equipped with the latest and most modern protective devices. ..” which sounds pretty threatening….although
lets be fair….its only a scary place for badies… mots people will be happy the wealthy
of a country is so safe. But yeaaah… I wouldn’t go storming this building…ever. Kaaaay but like …. I know our earth dwelling
brains can’t really deal with this buttttt like… honestly are there many places scarier
than 1 – The Eye of Jupiter at number one. No. There are not. The red eye of Jupiter is a storm that has
been observed raging since 1830…so… you know… just a casual 189 year thunderstorm. The storm is …wait for it…. 12,400 miles long and 7,500 miles wide….which… lol… is likeeee two.threeish times the size
of earth. The storm should have dispersed after a few
decades but honey keeps on raging…. And it’s a mystery… but not a mystery
I want to be face to face with. Jupiter is very far from home and not in the
least bit to us wee humans… so showing up in the most tempestuous part of it… well…
it would be an interesting kind of death. WELL THAT WAS THAT wasn’t it! Comments from Top 10 Mysterious People in
History Part 4. TromonixGamer Awesomeness said: Rebecca Felgate
should be the boss of the Most Amazing Top 10 Youtube channel. Thanks friend. Haha, maybe I should … but that how it works,…
although If we’re playing dress up, I’d rather be Queen than boss… less people talking
back. Craft Prolings said: Hi! I discovered this channel by watching your
Harry Potter videos! I know Harry Potter is a bit old but can you
do more videos of it? You found Most Amazing Top 10 through ME…..that’s
crazy and that makes me happy! I do want to make more HP videos but …running
a youtube channel is HARD on your own! My favourite comment of the week is from Brighman
J Jessen who said: My favorite period of history is from the
shot that started WW1 to the moon landing. I just enjoy the escalation from a Duke being
shot and how that led to people on the moon.



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