Top 10 MOST affordable cities in the US.

Top 10  MOST affordable cities in the US.

What is going on everyone? Welcome back
to the world Gordon Briggs our welcome to the channel this your first time here
we’re happy to have you please subscribe. Over the last year I’ve seen an increase
in requests to make videos on affordable land and places with a low cost of
living, things of that nature. So, I’m gonna do it. I’m going to make a video about
that, this video is about inexpensive places to live and buy a home
this one will be focused on the city cities that in comparison to the rest of
the country are somewhat affordable I tell you it’s about cities so we don’t
have people saying that I don’t know what I’m talking about because they
bought a 1950s fixer-upper eight miles outside of bag Wyoming for $75,000 or
someplace similar to that and if you’ve never heard of bag Wyoming nobody has so
don’t feel bad so for this video let’s just assume that
it is in fact cheaper live in the outback of any state and it’s probably
also easier to hunt squirrel or possum for dinner we’re looking at places most
people would want to live really this is a video that anyone over the age of 20
should be interested in if you’re 18 and dreaming of a career as a video game
player then that normally takes place in your parents home and you’re really not
concerned with costs so this video may not be for you for the rest of us let’s
take a look at where we might be able to go in my top 10 most affordable cities number ten Louisville Kentucky
Louisville is a nice quiet city surrounded by miles of farmland the city
has recently been found to be one of the most affordable places to live it really
is an amazingly beautiful city most people really don’t give it a second
thought when they’re thinking about traveling or relocating they’re missing
out the overall cost of living here is 14% lower than the national average and
the median home price is about seventy thousand dollars less than the national
average on average residents only have to spend about twenty percent of their
total income on living expenses which is really low now the average home is about
$160,000 and it’s forecasted to go up about two percent over the next year
year and a half Kentucky is one of those states that has
a couple of cities that are great and then it gets really backwoods in a hurry
if you stay in the city and don’t try and go a little cheaper by moving 20
miles outside the city you’ll be fine but there’s some neck of the woods that
you don’t want to be in in Kentucky number nine Little Rock Arkansas Little
Rock is home to about 730,000 residents and also has the oldest standing state
capitol building west of the Mississippi River although that’s not the only thing
Little Rock is known for they’re also known for its affordability and crime
the good news is the affordability is still there and the crime is slowly
trending downwards Little Rock is extremely affordable with an overall
cost of living that’s about 13 percent lower than the national average the
median home sells for about one hundred and forty thousand dollars that’s cheap
Little Rock does have some challenges like crime and poverty no getting around
that the unemployment rate was one of the worst in the country ten years ago
during the recession now it’s it’s a little better than the national average
as of March 2019 the national average is three point nine percent Little Rock is
sitting at three point six percent that’s not too shabby for a state that
is most often used as a punch line in a joke told at an Elks Lodge all around
the country number eight Syracuse New York Syracuse
is home to about six hundred sixty thousand residents located in upstate
New York and they are cold most of the year the median income per household
here’s about $50,000 only about 20% of the residents income is spent on living
expenses that’s dirt cheap in Syracuse you can get a house for as low as $3,000
I actually saw someone Zillow for about $3,000 they were like ready to be torn
down or anything like that either they needed some work but it’s not like
you you know had to rebuild the whole thing and chase a pack of wild dogs out
or anything like that they were almost livable houses the
median home price in Syracuse is about 88 thousand dollars that’s the median
home price and of course they take into consideration those ones that are like
three and five thousand dollars but to get a decent home to move into you’re
looking at about one hundred and twenty thousand dollars one hundred fifty
thousand it probably just got renovated the downside of living in Syracuse is
the weather holy hell this place gets cold very cold number seven Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa is
home to a lot of open spaces a lot of boredom and big pickup trucks with
things that resemble testicles hanging from the trailer hitch
they also have the blue dome entertainment district and nearly a half
a million residents who can easily afford their home and some entertainment
the median income is about $45,000 a year and they only spent about 20% of
their annual income on living expenses again very cheap on average a house here
will sell for about 120 thousand a year the forecast for Tulsa is a 1.9 percent
home price increase over the next 18 months now part of the reason they have
such cheap property is crime they have some sections of Tulsa that are pretty
scary to get a home outside the scary neighborhood you’re still looking at
only a you know $160,000 maybe so move to Tulsa buy a big truck
stay out of bad neighborhoods and live cheap that could be a new campaign
slogan for them if anyone from Tulsa wants to use that one go ahead it’s a
keeper number six Greenville South Carolina if you talk to anyone from
Greenville its Greenville this is home to the Green Monster at floor field and
home to eight hundred and seventy two thousand residents the Green Monster is
a replica of a major league baseball outfield wall found at Fenway Park in
Boston this is the home field of the Greenville Drive a minor league baseball
team that’s the affiliate for the Boston Red Sox that’s why they want to make it
look like the field they’re in Fenway Park it’s kind of cool it’s a really an
iconic field so yeah it’s kind of cool anyway the city has an amazing
unemployment rate of about two percent and the residents spend only about 21%
of their yearly income on housing and living expenses this is another place
that has a little bit of a crime thing going on but the cost of living is so
low it might be worth the risk number five Youngstown Ohio
Youngstown broke the top 100 for the US News’s best place to live in 2019 list
ranking 97th sure that doesn’t sound great but Youngstown is sucked forever
and I’m sure if you were to dig up a list from say ten years prior they
probably wouldn’t have cracked Mexico’s top 100 list Youngstown is about an hour
east of Cleveland and has about five hundred and fifty thousand residents
these residents live a pretty easy life considering how affordable the sidious
residents in Youngstown make an average of fifty thousand dollars a year and
only use about 21% on living expenses now this place is scary cheap but it
also has some crime and poverty it’s to be expected at this point you can move
into a decent home here for $70,000 and I mean decent like ready to go and you
don’t have to do a whole bunch of repairs a fixer-upper may set you back
twenty five thousand dollars that is nuts speaking of nuts it gets cold here
and yours could actually freeze off during the winter number four
Buffalo New York Buffalo is a border town right next to Niagara Falls Canada
the city has a population of 1.1 million and an average household income of about
$48,000 residents here spent about 19 percent of their annual income on
housing and living expenses the cost of living is extremely low at 47 percent
lower than the national average this is another city you can buy a house for
under a hundred thousand to get into one of the better neighborhood you’re
looking at about a hundred and twenty thousand that’s dirt cheap again it gets
cold here and your tears will freeze to your face while watching the Buffalo
Bills have another crappy season so be prepared for that it snows a bunch all
through the football season and beyond number three Baton Rouge Louisiana Baton
Rouge is the second most populous city in Louisiana with about 230,000
residents the city is also one of the most affordable in the country the
overall cost living here is about twelve percent lower than the national average
with utilities being the lowest at about thirteen percent lower than the national
average with a median household income of about forty eight thousand the
average resident in Baton Rouge spends about eighteen percent of their income
on their housing and basic necessities this place is extremely affordable
don’t move here you will probably die in a hail of bullets other than that it’s a
great place to live number two Grand Rapids Michigan Grand
Rapids is a great place to live in the summer you can enjoy the Grand River in
the winter you can enjoy ice skating and Rosa Parks Circle and year round you can
enjoy affordability of this city Grand Rapids is one of the most affordable
cities in the state with just a little over 20% of the income being spent on
living expenses although the median household income is
lower than the national average at 51,000 Grand Rapids isn’t the cheapest
on this list but it’s low and it you don’t have that fear of death factor
like other places on this list their crime isn’t terrible compared to other
places and stop typing I am sure that someone from Grand Rapids is feverishly
typing their rebuttal about crime the stats aren’t great I get it it’s just
not a step up from the last battle scene of Avengers end game like Baton Rouge
Asst and it has jobs so that’s a plus hey and before we get to number one
don’t forget there’s a pull towards the end of the video it’ll pop up in the
upper right of the video click on that it’s just one question helps out with
data for the upcoming videos appreciate your help and number one Huntsville Alabama
Huntsville is located in northern Alabama near the Tennessee border the
city is home to nearly half a million residents making this one of the top 5
most populous cities in the state of Alabama Huntsville is an incredibly
affordable place to live the overall cost living is 8 percent lower than the
national average and less than 17 percent of the average household income
goes towards housing costs making Huntsville an ideal place to live and
save your money the thing about Huntsville is they have
jobs they have things to do the schools are decent and a 3-bedroom 2bath home is
under a hundred thousand dollars right around a hundred thousand dollars but
normally below it that’s a backyard front yard you know maybe even woods and
a creek behind your house for a hundred thousand dollars that is nothing to
sneeze at the forecast is property will only increase by 0.2% so you have some
time to pull the trigger on this one if you want huntsville alabama is the most
affordable city to move to for 2019 2020 all right so that’s my top 10 most
affordable cities in the United States I hope you guys got some information I
hope you enjoyed the video don’t forget all those links below if you haven’t
subscribed already please do so hit that little bell so you’re notified when we
have a video uploaded everybody have a great day be nice to each other



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100 Replies to “Top 10 MOST affordable cities in the US.”

  1. I was thinking Des Moines would be on the list. My cost of living is ROCK BOTTOM! And yes, there are things to do, crime is low and you can go to Chicago or the Twin Cities if you want a weekend getaway!

  2. Dude, love your videos! But hey, your population guy's on crack! Seriously. Greenville, SC for example's only about one tenth the size he reported for you, and Tulsa's pushin' a million, although the doped up assistant told you half a mil. There are others, even worse, but just fire the bastard and let your wife or daughter do the demographics. Then keep on doing what you're doing, and we'll keep our seats and order more popcorn and beer. Best, Paul Davis in Springfield (the biggest in MO).

  3. I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is pretty affordable without the high crime and other issues. Pretty decent actually.

  4. I live in Louisville and it's pretty cheap to live here. White people will love living here, not been racist. It seems to be a lot more things for them to do entertainment wise

  5. Good report….Greenville SC was just there…nice city….Was just in Louisville….that was also very nice…with lots of nightlife, country music and whiskey…..but could not live there because the lady scene was out of a horror movie….4 to 1 ratio and that 1 was not much to write home about…..but I guess if you wanted to stay singe, drunk and like country music than it's the bomb.

  6. Where i live it's crazy affordable.
    I refuse to say where because not many people live here and i'd like to keep it like that.

  7. If you think that Syracuse, New York is cold, it is

    But Plattsburgh, New York is A LOT colder, and it’s not a small town either

  8. "don't move here, you'll probably die in a hail of bullets… other than that, it's a great place to live"
    lol should make that a meme

  9. Greenville is a great place. It’s near Spartanburg and the Greenville-Spartanburg airport. It’s also near Anderson, where my dad grew up. It’s a very very nice place. I wouldn’t mind moving there!

  10. Look up Water Valley, Mississippi!

    I hope we move there- check it out!
    Nancy NYS, USA🇺🇸❤️🙏🇮🇱🐶🐓🐓

  11. I live in GR MI now and agree…. However I have also lived in Baton Rouge for over 3 years and would not consider that place as affordable. They have one of the highest sales taxes and homeowners insurance is easily over $3,000 a year for a decent house. The homes themselves are affordable but I think other costs could have been considered here…. but I’ll stop typing. Because your videos never cease to entertain.

  12. What are the typical crimes in these cities? Sorry, I’ve only lived in big metropolitans on both coasts and don’t know what it’s like in these areas

  13. What are the typical crimes in these cities? Sorry, I’ve only lived in big metropolitans on both coasts and don’t know what it’s like in these areas

  14. I grew up in Buffalo and I have lived here in Baton Rouge for the last 25 years. It's as hot here as it is cold in Buffalo.

  15. living in the middle of nowhere is not cheap, maybe its cheap land, but its expensive when it comes to living expenses, food and clothing especially

  16. I suppose it's not an issue for anyone else, but the air quality is actually the number one consideration for me. I would smother in Louisville. I'm not even sure what it is I'm picking up on, but it's the same way a lot of places. It's the reason many people moved out west in the old days.

  17. I grew up in Tulsa in the sixties. Back then it was beautiful to live there in North Tulsa. Sadly, now it's dangerous and gloomy. My mom was a school teacher in the sixties.

  18. I lived in Grand Rapids for 5 years and it was pretty decent. Saw my first pimp there, lol but it was still a nice place. I moved back north to the Upper Peninsula as soon as I could cause I am not a city girl. But as far as cities go, it was good.

  19. 🤣🤣🤣hell yeah Briggs lll I just bought a house In the outskirts of Youngstown. 88k In Austintown ohio. Good list.👍👍

  20. Grand Rapids is one of the fastest growing cities in the midwest, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, KC City, Des Moines, and Minneapolis are growing cities in the midwest

  21. Here is how full of B.S. your list really is, the Economic Intelligence Unit(EIU) ranks Pittsburgh PA as 2nd best and most affordable city in the US for the year of 2019.
    Pittsburgh PA ranks 32nd world wide, it is 1st for singles and other then bar fights with college kids has almost no crime.

  22. Third world countries are even more affordable with cheaper and better quality food. And yes, they have American ex-pat communities of all kinds there! Way way better then these FAIL RED STATES!

  23. I spent a year in Huntsville , AL and I couldn’t believe how beautiful that city is , I absolutely loved it .
    The people are nice ,
    The houses are nice ,
    They have all of the same stores and restaurants that cities in Florida have ,
    You’re an hour north of Birmingham ,
    You’re 1.5 hours south of Nashville ,
    You’re 2.5 hours from the mountains as well as Atlanta .

    I still to this day want to relocate there.
    I’ve travelled the whole south and in my opinion , Huntsville is the place to be if you have a job and want to raise a family .
    The rest of the country hates Alabama and you know what ?
    That’s a good thing , that keeps the Californians & New Yorkers out .
    Huntsville is a hidden gem 💎 in America.

  24. Surprised not to see anywhere from Virginia. We have some of the most affordable living anywhere. Especially central/southern Virginia.

  25. why dont u do a video for us damed poor drones looking for affordble mobile homes and mobile home lots to buy and places foe us to retire n guess what it aint louisiana thins r turn ta dog doo…. here…thats being as nice as i can…being handi capped here blows…

  26. Buffalo, NY born and raised resident checking in. To add, Buffalo's Spring and Fall are almost one in the same in that they're relatively short and are, 40-60 degree jacket weather seasons. Summer, (warm and humid) is typically here to stay for two months – July & August and Winter is roughly Thanksgiving through early April; expect anything from light flurries to massive snowfall with a below freezing windchill factor on many nights to make you feel that you've had enough Winter for a lifetime, however if you dress warm and don't live as a hermit during these often grey and dark depressing months, have a gym membership, hang out with friends (it's easy to make cool associates here quickly), enjoy Winter festivals, ski country, a club/interest group or two and bar hop w/ eateries galore, it's not half bad. Also, unlike many other cities, a snowstorm or two or… three through the Winter doesn't cause much damage at all to people or property, unlike areas that deal with floods, tornados, hurricanes, wildfires and the like. Otherwise, it's a good grounded place to raise a family, regroup as a single person, enjoy accessible ammentintes as a self-employed person who controls their schedule with a variety of nearby leisure (i.e., Toronto 1.5 hrs away, camp grounds, lakes, Pittsburgh 4 hrs away driving, Cleveland 3 hours, etc.

    There are several housing options for both renters and buyers and we have several nearby clean, safe suburbs and down to earth neighborhoods in the city to choose from. Rent has gone up here like almost other city, (I used to pay $320 w/o utilities for a 1bdrm in the sketchy side of town in 2008) but it's easily possible to get an updated 2 bdrm in a nice area both in and out of the city for under $1000, many times with utilities already included, about $800 or even less sometimes for the same amenities for a 1bdrm. Some areas are much lower such as in the $650-$700 range for 1-2 bdrms a mostly w/o utilities. Nightlife is decent to good overall, with most clubs and many bars staying open until 4am and the food quality, variety, options, prices and flavor are all good to exceptional.

    If you can net $2500-3000 after taxes as a single person w/o major debts, and most evenings and wknds off, you can craft a basic comfortable and option-filled lifestyle here, with a car, a place to stay, groceries, etc. There is a solid music scene and very good cultural and art scene here as well. A family with a combined income above average coming from a place where the average home sales for about 200k will live very comfortably for around $140k in a suburb, $110k in the city for comparable living and they'll live like royalty if they get a fixer-upper that they can easily close on fro about 60k or often times much less, (but that's another story). People are overall cool, decent and mannerable. Check us out, it's definitely worth a visit.

  27. What you didn't mention is that, as long as you stay in or near the city of Little Rock, you'll probably be ok…BUT! I wouldn't recommend living in the rural areas, 20 miles or so away from the city; My father is from outside Little Rock, and let him tell it, the entire state of Arkansas is one of the most rascist states in America.

  28. Louisville is a shit show. Affordable areas are getting carpet bombed with heroin addicts. There's a bum with a sign on every highway exit. Too many formerly affordable areas are being gentrified and those homes are going for astronomical figures.

  29. I live in Long Island and I love it, the only thing was that me and husband both does not have friends and family here besides us. But we go visit our cousins in NJ few times a year

  30. Louisville isn't that great regardless of how affordable it may be. The houses that are that cheap arent that great either.

  31. Youngstown may be “on the come up” but that place is legit a rustbelt wasteland. It’s sad really, it makes places like Cleveland and Akron look nice lmao. You are better off living in the Akron/ Canton area or their surrounding suburbs, the cost of living is comparable, if not the same with plenty of great houses across all price ranges AND you don’t have to live in one of the most depressing places in post-industrial ohio. Not to mention you are right off I-77 so you can get anything you could need within 20-30 minutes of wherever you are in NE Ohio.

  32. Oklahoma City should’ve been on the list it’s a great city and housing is very cheap, way better than Tulsa

  33. There's more cities that could've made this list
    Oklahoma city OK
    Pittsburgh PA
    Indianapolis IN
    Columbus OH
    Kansas city MO
    El Paso TX
    Lexington KY
    Scranton/Wilkes-barre PA
    Fort Wayne IN
    Cincinnati OH
    Arlington TX
    McAllen TX
    Fort Worth TX
    San Antonio TX
    Omaha NE
    Wichita Falls TX
    Knoxville TN
    Allentown/Bethlehem PA

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