The Truth Behind Serbia’s Notorious Witchcraft Subculture

The Truth Behind Serbia’s Notorious Witchcraft Subculture

Hey, it’s River from VICE’s Brooklyn office. Our friends in Serbia recently travelled to a remote village to check out black magic, which is the traditional rituals of the Vlach people, in order to separate fact from folklore. This is Eastern Woodoo.

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100 Replies to “The Truth Behind Serbia’s Notorious Witchcraft Subculture”

  1. they really should get people who believe in witchcraft and its powers to narrate this kind of thing. every doc i have seen has been some doubtful, urban guy in his mid 20s who hasnt the faintest clue about what this stuff actually is and has the potential to do

  2. we are romanians from Banatul Sarbesc my father told me stories how the witches would gather naked in The graveyard and do chants!! vlach is a mix of.romanian i am romanian and i understand this dialect…vlachs have there own churches ect…. really that region of the balkans from Backa/banat to Romania in midevil times was known for witchcraft

  3. I say I happy the negro speak my language not easy language for the negro. I never see the negro like him in Serbia. who his mother? is ok..

  4. gullible people falling for the same bullshit as always. No respect for these swindling cultures and their superstitious bigot grannies

  5. All these supposed fortunetelling old ladies are such fakes. They just need money. The things the 2nd one said were so general, they could mean a few different things. If you believe in psychics, you'll just be wasting you money and time, stay far away from these money grabbers.


    fly over to my place
    Just bring (hairs/clothes/sandals of the person concerned)

    I will show you how it works
    dont worry about staying
    we are hospitable people

    [email protected]

  7. Samo Bog je prava istina ovo su samo Demoni ima u paklu da gore sto to rade i protiv Boga rade u lazu!!

  8. Well i will be traveling to Serbia for a number of reasons of course.

    however this ugh nastranost witchcrafting has made made me nervozni
    I can speak and understand a number of Balkan Languages.

  9. This is evil Jesus Christ doesn't agree with wicha it's all bad there no good witches this is Satan's deseaving us come on people believe in Jesus name we pray amen

  10. But i didnt see any Voudou nor black Magic at all, everything seems pretty folkloric, good and clean <3

  11. Bravo za voditelja. Simpatican, harizmatican, duhovit zbog cega su cak i ovakve teme jako zanimljive.

  12. Why open yourself and 4 generations after you to such demonic things? She was right in that you one foot firmly in the grave for this.

  13. Hi team I'm a big fan of vice please translate the dialogue in English interested of giving sub titles..

  14. Sveti Mihaele, arkanđele, brani nas u boju; proti pakosti i zasjedama đavolskim budi nam zaklon! Neka mu zapovjedi Bog, ponizno molimo, i ti, vojvodo vojske nebeske, Sotonu i druge duhove zlobne koji svijetom obilaze na propast duša božanskom jakošću u pakao protjeraj!


  15. Baba Vračara aa………. Čitaj baba malo više Sveto Pismo i videčeš da je zabranjeno to što radiš i nije Bogu milo………

  16. So they have a culture of manipulative women who need a reason to talk down to people.
    Come to think of it, that's what black magic is here too.

  17. These "witches" are just wise old women who have lived through life. I love coming back to watch them say he gives nothing to women, then his face confirms he doesn't in response to their allegations. 🤣🤣🤣 These women come from a culture where men have families they work hard for their entire lives, a labor of love.

  18. He is extremely annoying, talks too fast… overall a stupid.. arrogant vibe from this douchebag! he's really not as special as he thinks..

  19. my iphone X that i’ve had for a year w only a bumper on it literally spider-webbed shattered while watching this video. i didn’t drop it or anything, just watching this video.
    what the fuck.

  20. I wish white non African people would stop labeling their traditions as voodoo . Voodoo is the combined spirituality’s of many different African people while coming into the America’s (South America and North America) has nothing to do with Serbians .

    Makes me doubt their journalism skills it screams no research into the topic .

  21. These devils are throwing sirks (curses) on people. You may laugh, many laughed and thought its fake. I am from Bosnia, i know a loz of people who did that mistake. Their lives have never be the same. Nothing is true what they say. They have so many tricks and curses that hit rly hard. God bless and protect us from all evil he has forbidden. Amen

  22. I was less than 2 minutes in and the music and I thought sound effects were very silly. I’m not a journalist nor documentarian, but I know enough that I’d be embarrassed to have my name on this project. I understand that you need content to pay the bills, but is there not enough pride in your work to not remove this flimsy film? I’d certainly hope it doesn’t represent the current of quality in Vice productions. Be more thoughtful and produce better content Vice-

  23. Mama Ruza is a wild onion. She is very interesting & straightforward. I’d like to see a show about her where she reads people. She’s got star quality.

  24. STOP calling this shit vodou!! Vodou comes from Africa not freaking Eastern Europe and its NOT "Black magic" its shit like this that gives Vodou a bad name.

  25. 7:51 you see that red string on it right ? This is not an occult symbol for the smashing pumpkins . I'm into nature magick
    so yeah I know what that means. I could sleep in those woods and the animals wouldn't hurt me.
    And yes there's a dark side to nature magick , nature allows it because this is an operating system , unbiased
    And will run regardless , just remember, you are connected to what you put out there. Nature will assume this is what you want , and that you can handle what happens after. Lol.

  26. He just participated in a ritual. He's dumb. Jesus is the only one who can truly save you forever!

  27. Think about it ! IF THE zionist & His beloved elitsoldier won tha last time. What a hell would happen IF THE zionist & Jackie Arklöv lose if a new conflict happens?? Will it be THE END of THE world as we know it???

  28. You all have no clue, this is no joke ! Balkans history with all kind of magick goes waaay back.
    Hitlers highest priest of the
    Vrill order = Maria Ortic
    Hillary friend and artist = marina abramovic
    The Order of the Dragon started also there ..
    So much more

  29. No roads but there is a car at her house and they were walking on a road. Let's walk in the woods and pretend there is no road access!

  30. I didn’t know there was vlach in serbia, i grew up in a vlach neighbourhood in central albania .theyre good people but for most part only old people speak the language . It’s being lost among young people

  31. So old “vlack” magic witches say you’re a damn liberal fool… I have a lot to say on this subject, but you, sir, better take responsibility for your actions in life

  32. Vlach is another word for "romance language speakers" in this case the vlach are Romanian this must be in Banat or Backa

  33. This kid was disrespectful and for some reason kept showing himself more then the people he "interviewed" which is ridiculous.

    Vice please do not let this man child do any more videos.

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