Top 10 Best Places to Visit in China

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in China. To save your time and energy and allow the
best value for your money, we carefully selected the top ten best places to visit in China
and the most popular tour packages, in the hope of guiding international travelers especially
first-time visitors to better plan their vacation. 1: Beijing. Beijing, the capital of the country for over
850 years, is the first choice of international travelers. A perfect combination of classic elegance
and modernity, it is the best travel destination to give you a comprehensive understanding
of China. You can wander around the crimson Forbidden
City to feel the dignity of the city; or you can stroll along the crisscrossing hutongs
and immerse in every day local life. There is an old saying among Chinese people:
One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a true hero. Badaling Great Wall to the north of downtown
Beijing is the best preserved section. You should be sure to put it on your must-see
list. By contrast, the mushrooming skyscrapers,
bustling shopping streets, first-class museums, and grand Olympic venues all make you feel
the modern charm of this mega capital. 2: Shanghai. Different from the profound heritage that
Beijing holds, Shanghai shows visitors an overwhelmingly metropolitan atmosphere. Coming at the second place among the ‘Top
10 Cities to Visit in China’, it is considered the center of the country’s commerce and fortune,
and titled the ‘shoppers’ paradise’. The colonial history left Shanghai with a
unique landscape. You can see clusters of classical western-style
architectures on the Bund, the top waterfront sightseeing belt along the Huangpu River,
the mother river of Shanghai. Across the river, Lujiazui Financial Zone
is totally a different sight. The high-rise Oriental Pearl TV Tower, World
Financial Center, and Jin Mao Tower stretch upwards to form one of the world’s most splendid
skylines. The night view of Shanghai is like a splendid
sea of lights. Flashing neon lights, elegant streetlights
and ever moving headlights, they all infuse a bit of romance into this sleepless city. 3: Xian. If you want to feel the history of China over
the past 1,000 years, you can go to Beijing; however if you want to delve into the 5,000
years’ history of this ancient oriental land, Xian is your best destination. As one of the four major capitals of ancient
civilization (together with Athens, Cairo and Rome), Xian is the home of Chinese civilization. The renowned Silk Road starts from here, stretching
through west China to the Mediterranean. Over 7,000 years’ history including 1,100
years as the ancient capital has endowed Xian with abundant historical sites. You can feel the power of the Qin Dynasty
(221 – 207 BC), that once ruled the nation, in Terracotta Army Museum. Or, you can cycle along the ancient City Wall
to overlook the whole city. Climbing up the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and
enjoying the splendid music fountain is also a distinctive experience. 4: Guilin. Guilin, a peaceful city lying in the hilly
southwest China, is among the top travel destinations for her extraordinary natural scenery. The unique karst landscape with four features,
namely green hills, clear water, fantastic caves, and oddly-shaped rocks, has made it
a reputable tourist resort since the old days. Embraced by undulating hills with varied shapes,
Guilin is traversed by the picturesque Li River. The winding watercourse from Guilin to Yangshuo
is the prettiest part. Peaks along the river form the largest karst
landscape in the world. Canoeing on the rippling river with lush bamboo
groves on the banks is like being inside an endless landscape painting scroll. After disembarking in Yangshuo, a hike or
cycle ride in the idyllic countryside is highly recommended. 5: Chengdu. Visiting the lovely giant pandas must be on
everyone’s to-do list when planning a tour of China. Many cities have zoos with enclosures for
pandas, but the best place to get up close with them is Chengdu for sure! You can see pandas in Chengdu Research Base
of Giant Panda Breeding or Ya’an Bifengxia Base. If you want closer contact with them, Panda
Base in Dujiangyan should fulfill your dream. You are allowed to be photographed holding
a panda and to volunteer caring for them. Visiting Chengdu is also a feast for your
appetite. Jinli Street should be the best place to have
a taste of the well-known Sichuan food. Not only can you eat to your heart’s content
there, but also enjoy the cozy lifestyle. 6: Hong Kong. Hong Kong, a dynamic metropolis in Asia, is
famed as one of the ‘Four Asian Tigers’ for its developed economy. Owning the title as the Pearl of the Orient,
it is the world’s third most important financial center after New York and London. It is also reputable for being the Shoppers’
Paradise. The former colonial background allows diverse
cultures to mix there, making Hong Kong the epitome of the world with a distinctive cityscape. Under the night sky, the colorful lights turn
the city into a shining palace. You can taste the night by ordering a cup
of wine in Lan Kwai Fong in Central, or take the tram to Victoria Peak to overlook the
fascinating Victoria Bay, whose brilliant scenery is known as ‘the night scene worth
millions of dollars’. An evening cruise in the harbor is yet another
way to observe the city’s fantastic night sky. 7: Tibet. Tibet, a mysterious land lies in southwest
China with a high altitude over 13,100 ft (4,000 m), boasts unique plateau landscape
and solemn religious atmosphere. As the home of Tibetan Buddhism, the trip
to Tibet can be likened to a pilgrimage. The magnificent Potala Palace is revered as
a holy site by the Tibetan Buddhists. The Jokhang Temple receives countless pilgrims
every day. You can see pious pilgrims prostrating all
their way to the temple. You can also experience the Tibetan customs
wandering around the Barkhor Street in Lhasa. With 79 peaks above the altitude of 19,685
ft (6,000 m) and abundant highland lakes, Tibet attracts hundreds of thousands of adventurers. Itching to conquer the ‘Roof of the World’? Come to explore the Earth’s highest Mt. Everest! 8: Guangzhou. Guangzhou is one of the top developed cities
in the country. As the major port of the ancient Maritime
Silk Road, it has shown its economic influence as the country’s south gate since the 3rd
century. Booming manufacturing industry and steady
growth on trading markets make it the top city for international traders. Guangzhou is the permanent host place of Canton
Fair, the largest trade fair in China. Besides being a business trip, the city with
2,200 years’ history retains many historical sites for sightseeing, such as Ancestral Temple
of the Chen Family and Bright Filial Piety Temple. A night cruise on the Pearl River is an unforgettable
experience. When the city is lit up, the dazzling Canton
Tower on the south bank of the river will definitely impress you. 9: Hangzhou. If you compare Hangzhou as a person, it must
be as an elegant young lady. The eyes of the lady lie in the West Lake. There are many moving love stories based around
the lake in downtown Hangzhou, giving this city a romantic feeling. Early in the Yuan Dynasty (1271 – 1368), this
cozy city was praised by Marco Polo, the famous Italian traveler, as the most beautiful and
luxurious city in the world, with abundant products including silk and tea. Nowadays, this city with its heavenly natural
beauty is not only a top tourist city, but also the birthplace of China’s E-commerce. With prosperous light industry and a solid
IT talents base, it hosts the headquarters of several large online shopping companies. 10: Sanya. Sanya, with an average temperature of 79°F
(26°C), is a top resort on China’s southeast golden coastline. Boasting the finest air quality and the most
beautiful seascape in the country, it is the best choice for those who get tired of the
fast pace of the modern city. Asian Dragon Bay and Sanya Bay offer a great
swimming, snorkeling and diving experience, and also you can try surfing or riding a jet-ski. Here you can sunbathe on the soft beach or
have a rest in the shade of lush tropical plants. Whatever you fancy, you just follow your own
pace. Sanya is also a dreamlike dating and honeymoon
destination. There is never a lack of lovers along the
sea shore. As you wander along the beach with your loved
one, while viewing the amazing sunset, the experience will remain with you forever as
a romantic memory.

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