The Real Walter White

The Real Walter White

The beginning of the story My name is Walter White and I am meth cook. and for 10 years, I had the best meth in Alabama. And if you wanted the best meth, you had to come this way, you have to come to me. 10 years before the Breaking Bad premiered in 2008, Walter White of Bessemer, Alabama, was already building a meth empire and the drug was becoming an epidemic nation wide. The primary ingredient that is used to make methamphetamine is pseudoephedrine. But in 2004, federal restrictions caused incidents of meth to decrease significantly. A new law regulating pseudoephedrine products will go into effect on July 1st. The law will require users to visit a physician and obtain a prescription for drugs containing pseudoephedrine. From 2007 to 2011, meth incidents rose again, doubling nationwide due to a surge in new methods like shake and bake, especially in small towns like Bessemer, Alabama, where, when industry declined, drug use skyrocketed. Now, I’ve seen em where they would set up in hotel rooms and they would have these little portable labs in their vehicles, and they have become more mobile from what I’ve seen. Two meth busts in Tuscaloosa County have resulted in five arrests. Sheriff Ted Sexton says meth labs are a growing problem in Tuscaloosa County because they are easy to hide. We are in Besemer, Alabama. Its a bit of a ghost town here. You have broken down train stations, you have foreclosed houses, and this is actually where the Walter White Lives.

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100 Replies to “The Real Walter White”

  1. How criminals can be idols power of influencers….

    Kid :- I don't wanna be a meth cook, I will become meth chef.
    Kid after some time with no teeth n addict.

  2. This isn’t the Guy Breaking Bad was based off of. The real guy was a chemistry teacher in Shafter, CA.

  3. walter white and sammy? sammy who introduced him to a lawyer? sammy who's name rhymes with jesse? this cant be a coincidence

  4. So hyped…

  5. Even if how good of a drug dealer you are in US you would eventually end up sucking dick for the cartel ..

  6. The only thing this Walter White has in common with Breaking Brad’s WW is his name and he cooks meth. That is all. Lols

  7. Only good thing about meth at least in clinical doses it's safer than cocaine… Still dangerous but safer

  8. The gorgeous lady at the end though 👏👏✨ Her voice and the words she speaks are beautiful 👐👐✨

  9. The man should have gotten a life sentence at least for his actions!! Fuck you judge Owens or whoever the fuck are allowing him to roam free.

  10. I lived in alabama for a year and all there is is methheads, bible thumpers, and crazy ass hicks. I had to get out of there, glad i did. Dont ever go there, not even to visit!

  11. Amazing how close the vibe and the scenery from BB lined up pretty well with this lived out reality of hell on earth



  14. Is this w. W the director of the series or what… Although feel for the characters in the series.. These pieces of crap need to be punished

  15. This whole video is a bull crap
    They're trying so hard to make his story match the TV show 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. Meth destorys families, as well as individuals. It's methed up, but that meth chef is one humble dude. Hope you have a bright, bright, meth-free day!

  17. I am not meth addict or never tried such sort of stuff.
    But I really appreciate this real Walter White, what does he did.
    He didn't do anything wrong.
    People don't support him, Government does not care about the pathetic condition of the knowledgeable person.
    He just used his knowledge and talent.
    In fact the real Walter White is so handsome too.
    I think he must do acting in the series and government must must must not punish him.
    Young generation is becoming A $ $ H O L.
    Why government does not banned,. addictive soft drinks, Wrong properganda for fast food and baby products and million of other things

  18. I love how vice shines a glorious light with bad ass music on a overglorified tweaker who cooked meth but when you get a single conservative black woman they portray them as mislead they portray cops as evil and so on typical lefties

  19. Fake Heisenberg: "I make the best meth in Alabama"
    Real Heisenberg: "I make the best meth the world has ever seen, I'm in the empire business"

  20. What you buying? Man shit tools trucks and four wheelers not jewelry clothes and handbags like these fucks nowadays. Terrible shit though. Not sure how hes not still in prison. He cooked a shit ton of meth and in turn killed a lot of people. Theres people on life that did less than him.

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