Top 10 New Rides and Attractions at Disneyland in 2019

Top 10 New Rides and Attractions at Disneyland in 2019

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himself said that Disneyland would never be complete and this couldn’t be any
more true because now that we’re halfway through 2019 there’s already been a lot
of new things added to the Disneyland Resort whether it’s a ride attraction
show or parade both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure already have
new experiences to offer this year especially if you’re gonna be visiting
summer of 2019 nostalgia plays a big part with bringing back some old
favorites and there’s quite a few changes in
editions worth updating you on so today we’re gonna be counting down the top 10
new rides and attractions at Disneyland in 2019 number 10 we’re gonna start the
list off at Disney California Adventure to take a spin on Jesse’s critter
carousel the ride opened on April 5th fully completing the Toy Story boardwalk
area of Pixar Pier Jesse’s critter carousel replaced the former King Triton
carousel and it’s based off Jesse’s critters from Woody’s roundup in Toy
Story 2 you get the chance to ride on one of 56 new crazy critters they’re
actually really cute and some of them are even the butt of a joke ooh you
smell that now carousels are a pretty
straightforward family ride but Disney did a great job with all the details and
theming including these fun murals it even looks like Imagineer has made a
little tribute to the goat from Big Thunder Mountain that Disneyland there’s
a variety of different musical tracks that play during the ride so get ready
for a rootin tootin good time on Jesse’s critter carousel
number nine over in Hollywood land at Disney California Adventure
Mickey’s fill her magic began entertaining audiences on April 26th as
a way to continue Mickey’s 90th birthday celebrations Mickey’s filled our magic originally
made its debut at Walt Disney World in 2003 and this 3d musical journey takes
you through many familiar Disney movies while Donald Duck tries to get that
pesky sorcerer hat back at Disney California Adventure they reuse the old
Muppet vision 3d theater where the screen is much smaller than the 180
degree screen at Walt Disney World it doesn’t have the same effectiveness but
they do utilize the side screens in the theater the upside to the disneyland
version though is it’s crystal clear digital projection in terms of picture
display the film has never looked better and some of the physical effects like
Donald’s bite made it into this version as well it’s still a fun attraction and
it’s definitely a good place to cool off on a hot summer day at Disneyland number eight who’s the leader of the
club why it’s Mickey Mouse of course and mickey’s soundsational parade made its
big return to Disneyland in January of 2019 the parade originally debuted in
May of 2011 and bringing it back for Mickey’s 90th birthday was a fitting
decision for the celebrations a couple new floats debuted for this run
including the birthday cake led by Chippendale and the Mickey pool toy led
by goofy other than that the parade remained unchanged but with so many
live-action remakes mickey’s soundsational parade is arguably even
more relevant today than it was when it first debuted a lot in the Lion King and
Mary Poppins have recently joined the live-action Canon and they’re all
represented in soundsational recently Disney announced that July 17th would be
the last chance to see this parade so hurry over to Disneyland and catch it
before it’s gone quite possibly forever number 7 over in Paradise Gardens park
at Disney California Adventure tale of The Lion King is a new stage production
that made its debut on June 7th to rave reviews this 25-minute musical features 18
performers who are the storytellers of the pride lands sharing the tale of The
Lion King through song dance and live music this imaginative adaptation is a
fresh new take on this classic story and it’s much different than the Broadway
musical or even the festival of the Lion King at animal kingdom
it features brand-new arrangements of all the classic songs we know and love the show was set to run all summer long
there is multiple performances per day so be sure to check the entertainment
schedule so you don’t miss tale of The Lion King number six staying at California
Adventure we’re gonna soar on over at a grizzly peak airfield where Soarin over
California made its grand return on June first Soarin over California was an
opening day attraction at Disney California Adventure in 2001 but in 2016
it was replaced with soaring around the world the experience of flying over many
iconic California landmarks while you’re in Disney California Adventure it just
feels right there’s nothing quite like the smell of the orange grove sorne
around the world is a great film but I mean soared over California belongs at
Disney California Adventure originally Soarin over California was supposed to
be a temporary replacement for the month of June but due to popular demand Disney
extended the attraction until August 31st it’ll be interesting to see if
Disney continues to extend the attraction further into the year but if
you want to relive that orange smell then head on over to grizzly peak before
it flies away number five it’s time to get emotional because inside out
emotional whirlwind finally opened on June 28th this fully completes the
entire Pixar pure project after a year based off Pixar’s inside out all the
emotions can be found around the attraction and once you board one of the
memory orbs it’ll take you for a spin now if you’re looking at this thinking
the ride looks familiar well it’s because it used to be flicks flyers from
a bug’s land when a bug’s land closed in 2018 the ride was redeemed into the
shiny new whimsical attraction like Jesse’s critter carousel Imagineers did
an excellent job with the theming on this simple spinning ride a lot of
people have been saying that this marquee sign reminds them of the tower
of the four winds from it’s a small world at the 1964 World’s Fair and you
know what it really does it has the same kinetic energy and that’s the
great thing about emotional whirlwind the ride brings a lot of whimsical
kinetic energy into this end of Pixar pier number four just when we thought
the Main Street Electrical Parade glowed away forever back in August of 2017 well
we were wrong and it’s making its return to Disneyland for a limited time
engagement from August 2nd through September 30th you can see thousands of
twinkling lights and here the baroque hoedown as this piece of Disney history
makes its way down Main Street once again the Main Street Electrical Parade
made its debut back in 1972 and although Disney has the new and shiny paint the
night parade ready at hand they decided to go with a bit of nostalgia on this
one if you’re looking to relive a bit of your childhood and see some of your
favorite Disney characters then don’t miss the Main Street Electrical Parade number three there is nothing like
ending your day at the park than with one of Disney’s nighttime spectaculars
on June 7th the fireworks show Disney Land forever made its return to the
Disneyland Park Disneyland Forever originally made its
debut for the 60th anniversary in May of 2015 and the show closed in September of
2016 after a lukewarm response from McKee’s
mixed magic the new show that debuted in January of 2019 Disney brought back
Disney Land forever due to guest demand the show itself is pretty timeless
especially considering the songs and the movies it features with the colorful
fireworks along with projections and lasers you’re sure to be dazzled by the
Disney magic Disney Land forever lights up the sky every night during the summer
months and a closing date has yet to be announced
so be sure to check the entertainment schedule so you don’t miss this
nighttime spectacular number two on May 31st Star Wars
Galaxies edged Disney’s most ambitious project to date opened at Disneyland
this new 14 acre land transports you to a galaxy far far away and places you on
the planet of Batou galaxy’s edge offers so many experiences that are waiting for
you right here and blacks by our outpost from getting to build your own
customizable droid in the Droid Depot to walking through the marketplace while
enjoying a glass of blue milk or experiencing the cantina and DJ Rex
galaxy’s edge is so immersive that you forget you’re in Disneyland just walking
through the land is an attraction in itself plus you’ll get to see character
entertainment on your journey as well there’s a lot to do and see so if you’re
interested in breaking down galaxy’s edge in more detail check out the video
we posted earlier it can be found in the card in the right hand side number one
as you make your way through galaxy’s edge you’ll spot the Millennium Falcon
this hunkajunk is massive but the real highlight is getting to fly the
Millennium Falcon on the new ride smugglers run after you watch this impressive hondo
ohnaka animatronic in the pre-show get ready for an intimate experience inside
the Falcon cockpit you’re assigned one of three positions you’re either a pilot
gunner or an engineer each cockpit seats six guests and
there’s two in each position you and your team need to work together to fly
the ship in help Hondo transport the merchandise across the galaxy with
interactive elements built into the ride it’s a unique experience every time
since all the graphics are rendered in real-time the time of day you ride can
also change your experience so if you write at night you’ll see by 2:00 at
night Smuggler’s run is a really fun attraction that has a great rewrite
ability and it guarantees a unique experience every time you ride so what
are you looking forward to seeing the most at Disneyland in 2019
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