Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Michigan

Top 10  Best Places To Visit In Michigan

Michigan offers something for just about
everyone from fascinating cultural attractions in its bustling cities to a
myriad of outdoor adventures in some of the most stunning areas of the contrary
to experience the best it has to offer consider visiting some of these static
places at Arbor home the University of Michigan
enjoys magnificent views of the Huron River and during the warmer months it
provides a wealth of fun outdoor adventures like canoeing hiking natural
trails alongside the water and picnics on its banks the city’s Main Street is
often ranked as one of the best in the country it is lined with the wide
variety of stores boutiques and galleries along with restaurants and
cafes to suit every taste Frankenmuth is known as Michigan’s
Little Bavaria this captivating old-world German town hosts the world’s
largest Christmas store drawners Christmas wonderland and visitors can
also enjoy its Frank Mian style structures a wealth of museums and
attending festivals with a big German influence Frankenmuth also plays host to
the Bavarian fest the World Expo a beer Oktoberfest and the snow fest the
creatively craft of exhibits at the castle Museum of Saginaw County reveal
how one 19 th century French style castle that once housed the post office
became a fantastic place to find out about the area’s history all royal national park includes Isle
Royale the largest island in Lake Superior as well as some 450 smaller
surrounding islands there are no permanent residents on although I am us
to count the animals its diverse array of Wildlife includes moose floats in a
wide variety of other mammals fish reptiles and amphibians the unand is
only open to the public during the warmer months of the year typically
between April and October and to get there you’ll need to take a ferry or a
seaplane once you’ve arrived you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in nature
by hiking and kayaking boating fishing for camping Makena common looks like a came out of
the pages of a storybook this is spot where motorized vehicles are prohibited
and folks get around on horse-drawn carriages and tricycles taxi Art Show
paddle a kayak goat on the bay get your groove on to live bands or just relax to
the peaceful sounds of the waves that gently lapped the shore if you want to
explore the lesser-known areas of the island with a local consider taking Mary
Patty’s mechanic ovens legends in Laura track market is located in the Upper Peninsula
alongside Lake Superior and boasts many different parts two popular beaches and
the opportunity for lots of recreational activities like golf biking and fishing
in the warmer months and skiing in the winter the town has even been named the
top biking destination in the country whether you’re a road or mountain
enthusiast it offer lots of trails including the 17-mile Marquette city
bike path and urban gem that’s this side of the UH nervin
the iron core Heritage Trail a challenging route that offers a cross
section of Marquette County scenery history and culture as well as the out
walls red and blue trails which afford views of rugged rock formations dense
forests blades and teal Lake mune izing a small town located on the
southern shore of Lake Superior and Michigan’s gorgeous Upper Peninsula is
the Gateway to the stunning pictured rocks national seashore if you’re
looking for a place to take tranquil strolls along moss-covered paths
listening to the thundering sound of falling water across a brilliant blue
lake this is one of best destinations in the state to do just that
commune izing his home to 15 waterfalls five lighthouses and many beautiful
recreation areas mesquita is the largest city on the
western shores of lake michigan and it boasts 26 miles of sandy beach the area
is home to multiple historical lighthouses along with two state parks
including Hoff master State Park the park offers outdoor activities like dune
climbing biking and camping mosquito also features multiple museums and
historical attractions like the Hagley humorous tourist site which is made up
of restored nationals just a few miles outside of the city is the state’s
largest amusement park Michigan’s Adventure set on the shores of Lake Michigan’s
Little Traverse Bay in the Northwest region of the state this coastal dream
town as named by coastal living magazine is filled with locally owned shops
gourmet eateries and a variety of attractions it’s also famous for its
magnificent architecture with Victorian style homes and cottages if you visit in
August you can enjoy the festival on the bay which hosts music competitive games
children’s activities and a promenade with vendors from some of the best local
restaurants any time of the year it offers spectacular sunsets and
mesmerizing news from the marina located in the heart of the Sleeping
Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in the Northwest region of Michigan’s Lower
Peninsula sits the quaint town of Glen Arbor it is a great place to base or
stay and enjoy all of the breathtaking scenery and activities the area has to
offer named by Good Morning America as the
most beautiful place in America you’ll find lush forests picturesque beaches
and giant sand dunes in fact there are no sand dunes like these to be found
anywhere else they tower over the glistening blue waters some over 450
feet high providing jaw-dropping views of the lakes and the islands from the
top in Traverse City is a harmful arts
entertainment hosting the National Cherry Festival annually in July as well
as the Traverse City Film Festival a sixteenth back held in July each year
founded by Michael Moore we got highlights documentaries nd films and
the people who worked so hard to create them wine enthusiasts will appreciate
the two peninsulas just north of the city that hosts nearly 30 wineries while
brew lovers will find a number of outstanding breweries for beer tasting

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