Top 10 Illegal Tourist Attractions

Top 10 Illegal Tourist Attractions

Hello welcome back to the Most Amazing channel
in the internet – I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I loveeee travelling… although
there are a few places in the world I would not be able to go even if I wanted to. Join me as we talk about the Top 10 illegal
tourist attractions. Before we adventure int0 this video, I just
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Shirt, we will sign it for you! We will also have some goodies to give away
to the first bunch of people at our meet up in Toronto. 10 -Pripyat
Pripyat in the Ukraine is the contaminated ghost town effected by the Chernobyl disaster. When the nuclear meltdown happened in 1986,
residents had to flee the town forever due to the unsafe levels of radioactivity. The small city isn’t safe or legal to visit
today, but people still do because of the tragic beauty of the place. Here, tourists can see how nature has reclaimed
the land, and it kind of gives us an idea of what the world would look like after humans
were gone. Some of the more famous tourists spots include
an abandoned fairground, which was due to open a week after the Chernobyl disaster. No one ever rode on the rides. While you may find a company that will take
you to the area, it is considered illegal by the Ukrainian government and the city is
set to be unsafe for inhabitation for another 20 thousand years. 9 The Lascaux Caves in France
While many people want to visit this elaborate network of caves in Dordogne, France, you
can’t, they are now off limits to the public. Discovered in 1940, the caves showcase Stone
Age drawings dating back over 17 thousand years! Discovered in 1940, the caves became a very
popular tourist spot, but it was decided that the additional carbon dioxide brought in by
visitors was damaging the works. There is also black mould to contend with. 8 Surtsey Island, Iceland
Surtsey emerged from the ocean in 1967 as a result of a volcanic eruption and sits just
south or mainland Iceland. Given its name from a mythological Norse Fire
Giant, the island is expected to be above sea level for just 100 years. Unfortunately, as cool as a new island forged
by a volcano is, you can’t go there as scientists want to keep the island free of human interference. Another interesting place in the Frozen North
that you are not allowed to visit is Svalbard Global Seed Vault. – 7 Sure, it’s not everyones bag, but there
are people like me out there that find the concept of the Svalbald Seed bank deeply fascinating! This beautiful storage area is located north
or the Arctic circle and is designed to protect the worlds plantlife. For this reason, only those connected with
the preservation project can enter the building. That being said, even if you did want to illegally
visit, it is pretty far out the way from civilization! 6 Chippewa Lake Park Chippewa Lake Park opened up in 1878 and was
in action for 100 years before closing in the 1970s. Since then, the park has been left untouched
but fenced off with no trespassing signs. For those in the know in Ohio, it is possible
to hop a few fences and get a load of this creepy abandoned theme park in all its glory….although
of course, doing so is illegal. Parts of the park have been demolished, but
a lot of the decaying attractions remain, including the Ferris Wheel, the little dipper
and the Tumble Bug, which makes dicing with the law worth it for some intrepid explorers. 5 Inside the Ethiopian Chapel of the Tablet
So, the Ark of Covenant is allegedly housed in this Ethiopian chapel. The Ark, by the way is supposed to hold the
original ten commandments. This has drummed up a lot of religious and
archeological tourism, however no one has been allowed inside to see the Ark….riiight,
Just one Monk guards the ark and has to stay there for the rest of his life without ever
leaving. 4 North Korea
I know this list is supposed to be about illegal tourists attractions, but I thought you might
want to know that actually, it is sort of semi legal to visit North Korea! The Country does have a small tourist trade,
with around 4000 Western visitors risking a trip to the hermit nation each year. Small tours operate in Pyongyang, where tourists
can see sites such as the Arch of Triumph and the Palace of the Sun. Of course, American tourist Otto Warmbier
visited as a tourist for new year in 2015 and did not live to tell the tale. A lot of countries, including the Unites States,
Canada and most European countries, will advise against travel to North Korea and you will
be subject to heavy checks on your return. A place you are very likely to die if you
try and visit, we have North Sentinel Island among the Andaman Islands at number 3
There is an exclusion zone surrounding the North Sentinel Island and even though the
island is technically owned by India, the Indian government leave the islanders, the
fierce Sentinelese race, alone. Why? Well, they violently reject the outside world. In 2006, the tribe murdered two men who were
illegally fishing in their waters. The Indian Government wants you to keep out
and will not be held responsible for your death! 2 Fort Knox
Fort Knox is an absolute no go area, but a lot of people would love to visit this extremely
famous building in Kentucky, Unites States. Why can’t you go there? Well the post is home to the majority of the
United States Gold reserves. The area is controlled by the Unites States
treasury and is HEAVILY guarded with a strong military presence. Ever heard the saying, this place is like
Fort Knox…. Yeah…well… this IS fort knox….you cant
get in or get out unless someone wants you to. 1 – Area 51
Area 51 is infamous and garners a lot of attention from extra-terrestrial loving tourists as
well as people simply interested to see a site of such significance in pop culture;
of course Area 51 is a much discussed topic in film and media. Area 51 is in the Nevada Test and Training
Range, and of course is a highly classified area, meaning if you tried to access it, chances
are you would be arrested or worst. Either way, that hasn’t stopped people attempting
to get close to the facility. The small town of Rachel is legal to visit
though, for those who want to get close but not get shot at!

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  1. Bangladesh have the lal bager kella a fort with a hidden door if u go and look for ur self u may die cause no one came back after they tress passed the land R.I.P to all of those people

  2. as good as these youtube videos might be, WHY WOULD PEOPLE WANT TO MEET YOUTUBERS? Why are people buying shirts as well?

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  7. been to Fort Knox probably 20 times for training. since tank school moved to fort Benning GA in 2010-2013ish Knox is just museums and training grounds

  8. We have another abandon theme park here in Ohio it's called (Americana) Aka LeSourdsville lake amusement park in Southwest Ohio. It opened back in 1922 and closed in 1999.

  9. The mystery of Area 51 is kept going so that no one will pay attention to the real top secret facilities. I mean, it used to be in use for top secret military but has sense been moved due to the attention it receives. Just my theory 🙂

  10. Maybe you're not allowed to go inside and see the Arc because it isn't actually there?

    I wouldn't put it past the tourist industry to do something that offensive and conniving. Would you?

  11. So they're building a wall to keep people from crossing into the U.S. from Mexico, but not to keep people out of Area 51, the most secretive and conspired about place in America. Hmmm……

  12. My social teacher was on vacation in Rome or France (I don't remember) with his wife and they went into a Coliseum, and there was an illegal bull fight going on. His wife wanted to see how it goes so they stayed. Basically they release a pissed off bull, and the person has these things that they stab the bull with, then eventually they use a sword and stab all the way through the hump. But this bull didn't die after the first stabbing, so they stabbed it again. Then it fell over and died. And we saw a picture of it, and it was inhumane. 🐂⚰😞

  13. There are actually 2 Fort Knoxs by definition. First, as Rebecca explained, there is Fort Kmox, the gold reserve. Very impossible to enter or visit and only visible from the adjacent road, about 200 yards away.
    The other is where the gold reserve sits, which is the army base of the same name. Fort Knox the base is much more accessible, is a very interesting locale and has a wonderful Armor and military history museum. Check it out if you're ever in the Louisville KY area.

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