THIS IS TULUM | Still worth visiting in 2019 despite the seaweed?

THIS IS TULUM | Still worth visiting in 2019 despite the seaweed?

People that have been to Tulum know why it is one of Mexico’s most beautiful places and people that haven’t been there, well.. they have probably seen photos like this one, which is obviously photoshopped because I mean… come on. A beach that beautiful completely empty in the middle of the day?! no way Jose! anyway, the crystal-clear turquoise water and the beautiful white sand beaches make it look like paradise except, at the moment that’s not the case because of this! Since a few years now Tulum as well as Playa del Carmen and Cancun are having a big seaweed problem while the bigger hotels and beach clubs are quite successful with cleaning it up the public beaches still had quite a lot of seaweed when we were there and since we didn’t stay in a fancy hotel at the beach but instead in an Airbnb in the center of Tulum for us the question was: is it still worth it to go to Tulum or
not? well this is what we found out on our trip to get straight to the point Tulum is way more than just a couple of beautiful beaches so if you’re planning on visiting, here are five things that you shouldn’t miss because they will make your vacation unforgettable when visiting a cenote aqua shoes can save you from cutting your feet on the rocks we’re on our way to the “cenote dos ojos”.. She just said “dos cenotos” haha we haven’t had breakfast yet so right
now we’re at an oxxo to buy something for breakfast how is your breakfast? -hot “Dos Ojos”. At the entrance we asked for information and changed our minds Here are two different cenotes, one is “dos ojos” it’s a actually a huge park with a lot of different cenotes and then there’s “Sac Actun” which is another cenote which is further away and we think, well we hope, that all the people stop at “dos ojos” at the beginning and hopefully not many people go to “Sac Actun”. Ok guys, we arrived in “Sac Actun”, they only have guided tours here so you cannot just walk around wherever you want, you have to take the tour and then in the end it’s an open area so it’s not underground, and there you can swim around for the rest of the
day if you want to they don’t have lockers so we have to leave our stuff inside of the trunk that’s Joss. And also I look white as a paper we can only bring our GoPro now and we hope we can take some nice footage for you we’re going in and it’s pretty cold I’m glad that we picked those wetsuits.
– yeah for the entrance and the wetsuits combined we paid 650 pesos everybody is silent dude! it feels weird to talk! But look at those trees, they are going through the satellites I have to pee! -Don’t do it! we’re back at the car, it was really
great it was very informative although I didn’t understand much because everything was in Spanish. they have English tours but sadly we got the Spanish one and my Spanish isn’t good enough we saw the skull of a deer, we saw shrimps in the water, we saw bats, we saw silkworms yeah you really get the whole cenote experience when you come here and I gotta say I don’t have to pee anymore… I’m kidding! as you can see guys, here are really not many cars there’s one! It’s 2 p.m. and I think that’s the peak time of the day and still there were probably 20 people maximum at the same time but I have to say that this cenote is smaller than most of the other famous cenotes here but we really enjoyed it it was chill and nice we’re on the way to our
next stop which is gonna be the archeological zone! on arrival you pay 100 pesos for parking. From there you can take a bus to the entrance of the Mayan ruins or you can walk for seven minutes and save the 50 pesos once you get there you can buy your ticket, sadly permission to record videos costs extra guys we made it to the archeological zone here in Tulum and we’re very excited because it’s such a nice day, super nice weather and I didn’t have to pay the entrance because I’m Mexican, so let’s keep going! okay so we are here at the entrance and we have different options to take different
routes to see all the ruins and right now we’re taking the option to
go to the temple of the Wind God. we have no idea what that means but it
sounds super cool so we picked this one let’s see where it takes us I can see the ocean! Tulum was one of the last cities built by the Mayans and with the ruins standing on 12 meter tall cliffs by the coast they offer an amazing view of the ocean today the Mayan ruins of Tulum are one of the best preserved Maya sites in Mexico we’re trying to find the Mayan beach, we’ve been here two years ago and the Mayan beach looks just like paradise on the way to the beach we realized that it’s definitely better to arrive early in the morning so that’s sad because you cannot really feel the vibe that the Mayas had when they were living here because it’s just too crowded but I guess that’s what you have to deal with at a tourist place and then we got to the Mayan beach, but that wasn’t it… that was it! it’s full of people the entire beach but if you cannot beat them then join them! that’s our view: ocean, lizards! they’re
looking at us. We were just inside of the water. The water is nice, the waves are pretty high it felt super good because is very hot out here and the water is super refreshing and nice still a little bit of seaweed tho.. and if you see this swimming around in the ocean that’s not cool guys, so please don’t throw any trash inside of the water and if you find trash in the water please take it out even if it’s not yours the lizards don’t deserve this whoa super big lizards! they were so big! and there’s another one looking like a
robot! looks like a robot! One lizard got especially curious so the lizard is part of the family, it
wants water look at this and suddenly we got to experience
something magical! the female, the male. Is he gonna make the move? is she gonna make the move? or is she like “oh my god dude!” we keep watching them for half an hour but he was too shy and didn’t dare to make the move, so instead we kept moving look at her being cool! what time is
it? I don’t even know, but it’s pretty late already and we still want to go to Akumal and to cenote azul so we have to leave this place now important things to remember here: bring a lot of water! it’s super hot, probably by a sombrero and again come early in the morning. so let’s go! I am the perfect mayan because I can fit through every single door here and everybody else is like.. get on my level literally clearly everybody can walk in
this one we just left the archeological zone and are now on the way to Akumal all right change of plans, all the parking lots at Akumal were full, we didn’t get a parking spot so if you’re going to Akumal
make sure to get there early because the last two hours of the day may the fullest the second thing that’s really important is to pay in Mexican pesos not in US dollars what they charge in u.s. dollars is usually way higher than its equivalent in pesos “say yes to the peso”. listen to this wise man okay Ok guys, we made it back to Tulum, we are in the center in the main street and here is where there’s a bunch of bars a bunch of restaurants and where the nightlife happens in the evening it’s super nice to walk around, you can go shopping there a lot of stores where you can buy very unique clothes that you cannot find anywhere else we’ve been coming here every single day that we’ve been in Tulum and we really like it okay guys so the Sun is about to go down This is how u end a night in tulum, going into one of these bars, and getting some drinks. to wrap it up, there’s only one scenario
when you shouldn’t go to Tulum and that’s when your only goal is to lay at the flawless white sand beach for your entire vacation but if that’s not the case and you want to experience Tulum with all its originality and diversity well then this place has a lot to offer

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  1. Love how authentic this video is. You get so used to seeing travel influencers editing tourists out of their videos/pictures, and making the locations absolutely seamless that you don't realize what these places are really like: tourist-infested sweaty and crowded places. I'm from Malta and the tourism has gotten so bad during the summer that it has caused an overcrowding issue on the island. Too many cars, no parking spots (people resorted to parking on pavements), I can't even visit our local beaches cuz they've become too crowded and dirty. I know tourism brings in a huge source of income to the island so it is what it is I guess. Like Joss said: "if you can't beat em, join em!" 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Als ich vor 11 Jahren in Mexiko war, war Tulum mein Lieblingsort. Wir haben auch die Cenotes besucht und am Strand von Acumal mit Wasswerschildkröten geschnorchelt. Schön, dass ihr eine Erinnerung daran nochmal geweckt habt.

  3. Joss is the cutest and prettiest woman ever omg so much positive energy and so heart warming <3

  4. Super Video! Fand es sehr hilfreich. Mache gerade einen Roadtrip durch Mexiko & komme nächste Woche nach Tulum. 😍👍

  5. Forget about the seaweed, its full o narcos and they shoot people often. I know because Im mexican and the last time I was there it happened. Check out Batey shooting.

  6. It’s not seaweed, it’s garbage in our oceans that are dumped by Canada and Brazil mostly. That is what all of the guides and hotel managers informed me when I was there. Tulum is still gorgeous and worth visiting if you want to go but definitely shame about the garbage we put into our oceans and destroy the earths beautiful places 😢

  7. There’s a hidden side of this, Theres way too much damage and contamination in Tulum, watch the documentary about it, they also explain the seaweed, please don’t promote tourism at this moment, it’s very sad

  8. I went to tulum over Easter! I’m from Germany (Berlin). On windy days the seaweed is super gross!I stayed in a hotel with a private beach so it wasn’t this disgusting. It’s definitely worth it!

  9. Hei you all free spirits and traveler souls,please let tulum rest for a moment…Mexican caribean beach (nature)is suffering contamination and native people segregation or gentrification beacouse those free traveler spirits… tulum and rivera maya is not like disneyland…

  10. They are over developing Tulum with no overall plan for the area.
    They have not planned sewage so they have 40,000 new homes sending the sewage into the ocean and destroying the reefs as well as the destruction of the mangroves for the developement.

  11. I love that you imitated the lizards head shaking…lol I did that too when I learned what it meant when I was in Riviera Maya. And I agree that even with the seaweed, definitely still worth visiting!! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  12. Hola chicos, lo empece a seguir desde uruguay, me pueden decir lugar es el que aparece el el minuto 11:18 ? gracias

  13. Love Mexico, been a few times…..and would go anytime I can…..thanks for this informational video.

  14. You guys are funny… Thanks for the video. Our trip is coming up so just looking around see what's best to do

  15. I was in Tulum and Cancun last holiday. Of course, it was beautiful, but it wasn't posible to enjoy the sea…

  16. Waooo… Me sorprende como me emocionó ver este vídeo tomando en cuenta que ya conozco todos esos lugares porque soy de por aquí

  17. If you want to go because of the beach, do not go now. There is a lot of seaweed. very much. I was there 5 days ago. Expect a better time. but Cancun, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres have no seaweed.

  18. When he says the beach picture was photoshoped because the vibrant color of the water and then they show the cenotes and maya beach with the same amazing and clear colors!! ❤

  19. quien los edita ustedes la verdad es un ser trabajo se acaban de ganar un suscriptor saludos desde oaxaca

  20. ¡Qué loco! Yo hace un año también fui al Cenote dos ojos, y eso porque me equivoqué hahaha, pero aún así valió la pena. Qué bueno que se hayan divertido en playas mexicanas.

  21. I am just home from there today the beach was beautiful and there are people that try to clear the seaweed away everyday. I am not a fan of seaweed but the water was unbelievably warm i had to just go in amazing place to go though recommend anyone to go.

  22. 9:53 😂😂😂
    Creo q medimos igual #Ross
    Somos las perfectas mayas..👌🏼
    Q altura tiene esa entrada ???
    Alguien sabe…

  23. The water is still SO BLUE even with the sargassum. Not so here in Playa del Carmen. 🙁 Water is murky out several hundred feet before it turns blue again.

  24. tiene que visitar puerto lopez en ecuador y hacer el recorrido tambien el agua blanca y la playa de los frailes los encuantran en el mismo lugar en ECUADOR❤❤❤👌

  25. Lo que me pasa con ustedes, que no me pasa con otras parejas de youtubers, es que pienso que son almas gemelas!

  26. Son un team y pareja perfecta. Gracias por compartir sus experiencias y buena vibra.
    Ya siento que visite Tulum
    , escogieron muy buenos lugares y felicidades por la edición de video.
    Muy profesionales y sobre todo con amor.
    Felicidades a los dos.

  27. Muy buena producción y ritmo en los videos, muy buena vibra también. Qué lástima que no visitaron algún lugar de la zona hotelera, IS A MUST!!! Es mágica, se les escapó una importantísima parte para incluir en sus videos.

  28. Hi, great video, we’re going soon. I had a question you said you didn’t have to pay the entrance fee at the Zona Arqueologica because you were a Mexican citizen, is that true for other tourist spots or was it just there? Thanks

  29. Janik If you love your ancestors and people so much,why would you date the people that destroyed raped Robbed and murdered millions and millions of our men women and children?

  30. First time I see your video, just loved it.

    And don't give Up learning spanish, be patient, it's worth it, you'll get there. 🙂

  31. Does anyone know if you can just show up to Sac Actun cenote for the guided tour or do you need to make a reservation somehow? Is this a specific company or a part of the park?

  32. Son mis youtubers favoritos por sus tomas y por lo que dicen, sus chistes son increíbles pero aparte de eso dan tantos consejos, son ustedes y nos comparten sabiduría 💖

  33. Precioso video, gracias por dar a conocer mi pais, espero se la pasen muy bien. Solo un detalle, en mexico, todas las playas son publicas, aunque los hoteleros digan lo contrario.

  34. Necesitas documentos oficiales para recibir entrada gratuita? Yo si tuve que pagar anque tengo doble ciudadania, me pregunto si necesito IFE?

  35. The beach actually looked pretty when you guys went. I went the first week of June and it was AWFUL. The water looked like chocolate. No one could go in. =( But I enjoyed the cenotes and historical sites. =)

  36. You guys went at perfect month because I went last month in June and the Mayan beach is washed away with seaweed. People couldn’t go in the water nor even down the stairs because it was washed away at the bottom. Kinda sad 😔

  37. Was on a Carnival cruise last week and the excursion of the Tulum ruins offered beach time. But the beach was closed due to severe seaweed turning the water brown and irritants of the skin. Very disappointed that Carnival did not reveal this important information. And our Carnival tour guide made sure we visited 'safe' tourist traps for food and souvenirs which was interesting to say the least. Reading up on the excursions, scientists have sampled the waters from the cenotes which contain bacteria and other things (human waste, Viagra, cocaine, etc.) . BEWARE!

  38. Are you sure those lizards weren't robots, Joss? They look really suspicious. Maybe they were SCP Foundation surveillance drones jajajaja. Just joking. Me encantan sus videos, saludos desde México, chicos que bien que mostraran que el sargazo no es el fin del mundo. BTW, Joss, you're beautiful

  39. I was there mid-July. Lots of seaweed but we didn't care! As Joss and Janik say, if that's you're only reason for going, don't go. But if you're into more than that, there are tons of other stuff to do, cenotes, ruins, tacos, music, and….more tacos. Tacqueria el Nero – so cheap, so tasty, and lots of "free" entertainment as well. In fact, our waiter took a brief second to spit some dope rhymes with a wandering guy doing a sick beat box. It was a transcendant moment, I'm not gonna lie. The town was much cooler/edgier than the resort zone on the beach (a little too "avocado toast" for me).

  40. You guys are so cute! I love that you let yourselves just be you! So much fun. Enjoy your videos. Thank you both! Blessing to you guys!

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