The ‘side-effects’ of extreme travelling

The ‘side-effects’ of extreme travelling

They are talking with each other I should also join them Today I’m going to work but without getting paid I am going to work as a volunteer in exchange I will get food and stay for free A lot of people follow this way of travelling She is from Canada. she’s also volunteer CAN WE HUG YOU? sure I saw this for the first time in this country it’s so dusty here Probably because this is a village on the outskirts of the city this is the third day of volunteering for this NGO Joe has also come here The other girl is, Khaneki She is working for the NGO Now we are going to another centre of this NGO That little girl was smiling at me I thought this brick was light She said they have used a container to make their office All those were container shops Dordoi Bazaar is one of the biggest markets in the city People use containers for their shops This is quite a small place So this is another centre of the NGO I had already shot some of the videos Showing the kids arriving at this centre But unfortunately, I cannot show this video to you according to her, they do not have permission from their parents It’s 9 AM I am still in Bishkek This is the first time I’m travelling in this style I never stayed in a city for so long while travelling abroad I have been staying here for last 10 days Joe is still with me We are going to have breakfast And then we will follow the schedule made by the NGO They will tell us where do we have to go today I am super hungry after having the breakfast I will give some more details I am planning to get out of Bishkek tomorrow Somewhere in the mountains I don’t know why there are no kids today! Both of us came here in the morning to meet them we kept ourselves busy in some random jobs I was planning for my next destination today is my last day in this NGO even Joe is leaving this organisation today That is why they have prepared something special for us It looks like a pizza thats manti and salad I’m getting to meet a lot of good people in the beginning of this trip you I am also hopeful for the future My future hosts seem to be good people The best thing about the place is… It is situated amongst the mountains its time to say them goodbye Time is up I really had a good time I could interact with the local children Now Joe and I are going to a hostel Jose, who is Joe’s partner, is waiting for us there I am quite eager to meet with him he is also a different kind of traveller I would get to learn a lot of things from him The world is actually very beautiful You always say that I inspire you But for me, people like him are my inspiration There a perception towards the world, their life and travelling is very different from us Whenever I meet such people I learn a lot of things I’m getting a call … this is the hostel I was talking about These people are a different species of travellers I always recommend you to travel and meet such people I have come here because of Joe He is Jose Let me tell you about the people whom I just met The blind person (David) and his friends have been travelling to many countries on this bike David sits on the rear seat to paddle His friend steers the bike Someone has come all the way from Germany in this car this motorcycle is from Spain this bike belongs to Joe and Jose And this bike has come from Ohio, the United States No clue about this car as it is covered I’m so glad to meet these extreme travellers I’m going back to talk to them to get more inspiration Another new person has just arrived in the hostel He is from Santiago, South America People are so anxious to listen to his stories I am also going to join them Let me share something very personal These two people are talking with each other, that person is playing the guitar David is talking with his partner The whole ambience is so vibrant I want to talk to every one of them I also want to listen to his guitar I am overwhelmed It’s 7:40 PM Now we are going to have Indian food There is an Indian restaurant close to this place called ‘sugar n spice’ Oh! it seems some more people are going to join us Indian food is popular everywhere if You are still looking for a job Open an Indian restaurant in some random part of the world It will become an instant hit Now I am going to have Indian food with all of them This is Tandoori roti I am eating Tandoori roti and Paneer we have finished eating It’s time to pay the bills but before that Let me share something relevant This is a nice concept which I liked very much Generally, Whenever we plan to go for eating out in a group it’s usually one person who pays for everyone I don’t think this is a very good concept Here everyone is paying for his/her own bill That’s why I have 3 different bills I am paying only for what I ate They are paying only for what they had I think this is good to maintain transparency I hope you also like this concept so next time whenever you go out with your friends, try this way I’ll definitely do this Why should someone else pay for me! He is from the US and she is from Italy They met while travelling and now travelling together This is how travellers are in this hostel He has done a six-week-long trek to Pindari glacier and she has been to Chitrakoot Besides Nepal and Varanasi which is a regular tourist stuff Through her experience at Chitrakoot was not very pleasant But I hope we take care of the tourists visiting our country So that they remember our country in a positive way There are a few Indian students as well in this hostel What is your name? KALYAN SAGAR He is from Hyderabad He is studying medicine with his friends in Osh i hope you become good doctors and offer your services to our countrymen

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  1. Travellers are the BEST SPECIES in the World, matlab sara tension, politics, hate, sab kuch chhod ke Aapas me mil jul ke puri duniya ghumte hain..❤❤❤

  2. You are such a humble person and Inspiration for Ghumakkad like me.
    I saw nearly every video of yours…
    I am following you from 2017…
    Hope The day will come when I will travel The other countries too..and there will be my vision to see this beautiful world..

  3. Bhai mujhy bhi travel krny ka shaok h per Mai kab jaongi travel per😞😞😞😞😞Bhai Aap ki video super rahti h Mai sari hi video dekhti hoon

  4. Since 3000 subscriber I follow you and 1 m is not far away from you now,
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  6. Mujhe bhi jene hai yeh life Varun bhai jaisa, I'm so jealous. But I understand its a different. tough life with lot of adjustment and sacrifices. At 00:40, truly said and may I also be able to meet Varun bhai someday and gale mil jate! Loved the videos, so so inspiring to start a new way to travel and experiences. 👍👍👍👍

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  9. I don't know if I should cry or smile or laugh after seeing this today.. I am so overwhelmed watching this.. It's a beautiful world out there that we need to explore and learn from.. So many beautiful people to take inspiration from.. Spread love. Keep traveling and keep learning about life..

  10. VRun bro, Kartapur kaa Coridoar open ho gaya haa, App ai ab Pakistan, visit and meet people of Pakistan and see the hospitality, Thanks u

  11. Really inspiring Varun. When I watch your videos, don’t know why feel some kind of itching inside my head to leave home. Really really inspiring videos for ghumakkars. 👍🏼

  12. Bahot acha lagta hai…Bhai jb aap itne dur dur jaate ho,kitne ghul mil jate ho….jse aap vhi k ho,desh ka naam alag alg desho tk logo ko Pata padta hai…or apka behaviour hmare desh k positive image aage bhejta hai…very much thank you Bhai….

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  14. Sir you are really enjoy your life and also we are seeing the world with your eyes and really feeling with world with great joy.

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  17. That girl said you are ignoring me i think because Varun bhai said i am not ignoring you.. Agar Mithiliesh hota toh bin baataye hug kar leta ladki ko..

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  19. Yar unko dikhta nhi fir bhi travel kr rhe he .our vo jo unko ghuma re cycle pe..very hatsoff..mere papa kidr jate nhi hmko bhi jane n dete..gye to bdbd krte h.chori hoti he aisa hota he helmet lo gadi kidr lgani ye sb bdbd krte rehte he..i m depress🤒

  20. Varun bhai
    You have become thinner than the previous videos.
    Sehat ka dhyan rakhiye please 🙏🙏
    Sahi sey bhojan kijiye or raat ko achi nind lijiye

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