The Victorian Kitchen| Episode 7: A Weekend of Work

The Victorian Kitchen| Episode 7: A Weekend of Work

Hi it is Friday night at 4:36 brandon is going to be off work very very soon. Then we are going to get Chipotle. Then we have to buy some supplies for what we’re doing this weekend. And so I wanted to invite you along on a weekend of work with us. All right, let’s go Hello. Ready for Chipotle? Yes For here. No beans, chicken, and white rice. (jaunty ragtime music) You’re handsome. Brandon are we going to “Sowme Depot”? Because it’s snowing. No, it’s Home DeSnow. (laughing) Lookey They do! Right, but we need to go over. And then over we need to do like a like a snek. A snek situation. We just ate why do you want to snack? Yes, why are you getting three? Because we have the 7 inch ducting that runs from where it is all the way across the room already. I explained that to you earlier. You ever move dirt while laying on your belly? No. With your feet only? You just kick! I believe in your ability to carry all four of those things at once. The lumberjack aesthetic going on very hard right now. (upbeat piano music) Time for lumber. Ok.
Whoop he went this way. Bye! I’ll wait for you to come back. He had to go get screws. So this weekend all we wanted to do was finish repairing the floor. Which involves… Is that everything we need to do that? Yeah. Okay let’s go. It was the wrong day to wear on my light coat. Should have worn my warm one. I thought it was spring. Is it on? Good morning Saturday I have to feed all my angry cats. Time to feed the dogs. (uplifting pop music) Today being Saturday, we are going to focus on fixing the floor issues. We’ve done a pretty big patch job already right here. You can see kind of that green and that yellow this was all open. And so we already patched all that. But we have to move this register right here because it’s right in front of the door. And we have to close up this register because that’s going to be cabinets. And we have to fix where the sink plumbing used to come in So we’ve got quite a bit of stuff to do today. Let’s get started. We have some repairs to do on the floor in here and we’re gonna have to shim some of these studs. So I’m gonna go ahead and take down my pantry mock up. Womp womp. Feeling a little low energy, so I’m gonna run to the gas station to get us some treats. A little pick me up. We’re back with snacks. Does Brandon want snacks? Brandon wants snacks. Yes. To share? Yes I kinda want the blue one, but I’ll take whatever one you don’t want. Okay? Brandon? Why are you throwing things at me? That’s pretty good. One of these is missing the tongue… This would be a good one to drop in here. Okay, that’ll be those two (yet another happy piano song) That’s pretty good. End of day one. We. didn’t get quite as much done as we were hoping but made very very good progress Most of the floor is repaired. So we will do…you want to do that now? Oh, yeah, okay, never mind not end of day one Brandon wants to put in those two studs that go in front of the chimney. So… Is it good?
Oh yes. He’s putting in cross braces with the laser level. Mkay. I have a question Brandon, does the tongue out help? What was that? Now it’s officially the end of day 1 Finished framing that. It was left open so he could finish patching that, but now that that’s done. This wall is officially rebuilt pretty much exactly as it was originally. Floor is well under way to being patched. This is all patched over here. We have to rip down one piece to patch that, and then that’s all good. All in all not a bad day! It is Sunday. The light looks very nice in here. There’s the husband. Now we are going to finish up the floor yesterday. We put down a full-size board, a 5-inch board, but it’s gonna be really visible right near the door. So we’re thinking we should probably rip it to be the same width as the original floorboards.

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Husband’s weekend morning routine (two nice bois)

Husband’s weekend morning routine (two nice bois)

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  1. You guys are seriously too cute. Reminds me of me and my husband when we do projects together. 😊

  2. you's guy's (WNY, ER ) seem to work every well together… if so, thats MORE than half the battle! on my end. its just a battle ha ha ha …. nicely done!!! 👍

  3. When you recognize that drive from chipotle to homedepot 🤗 I did not realize you were so close to me!

  4. Good morning Paige. Did you know that they make a stand that can support a long board that one is trying to cut? You position it at the end of your table saw and as you cut the board, guide it onto the stand. It makes cutting long boards so much easier. Love what you're doing with the house.

  5. I think I'm in love with your sink!! But I won't go to Snow Depot. I shop at the blue store, not the orange one.

  6. How you know you're now a grown-up: when you used to spend your Friday nights at the club, but now spend it shopping for home-improvement DIY stuff at Home Depot.

  7. You two are the cutest. Your husband reminds me of John from Young House Love. Random, I know lol. ;););)

  8. You guys did a wonderful job patching the floors. So my question is: are you guys going to sand and stain and poly the floors? I can’t wait till Saturday mornings to watch your progress. Thank you guys for sharing my dreams of restoring a vintage house.

  9. Love the peek of sink under window!! Floors are really coming together!! There is nothing like an Evening at Home Depot!!! Mmm , can you smell that wood??That is definitely my hubby’s definition of a great date night. Just love seeing your property from the outside as well. Beautiful!! Can’t wait to see next weeks video. Have a great week.❤️

  10. To be fair to Brandon, my grandfather always said if you want to do get something accomplished, you have to be holding your tongue right.

  11. Oh spring in Kentucky….We lived in Louavul when our kids were little and one year we had to do an Easter Egg hunt indoors as it ws snowing outside. I found that spring did not come until the week of the Kentucky Derby. One of the reasons we moved father south to Alabama. Your kitchen is going to be the heart of your home Paige. I love all the light and the big space.

  12. Hi Paige , I’m new to your channel. I had to go back and look at your other video’s . Love the staircase !!!! And I love the way the kitchen is starting to come together ! The sink is amazing ! You and your hubby and fur babies are adorable ! Can’t wait to see the next video ! ( cliff hanger ) ! Lol 🤗

  13. Nice job on the floor you two! Loved the shots of your property with your fur babies too! So fun to watch your home come together! Love your editing! ❤️👏👍

  14. I’ve enjoyed watching the kitchen coming together. I am assuming you got all of your supplies before experiencing the issues with your Jeep. There was an audible “Awwwwww” when I heard the “I love you” to one another.💕

  15. My husband and I are in our 70's now and boy, does this bring back memories for me. We live in a small farm community in Iowa and a few years after marriage, bought an old farm house that had been moved into town from the country. It had pink kitchen walls and ghastly green kitchen carpeting, but hey, we could afford this one. I think the previous owner bought what paint was in the bargain bin and painted the inside of the house. We lived with it a few years until we could save some money. Finally one year we spent October to the end of April working on tearing out some old walls with awful lath strips inside. You couldn't even pound a nail in the wall, it would bounce right back. We tore up all the old carpet and did a lot of painting. Exhausting times as we had twins during that time they had to be fed and settled down. Another several years and we hired my husbands cousins who were wonderful carpenters by trade. Took out our very steep stairs going up to the bedrooms and moved it around so had a few steps, nice landing and more steps. Had the outside sided and all new windows. Twenty years later, a couple more carpenters, new two car attached garage put on, another downstairs bedroom and a beautiful four seasons porch which we just love and use all the time. We are done! There are people who can move into great big new beautiful homes but we feel such pride that we did a lot of the hard work too. Keep up the great work. I enjoy watching you two and your wonderful ideas. I apologize for the length of this.

  16. Lucky girl! Brandon said “I love you” first. In 46 years of marriage my husband has NEVER done that. He responds with I love you whenever I say it, though. Let’s have a small pity party for Laura. Lol. There are worse things in life.

  17. I love how you think through your home projects 🙂 also, my hubs and I have spent many an afternoon date at home depot 🙂

  18. How are you going to sand the floorboards with the nails going in the top? When our floors were put in, the guys nailed into the tongue of the boards. Are these not tongue and groove?

  19. Gave you a thumbs up just because, but can't watch shaky cam. I have a weekend's worth of work to do, as well, but not while nauseous. . . Hope everything worked out!

  20. I admire all the work you two are doing. Your home is and will be amazing when your done. 1 question. How much of your work (walls, electrical etc.) has to be okayed by an inspector as you go?

  21. Loving your home: bit by bit!! I am so excited to see it "completed" ,( ps: no house is ever totally done) and I'm not even going to live in it!!!

  22. Are you having Lama-ntations abount your kitchen design. Go forth Boldly and never Lama-ent you decisions. Bleet fiercely unto the world!

  23. Glad to see I’m not the only one who uses soda and candy for a pick-me-up lol Old enough tho now that naps might be healthier choice 😆

  24. Y'all did a great job. It's funny to me how we never accomplish as much as we plan to in a day. Then, there's the very rare day when we get more done than was planned.
    Hey, I need the recipe for your Mississippi Chicken. I never heard of it and it looked really good. You should have vlogged dinner! 😋🤣
    Love your vlog! Y'all are inspiring!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Coyotes are not good, they will try to come kill your dogs or cats at night if they are outside, one got my favorite kitty last summer, right at my back door.

  26. I love the chemistry between you guys! I feel you pain when darn hubbys don't appreciate quality humor, I tell my husband 'my humor is wasted on you'. Snome Depot 👍 The discussion about the ducting, haha, totally relatable. And snacks, oh my gosh, I think our husbands come with the same operating manual 🤣 Your place is looking amazing. Keep up the good work.


  28. I love you guys, you are so intelligent,and smart, and i love how your house is looking, it well be gorgeous when your done with it.

  29. Paige, I have an extra crimper for that HVAC work if you guys need one. I also have something for the coyotes. ; p

  30. Nice tongue & groove. Most people (my husband) struggle with it for days! And nice side tongue. Very important to the whole process

  31. My favorite episode so far. Bad puns, treat runs an pit bulls….what could be better? However…… should stagger your flooring board repairs. Sorry, but you really should. Unless you're putting lino over the wood.

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