The Ultimate KENYAN STREET FOOD TOUR in Mombasa – Coastal East African Food, Kenya!

The Ultimate KENYAN STREET FOOD TOUR in Mombasa – Coastal East African Food, Kenya!

hey everyone I hope you’re having an amazing day it’s mark means I’m in Mombasa Kenya on the east coast of Africa it’s really a melting pot of cultures and foods and today I’m gonna meet up with Farhana she is a local youtuber she makes videos about travel she loves to eat street food as well so it’s gonna be a lot of fun and we’re also gonna meet some meal and they’re gonna take me and you on a street food tour of Mombasa we’re gonna eat that some of our Hannah’s favorite places and we’re gonna share all of the delicious food with you in this video right now [Music] hello nice to meet you what’s up to me oh hi mark how you doing okay and this mom I’m gonna drive is known for snacks so we’re gonna start off with by the demo huh you find the caboose time oh okay Sanpei yeah try that Wow I’ve eaten it cook I don’t I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it wrong I’m done and he’s just like he has this stock that’s like a trunk high and he just slices it rock oh yeah it tastes like a hey that’s a coconut flavor yeah but it’s crisp like bamboo shoot’ like a bamboo or something really good mine sweet mine’s very good ones it’s a little bit sour just the tinge of sourness but yeah there’s there’s just nothing better than a coconut it’s one of the most refreshing things you could possibly have on a hot day which Mombasa is today I was really good I was so fast yeah my friend he actually scoops it out for you and like depending on your luck what type of meat you get some is very jealous very young I got quite a quite a gem because it’s quite a thick coconut meat but at the same time you can see that it is gonna be nice and soft and and creamy coconut creamy and by the way that’s like the entire coconut in this one chunk it’s soft yet media at the same time this is a really good one it’s super soft and it tastes delicious eating the coconut he was freshly frying some cassava and you put salt chili and lemon once it’s ready he takes out a piece and he decorates it you season it he season to floor me but he cuts a little slit in it to fill it up with the seasoning a combination of salt and chili and then squeezes on the lime they loaded it with chili you can see that kind of caked on there it’s fried it’s fresh it’s hot yeah oh I got a little bit of the utility in my eye with that wind gust but that’s okay but that’s okay it’s incredibly good I think this is absolutely delicious the more chili you have tastier this know for sure for sure okay I love eating with you yeah it’s really really soft cassava is starchy and dry but at the same time like that’s the attractive thing about it we’re just moving down the line as we were eating that cassava then they were freshly frying the cassava it’s it’s also franca Sava but in chip crisp form instead of the thick pieces no the combination of Chile salt and lime juice is your alignment oh it’s a lemon oh okay it’s so fragrant lemon is a bit more sour a perfect salty snack yeah when you start with one you can’t stop that’s exactly right this is the roasted one roasted cassava roasted cassava dusted me nuts the sweet potatoes did sweet potato and that’s the sweet corn another stall just down the road you’re still on the ocean we’ve got the ocean breeze he is roasting a variety of things there’s maize there’s there’s also sweet corn there’s sweet potato sweet and chilly and that’s what I love about it it’s really soft and then you get the sweetness and the chili at the same time it hits you at the same time mm-hmm I like that the three notes is contrasted by the lemon and the salt though actually this one is the sweet pork growing up when I lived in Nairobi for a few years now when I was like one of my main street food snacks growing up the roasted maize the juiciness most of the other things were a little dried but it was so juicy we’re getting ready to move on from this area maman Gena drive but it’s a great place people come here locals come here to relax if our Hana was mentioning that it’s especially popular on the weekend people even pull up their cars you can order snacks they’ll deliver it to your car you sit in your car you overlook the ocean you got the ocean breeze it’s just a real chilled out relaxing just friendly environment and people are really friendly here – yeah Mombasa is amazing [Music] take a little drive through Mombasa and we’re in the real back streets here you really notice the mix of Arabian and Indian cultures and local man this is a busy enough okay I better move back over here but what a what an action energy place and I’m very excited for all we’re gonna eat next oh right yeah see but yes samosa and I’m very excited for you to try the chili but you’re so let’s go hello these are the chili ones these are the Dalbert years and these are the pack potatoes vrc’s because I’m Campbell this place looks like a gem it’s like in the really in the back streets of Mombasa down an alleyway you can actually smell the aroma of all the the deep-fried things [Applause] oh yeah that’s cool this is the best out in the world without a doubt I really want you to try the whole gym that’s gonna be my first bite that’s gonna be drivers like and by the way Farhana is also vlogging be sure you check out her blog and I will leave it in the description box below thank you this looks unbelievable this is what Mombasa is all about to human masa it’s all in this piece we have fried pack potatoes it’s coated into this flour kind of paste and then she just doused it in the coconut chutney and chili chili chili sauce it really has a mix of local local Mombasa Indian yeah Arab that’s those those are the main representations of flavors and cooking styles and spices okay we gotta start with that chili awesome a little bit spicy but you taste the spices in there – maybe the turmeric the coconut comes in nicely and on top of the chili you’ve got the chilli sauce as well so you’ve got chili on top of chili well yeah the potato is really good it’s like a silky smooth potato back yeah yeah that coconut chutney it’s also a little sour any from let me just use Evan juice it’s really good yeah those are that is like all deep fried snack like deliciousness on a single plate that you could you could one the longer it sits in the chutney the better yes because it stops it in a little bit yeah it gets towards the chili definitely wins yeah as Sam Neill was mentioning it gets better the longer it sits in that chutney because it absorbs it all Cemile went down the lane and bamyas bonito he sees a very strong ginger yeah that just slightly burns going down it slightly goes up your nose that’s what you want when you drink a stone eating that was sensationally delicious and this area of town is where you really get a few a feel of the culture of Mombasa sighs it’s great this is this is beautiful okay we’re moving on we’re stopping just down the road for some sugarcane juice which is very popular in Mombasa [Music] [Applause] [Music] that machine looks like it’s gotten a lot of use over the years it’s my goat it’s almost like a auto engine he takes the sugarcane what’s what’s even better than the sugarcane is he takes a lime and a chunk of ginger sandwiches it into the into the sugarcane squeezes it fresh it it pours out into a pitcher like a like a sugar cane waterfall and that is fresh sugarcane juice Wow really David ginger yeah it is it is it’s for me like like just sugar cane is too sweet with no other case but with the addition of the lime and the ginger to spice it up that makes it good and you’re right you know it’s not too sweet it’s the perfect sweet ginger lime combination sandscape outside and the streets of Old Town Mombasa are just like illuminated and pink from the sunset oh and then the fluorescent lights just came on right as I said that next we are going to this street at McCormick Hodari where they have all these barbecue on the road and you can get goat meat do you get a grilled chicken it’s all grilled so grilled chicken barbecue mutton as well we have salads and lots of chilies as well [Music] we are at Madera Street stretch when is food all the way down the road barbecue is mainly barbecue and right now we’re just up in facebook damascus jobar much I’m stepping into the meat bus oh you can even smell it oh yeah oh that smells good few things in the world that make me happier than a hissing role of meat buddy but this is where you can really notice the melting pot the mix of cultures that are present and that have so much history including of course the food in Mombasa chili wraps it up and I like the touch where you like Chuck’s it back on to the pile of chicken in the context of give it that final warming edge beautiful it’s called Damascus shell arma so I’m yeah the owner is from Syria okay maybe from Damascus oh yeah in hire like handheld show Armas just so tender and it’s so easy to eat that’s so awesome date with Farhana she likes spicy too we are yes that’s okay shout out darling Oh Shawn Mobilio Oh at this place yeah so they come right now here something about your arm oh when you get to the bottom it’s even better because if garlic sauce has accumulated to the bottom there so it’s all mushy and like absorbed into that that Fred and that means I would love a coffee oh wait wait that sounds like the perfect thing before we eat more meat the local style of coffee that you’ll find all over the the coast of East Africa and then he squeezed in some ginger and you can smell that ginger black coffee oh yeah that smells really good strong smells really good yes I love it I love it that is strong strong black coffee it’s kind of almost chocolaty but then with that ginger bite one more one more but yeah I couldn’t stop at one I had to get I had to have another one and I think he squeezed in a bunch more ginger this time yeah that’s a lot of ginger ugh it’s so good conveniently right over the little blue picket fences where we’re eating next all along this street you can smell the smoke in the air there’s a number of different rural restaurants this particular restaurants called a posse Darwin cafe it’s the best one there food is really they’re drilling all the meet medical front I it looks incredible vegetable bunny misshapen monk you want to try a one no like you want to order one of everything or again I’m standing here with the girl masters that are making mr. cocky on this grill and this one is that you can pick up you can pick on that side but you can you can feel the heat reading optic radiating off the girl you can smell the meat and aromas we ordered a bit of everything we’re gonna have a mate piece that’s for sure very similar to martabak or Amitabha which you will find throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East and for me what’s really fascinating about the food in Mombasa is that seeing seeing how all the cultures have come together because you’ll notice the influences from India with the spices you’ll notice the the local Swahili coastal food and then you’ll also notice the real Arabian Arab influence as well but everything is slightly altered it’s been years and years of history in the making Mombasa is a beautiful city with amazing food we’re sitting down for the feast right now you have all the girl we meet the colors the choppa yeah it looks unbelievably good what do you wanna start with okay yes that’s yeah that sounds good we just put some onto the plate yeah tried without it first okay this is just the play music Aki there’s a lot of sauces that we can try as well but at first we just have to try the meat on its own because it’s marinated in quite a lot of spices okay [Music] so saw mm-hmm really tasty there’s just a like an abundance of spice on there yeah let’s move into the sauce now there’s a green sauce there’s a red sauce and there’s a tamarind some kind of mix all those together they never go wrong with sauce when you get a little bit of the sourness from the tamarind is one fish kaki is fantastic all right Farhana let’s move into that kabobs we’re gonna go for that red chili sauce this one and when I kind of keep this sauce is separate this time so that we can compare and contrast so tender and it kind of oozes with like salty juices as you keep on to it spring chicken this I think this one is the spring check we got spring chicken which is a young chicken nice yeah that looks incredible oh yeah you can see how juicy that is oh yeah you can feel how juicy it is in your fingers oh look at that [Music] well it’s awesome yet so so juicy and so tender we’ve got that real like like smoky flavor from the grill oh yeah they keep like brushing it with oil part of the reason I keep it moist as they keep on grilling it over the hook well imagine my G with a like melting on the side it was very cool to watch him make this eye he first slaps that doe then he adds in the mixture and some keema and then he adds in the cheese and then he makes a little like a little like doughnut and then he cracks in two eggs he like whips them up within the the dough he folds it up and somehow magically he transports that to the griddle without anything spilling and then it cooks into a into a pancake very similar yeah kind of like fertile day with the minced beef right and also lots of onions in there yeah that is so good you like it spicy you’ll get it spicy more thank you welcome so you take the salad we pick up with all the chili and you put it on top of this and you take a big bite pick it up and put it on yeah yeah Gillian says that maybe this is the ultimate chapatti bite yeah Mombasa style I’m looking forward that’s a big bite oh hell how does it taste I love that mixture place it’s so good and with a chili sauce that makes it incredible the minute you take that fight okay next up this is the chicken tikka leg I’m just gonna wipe this thigh in the sauce yeah it is really good that that spring chicken that spring chicken was excellent so you know this chicken is also going to be good because I’m pretty sure it’s the same marination it’s just delicious it’s just like and you can you can tell that it’s been marinated for a long time because the flavor goes into the meat all the way to the bone without just being on the surface and taste cumin in that bag ooh oh yeah oh what a what a wonderful superb user kick out these are chips they’re fried potatoes known locally as masala chips it’s a tomatoey blend of spices and cilantro and there that just coats definitely change that kuranda rule they’re really tomatoey a little bit sweet a little bit and then you got the starchiness at the piano who loses it’s Chris penis witness ah see but the sauce makes up for that for that so basically what we do get chirps okay and then eat it together with someone to be yeah yeah sooner than the beating they put it all it up yeah okay take a piece of the chicken okay and you think it’s with the chips okay together now will be my next bike for sure masala chips nice that you’ve got that Tang eNOS that’s what these these the masala chips are very tangy got that like sweet sour combo that was insanely good what was your favorite food from the entire day that was a really nice mix of sweet yeah I have to say that I mean the meat was absolutely incredible but for me the uniqueness of yes and specifically the fried chili that was the ultimate bite of this entire day but I have to say a huge thank you to Farhana or taking me around to some of her favorite places I will leave the link in this description box but check out her channel she’s she’s not only she loves food she’s fun to hang out with and she loves spicy food so go check her out go subscribe to her channel thank you – Clara Hana I also want to say a huge thank you to sub meal for setting a lot of things up for me in mombasa he’s done a lot of behind the scenes work so thank you this a meal and this actually happens to be my very first day in Mombasa so this was a an incredible introduction to the food the culture I love walking around the streets it’s really a melting pot and it’s a beautiful city that’s gonna be it for this video we hope to see you again soon for sure for sure thanks oh thank you and here too thank you for watching please remember to give this video a thumbs up leave a comment below also click subscribe and also click that little belt icon so that you get notified in the next video thanks again for watching goodnight from Mombasa see you on the next video

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