Top 10 Best Places to Live in Georgia (USA) For 2018

Home to 1,700 internationally headquartered
facilities representing 43 countries, Georgia has a variety of industries such as
textiles, mining, agriculture and technology. Known for beautiful old houses, a rich history,
and some of the most welcoming and unique cities in the country. Here are the 10 best places to live in Georgia
for 2018. 1. Atlanta. Atlanta has one of the highest rates of job
growth in the US. Although a sprawling, constantly developing
area may mean construction sites at every turn,
a dense tree canopy covers any unsightliness, and prompts Atlanta’s reputation as the “city
in a forest.” The world’s largest chunk of exposed granite,
located just northeast of the city proper, also offer a quick escape from any urban anxiety. The average cost of living in Atlanta still
remains below the US average, despite the fact that home prices are on the rise. Summers may be hot and humid, but the subtropical
climate brings four distinct seasons, and winters are markedly mild. 2. Augusta. Augusta is home to a thriving culinary scene,
and residents show a deep appreciation for the arts and the outdoors. Augusta is also becoming a destination for
retirees who want warm weather and a low cost of living. This low cost of living draws families, college
students and retirees who want to live in a decently sized metro area,
but not pay a high price for housing. Augusta sees a good amount of rain each year,
and it remains humid year-round. Spring and fall are mild, with daytime highs
in the 70s. 3. Duluth. Duluth is a city with 28,000 residents. It has average home values, average rent costs,
and high income levels. People are friendly, good weather and great
schools. There are always a lot of things to do in
this city. There’s the fall festival, the turkey trot
and everything else going on. With a variety of amenities – spas, parks,
festivals, and restaurants, a median household income of $60,000, and a median home price
of $170,000, Duluth had one of the highest quality of life
scores.There is very little crime here and lots of new houses are being built with new
people moving to this area. 4. Marietta. Marrieta is a town near Atlanta,
It has many notable schools with a strong rating. Cost of living in Marietta is affordable,
with monthly rent averaging $900, below national average. Marietta has more than enough attractions
to accommodate its residents, theatres, museums and 18 parks. History lovers will appreciate the Civil War
museum and war reenactments in the area, while outdoor lovers will fancy the 18 miles
worth of trails in the nearby Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. 5. Decatur. Decatur is a beautiful community of close
to 21,000 people, a quiet place where people feel safe and secure. The schools here are ranked as some of the
best in Georgia, with students spending the second-highest amounts in the state. In Decatur you are not to far or too close
to the things that you needs to make your life convenient. The people who live here are nice and friendly. Crime is also low, making it a great area
for families, more so considering the wealth of dining,
shopping and recreation options available. 6. Alpharetta. A town near Atlanta has a population of 62,000
who enjoy a high quality of life. This is not just due to the area’s livability,
but also because each household takes home a high income amounting to $93,000 on average
each year. It also has some truly quality amenities to
offer; places like Sweet Apple Donut & Coffee, the Jerusalem Bakery, and the Alpine Bakery
and Trattoria. The crime rate is much lower here than in
the rest of Georgia. If you are a young family, the education system
in Alpharetta will work wonders for your kids, as the schools here are the best you can access
in the entire state. 7. Johns Creek. A suburb located 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. It is home to 82,000 people who enjoy an extremely
high quality of life. The schools in this area are some of the best
in the state, with a close to 100% high school graduation rate that trounces the state’s
rate and that of the nation in general. John’s Creek enjoys low crime rate. The property crime rate is 75% lower than
the national average, while the rate of violent crime is a welcomed 90% lower. As far as amenities go, the residents have
a wide selection, including entertainment, dining, shopping and recreation options. 8. Roswell. Roswell is another town which is home to almost
94,000 residents. It has been called one of the best small towns
in America. If you live here, you’re most likely already
aware of how great it is to live there. Roswell has great schools and boasts one of
the lowest unemployment rates in Georgia. Crime is also lower than the state average,
and another perk is that the cost of living in this area is a tad lower than some other
areas in Fulton County. With 18 parks in Roswell, children have acres
of space to live and grow. 9. Peachtree City. Peachtree City is many things to many people
– a quiet retreat after a hard day at the office,
an oasis from the concrete and glass of the big city, a comfortable place to enjoy the
best times in your life, a vibrant place to raise a family. Peachtree City was built on a plan to provide
all the conveniences of living in metropolitan Atlanta, without the pressures that normally
come with the “big city.” Residents in this peach of a city can enjoy
over 24 square miles of resort-style living and an impressive 90 miles of running, biking,
and golf cart paths. The safety of this area is great. You always see a police officer off, and are
willing to will help you in any type of circumstance. 10. Milton. Approximately 32 miles north of Atlanta, is
Milton, one of Georgia’s newest cities. As a highly affluent city, Milton is full
of beautiful homes and recreational activities for residents to enjoy. Milton offers a small-town feel with easy
access to amenities in nearby cities. Surrounded by rolling hills and a beautiful,
rural landscape, Milton is a serene escape from the city. The climate in Milton is temperate, with spring
and summer filled with summer blossoms and colorful foliage in the fall. Winters are mild with a rare light snow.

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