This Is What a Vacation in Iceland Is Like.

This Is What a Vacation in Iceland Is Like.

Microphone Man: Get in line, get in line! Spin the wheel and win a prize! SS: What the hell is going on? VO: It was time for my first adventure outside of the country! But first thing’s first: I had to stop at the Porsche shop. Because who in their right mind knew there was actually a Porsche shop, I thought they just made cars. But I was so wrong. After a grueling 9 hour flight and a 1 hour bus ride, we were finally in Reykjavik, the northern most capital in the entire world. So we stayed at a hotel called Canopy, I think it was built 4 months prior to us arriving, And it was beautiful. Like, Wow. These words, I didn’t know what they were. But I assume they were all swears. How. Fucking. Tranquil. Is this. Do you. Feel. RELAXED. They had a sweet little, Sweet little boy buffet. Every morning. That was glorious. And our hotel room was also filled with boys. It wasn’t very spacious, but I imagine there’s not a lot of space in Iceland to give up. So we took what we got. The bathrooms were clean, and so was I. One annoying thing, however, was the showerhead. All the showerheads there are straight down. It’s pretty inconvenient. Also what the hell are the outlets in any other country? [ ♪ Teenage Bad Girl – X Girl (feat Rye Rye) ♪ ] Is this doing doing anything for you? Alyssa: I’m sorry, what? [ ♪ Teenage Bad Girl – X Girl (feat Rye Rye) ♪ ] Nighttime in Raykjavik was pretty cool. SS: This is pretty cool. But also ominous. SS: Pretty ominous. I knew we immediately entered a bad part of town. But all the silly names of stores made me feel safer. Like Land Shark Bank Kids. And, No No Biddies. But still, it was very dangerous. Until we hit up arguably Reykjavik’s best restaurant. Fish Market. Or, as the French say, J’im J’im Giiiiiiin Rummy. [ ♪ Justin Hurwitz – Mia & Sebastian’s Theme ♪ ] This is where the night ended for me, because after one champagne, I blacked out. It was Day 2 in Iceland. And Day 4 of Taking Penicillin. because I had strep throat. And I don’t have my tonsils out. So all of the sickness went to my left tonsil. SS: We’re waiting on the bus right now SS: for the Blue Lagoon trip. Here’s the bus I was just talking about. The wind speeds that day were about 30 mph. And I don’t know if you guys know anything about wind speeds, but it’s pretty hard to hear and it’s pretty uncomfortable if you’re planning on going to a Lagoon. The wind made it very cold. Even in our thickest jackets, We were still quite cold And it was so loud the Wind Was SO LOUD AND THEN FINALLY we were inside. [ ♪ Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight ♪ ] SS: This is-
Alyssa: You have to put you’re glasses back, babe. SS: No I don’t. Yes I did. [♪♪♪] Alright, that’s enough of the Blue Lagoon. On the nex- AUGH next stop, Dinner. [ ♪ Justin Hurwitz – Mia & Sebastian’s Theme ♪ ] [Oh shit he just threw up.] [ ♪ Justin Hurwitz – Mia & Sebastian’s Theme ♪ ] [Looks pretty tho] Unfortunately, I don’t remember anything after this point. For after one drink, I blacked out. [ ♪ Francis & the Lights – Friends ♪ ] SS: Well, not the greatest start to the day. SS: They said they were picking us up at 9.30, SS: Or they were departing at 9.30 right in front of the hotel SS: to go on the Golden Circle tour. SS: Now, they supposedly tried to get our attention, SS: like they called us, SS: but we weren’t in the, SS: um, we weren’t in the- Pretty much, Everything I say at this point is incredibly boring. Point is, it’s Golden Circle Tour day, bitches. [ ♪ Francis & the Lights – Friends ♪ ] SS: We thought we were just gonna have to, like, SS: try to get our money back, but… SS: Surprise, surprise! SS: Guess what happened! A: We’re gonna go on the 10.30 tour instead of the 9.30 [ ♪ Francis & the Lights – Friends ♪ ] SS: We’re here in front of America’s biggest geyser, SS: The Jon Hamm. SS: Really, it’s boring. [ ♪ Francis & the Lights – Friends ♪ ] SS: What’s the difference between a geyser and a hot spring? SS: I don’t know. SS: This is gonna be a voiceover, SS: because I didn’t bring my audio equipment. A: It’s still time to go get it. A: We’re right by our hotel- So it’s the last day in Raykjavik at least ’til the end of our journey because we’re moving off to Southeast Iceland after today We thought we’d check out the town. Check- Check out- the- town. We slept in a little late and unfortunately, daylight in Feburary lasts in Iceland about 6 or so hours. We had to get in, get out. And then get in. And then, get out. The city of Reykjavik offers a wide variety of things to do including: Shopping Eating. There’s also a big ass church. This church was cool, because of how big it was. I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable inside of churches. mostly because I feel like there is a Demon Spawn inside of me and everyone knows it. So we decided to go further into the church, up to the top, to try to get a view of the city. It was… a little gloomy, I don’t think it was very sunny the entire time we were in Iceland. But that’s okay because it’s still a different country. And that makes it okay. One thing I noticed is that a lot of stores around Reykjavik have beautiful typography. From the cafes, all the way to the Lebowski Bar. That’s right, they have a bar based off of the movie
“The Big Lebowski” Why do they have it? You’re guess is as good as mine. And my guess is always good. Day 5 was the start of our roadtrip to Southeast Iceland. Along the way we stopped at the famous
Black Sand Beaches. Supposedly you can’t get close to the water because of the danger of sneaker waves. Sidenote: I was starting to feel better after having strep the entire time I was in Iceland. Me being smart, I wasn’t contagious because I had been taking Penecillin. So there was no way for anyone to get the disease. A: I have Strep Throat. A: Steve gave me Strep Throa- The doctors were right; I wasn’t going to be contagious after 24 hours of taking Penecillin. My Strep Throat was my burden. And mine alone. A: I have Strep Thr- We were a little worried about renting a car in Iceland because of all the people on TripAdvisor that freak out about people driving in the wintertime. SS: Svegonenonk. Half of the people warning you on TripAdvisor are also tourists. And most of people in Iceland will agree If you don’t drive like an idiot, you’ll be fine. The people on TripAdvior are actually just the most annoying. SS: This is, uh… SS: you’d SS: nade-nah SS: s- never see something like this in the United States. A: AND THEY CALL CHIGAGO THE WINDY CITY SS: We’re just about SS: 2 miles outside of SS: Skinshin- SS: Ss- SS: Skinshinjazz. It was time to move on. To Skinshinjizz. And hit up Hotel Smearlaborg. [ ♪ White Stripes – We’re Going To Be Friends ♪ ] A: “Red I Love” (like Radar Love? idk) A: You know that song?
SS: nope This is Hotel Smear-la-borg. We stayed here 2 nights while Alyssa recovered from Strep Throat. Most of this place smelled of diarrhea. There were a lot of quirks to Hotel Smear-la-borg, Mostly this goddamn weird baby. What is this? Why is it here? SS: What does this say? A: It says ‘Beware of quicksand and dangerously cold water in front of the glacier’ A: ‘sometimes covered with a thin layer of ice’ A: ‘There is a high risk of falling rocks and rockslides’ A: ‘Fatal accidents have occured due to- A: ‘collapsing blocks of ice”
SS: OOPS! SS: I’m also dangerously quick! SS: Alright, let’s go! SS: Alright so this is the most terrifying SS: bridge of all time, I hate this SS: How are you doing this so calmly, this is unreal! SS: I have an earache. SS: Ok, we’re about to do a test and see if that’s quicksand down there. SS: Using this… SS: Icelandic Rock. (paf) SS: nope A: Actually it could be. SS: I’ve already confirmed it’s not. A: okay SS: Oh, this must be quicksand! A: Oh my god that’s so creepy! SS: ‘Creepy?’ SS: So you have to follow these, um… SS: Markers right here. SS: To get to- SS: Woah. Unfortuantely, I heard what I thought was a bear. I left Alyssa behind immediatly. Running back to the car. SS: OOooOh. SS: this is the worst goddamn bridge why are we stopping SS: Oooh this is the worst. A: Pretty! SS: oh im safe SS: I’m safe thank you Casey Neistat SS: So, it’s probably good we didn’t stick around that glacier area for too long because… SS: The whole thing flooded. SS: And we were out… SS: WAY past that ridge, we were like… SS: See SS: the distance right there? We were right there. [ ♪ Ludacris ft. Sum 41 – Get Back ♪ ] SS: [poor singing] SS: oh It was time for what I think is Alyssa and my favorite part of the journey, adventure-wise. And that was… Snowmobiling on top of an active volcano. Björn: I wanna welcome you to
Arcanum Glacier Tours™ Björn: My name is Björn, I will be your guide. Björn: I assume that no one can pronounce the name “Björn” You are absolutely right, Peter. A: My heart is beating so fast. SS: Is it really? A: Mmhm. SS: My glasses just keep getting fogged up because I’m a nerd. A: I’m scared(?) SS: You can do it! [ ♪ Ludacris ft. Sum 41 – Get Back ♪ ] SS: [bad singing] SS: oh SS: So it might be kind of hard to hear me, SS: Because it’s extremely windy SS: Doing these snowmobilings is definitely upsetting my carpal tunnel. SS: That I got from Overwatch. SS: But over there is a volcano, SS: Over here is a volcano SS: You can see the North Atlantic Ocean from over here SS: so that’s pretty neat Unfortunately one person on expedition had already died. Alyssa celebrated their deaths with snow angels. We got held up for 10 minutes because a French mom and her daughter tipped over their snowmobile. SS: On the plus side, SS: Very fun experience! SS: *whispers* okay let’s be real SS: *how bad do you have to be to fall off of these* SS: *cuz this is incredibly hard to fall off of or tip* SS: *oh shit* SS: What’s happening, are we done? A: Uh, I think we’re done SS: We have to go all the way back, right? A: Yeah, but I think they’re checking for damages on the bike that flipped. SS: So going into that, what are some things you would change for next time? A: Nothing, that was so fun! SS: Me personally, I would wear stronger gloves SS: gloves with better insulation because there’s this certain point SS: where I felt like my fingers were gonna fall off. SS: My boots also are not SS: uh, they’re not SS: winter boots they’re just A: Well you just weren’t prepared. SS: I wasn’t prepared. SS: Overall, great experience, A: 9/10, I wish we would’ve gone faster. SS: Yeah. The last thing we needed to do that day was check into 41 – A Townhouse Hotel. Honestly, the room was great. It had an oven! I don’t know anybody who actually uses hotel ovens, but kudos to you if you do I mean, Reykjavik is incredibly expensive, whe- so it makes sense. Also the view; you could see the mountains outside of the hotel room So that was nice to experience before the construction in front of us built another building and suddenly this hotel room became useless. SS: Ah yes. Here we are. SS: In… SS: What is this place called? A: Snafelfkjfewapiofnrh A: National Park. SS: I think that people in Iceland enjoy when American tourists trespass on their land. SS: [pained groan] SS: [pained groan] A: This is cool. SS: [painful groan] SS: OOOOH I can’t it hurts my ass. SS: Hurts my ass. SS: AAh SS: OOOoh SS: Oow don’t put it back up! A: I’m not trying to! SS: You’re putting it back up, it’s in my ass! SS: You know, they say you have to worry about Sneaker Waves when approaching the water. SS: But I ain’t no little bitch. SS: And the sneaker waves have to worry about me. SS: Wow. SS: Nature’s majesty. SS: oop SS: fallin over SS: ooOOP SS: So our goal right now SS: is to get to those rocks over there. SS: You’ll know in a couple seconds if we made it or not. SS: Well, unfortunately we weren’t able to make it to the big rocks SS: OH WAIT. SS: Yes we were it was incredibly easy. [ ♪ Teenage Bad Girl – X Girl (feat Rye Rye) ♪ ] [ ♪ Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love ♪ ] We decided on the final day just to stick around Reykjavik, experience the city, perhaps reflect on our journey, relax, get some ice cream, Despite the strep throat, both of us had an incredible time. I wanna say more, but it’s getting toward the end of the video, so to say the least, it was an adventure. And I… wouldn’t change… a thing. [ ♪ Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love ♪ ]

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