The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From Rob Dyrdek Anymore

It’s always seemed like Rob Dyrdek was living
the dream who wouldn’t want to make millions while competing in the sport they love and
goofing off with their friends? But recently, he’s stepped back from the spotlight. Here’s what he’s been up to, and why you won’t
catch him on reality TV anymore. In September 2015, Dyrdek married his longtime
girlfriend Bryiana Flores. The two got engaged at Disneyland Resort in
April 2015. While they were watching the Aladdin Show,
Dyrdek secretly snuck around backstage and carried out a wild public proposal that could
have totally been a stunt on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. He came out on stage riding an elephant and
asked Flores to be his wife! After enjoying a romantic and extravagant
“babymoon” in Bora Bora, the couple welcomed their first child on September 9th, 2016:
a son named Kodah, according to E! News. Dyrdek was ecstatic about becoming a father
for the first time. In an Instagram post about his wife, he said,
in part, “As much as I love this woman with all of
my being, I could never express how proud I am of how strong she is.” Dyrdek and Flores seem to be quite happy with
parenthood, and in December 2017, the couple announced the arrival of their second child,
a baby girl named Nala, and expressed their joy about giving Kodah a sibling and growing
their family. Now in his mid forties, Dyrdek waited until
later in life to start his family, but he was ready for a change. Along with the announcement of the birth of
his daughter, he shared on Instagram, “She is an angel from heaven. She is absolute perfection. She is our princess.” Dyrdek has admitted that he prefers to maintain
a stronger boundary between his business and personal life now than he did in the past
and this change has been a long time coming. While Dyrdek was working on Rob & Big, he
didn’t like the lack of privacy that appearing on MTV afforded him. After the final season aired in 2008, MTV
originally approached Dyrdek with the prospect of shooting an additional season, but Dyrdek
knew it was time for something different. He told ThoughtCO, “My businesses were being affected, my skateboarding
was being affected, and I hated that it was being filmed at my house. So, once we had a little break, it evolved. I thought, what if I added a skatepark to
my business?” Thus, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory was born,
and Dyrdek could finally keep his home life and his reality TV shenanigans separate. Dyrdek told Foundr that eventually working
in reality TV just took too much out of him. He wanted to put all that time toward his
other professional interests. He added that reality TV didn’t give him the
same “return on energy” that building businesses brought him, so he decided to switch up his
priorities. He clearly isn’t done with TV appearances
after all, Dyrdek has his show Ridiculousness. But when it comes to his involvement with
Ridiculousness, most of his responsibilities center around discovering and curating hilarious
content for the show, which was inspired by the format of America’s Funniest Home Videos. Despite struggling to reconcile their differences
off-camera while filming the later seasons of Rob & Big, Dyrdek and his co-star Christopher
“Big Black” Boykin always shared a strong bond and years of happy memories. “My boy Big Black, welcome to our crib.” In 2017, Big Black shockingly passed away
after suffering a heart attack at the age of 45. Naturally, Dyrdek was devastated, and he needed
time to grieve the loss. The two had been inseparable for years, and
even after they decided that it was time to close the door on Rob & Big, Big Black still
made appearances on Fantasy Factory. Dyrdek shared his thoughts on the loss of
his friend on social media, tweeting, “My heart is broken. I don’t want [to] write this post. I don’t want to believe that this is reality. I am so thankful for you.” Overall, it seems Dyrdek has allowed himself
to fade out of the spotlight by choice. Although he has fun on the set of Ridiculousness,
he isn’t looking to be the star of the show anymore he’d rather be the guy pulling the
levers behind the curtain. He told Forbes, “Anytime an opportunity presents itself, really
what I’m trying to do is put an infrastructure around me to creatively operate at a very
high level and be able to have the people who can execute the idea. I operate best on big vision and creative
detail.” Aside from hosting Ridiculousness, Dydek says
his true passion is for entrepreneurship, so he could also be the genius behind some
of your new favorite brands and products. Nowadays, he seems to be doing a little bit
of everything and he’s loving it. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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