The Most Beautiful Places in Colorado

The Most Beautiful Places in Colorado

Near the town of Marble is the Crystal
Mill, The Mill is located on the Crystal River off of Forest Service road 314 the mill was built in 1892 to produce pressurized air for the nearby
silver mines due to its location on the river the mill has become a favorite for
photographers Carved by the Arkansas River the Royal
Gorge near Cannon City is definitely a magnificent beauty If you like, you are able to raft through it or zipline over the gorge for
different view In the San Luis Valley is Sand dunes National
Park The Sight of these giant Sand dunes up against an
Sangre De Cristo mountain range is breathtaking Hanging lake in Glenwood Colorado known for its lush waters fed straight
from the natural spring above the falls and its location on the edge of the cliff
makes for an amazing place to visit the Maroon Bells, Colorado’s most
photographed location know for its beauty and for its danger the bells
are challenging peaks to summit The mountain sides are steep and full of scree (loose
rocks) but the views are amazing were there some beautiful places you know of that
we’re not in this video well it could be in one of my other videos. “The Most
Beautiful Waterfalls” “The Most Interesting Places” “The Best Swimming
Areas” “The San Juans” and “The Best Alpine Lakes” also be sure to subscribe for more
upcoming videos like “The Best Ghost Towns” caves events hot springs and more. These
videos are a lot of work with traveling and editing, so if you could it helps the
video lot if you like, comment, or subscribe. Tell me what your favorite
place in Colorado is to visit

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  1. Hanging lake and the great sand dunes are amazing i live in colorado and me and my family go on hikes and trips alot hanging lake is a fun hike about 1 mile but fairly hard amd steep but so woth and and theres a friendly chipmunk who greets you and i went to the great sand dunes on a school trip to mesa verde and all i can say is if its hot wear good shoes ur feet will burn but if its cloudy its perfect 👌

  2. Do you really need to keep pumping locations that are so choked with tourists that those of us that were born here can't enjoy them? Go visit Kansas. We are out of room

  3. I live in El Paso County where Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak is.We here in El Paso County hate Teller County for leaving us in 1899.We will get revenge and take back Teller.The only reason why Teller left us was because people perfered to live in Colorado Springs than in Cripple Creek.Come back Teller

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  5. You forgot to take pictures of all the prisons in Colorado too…. and did u know that the KKK hold their parade in canyon city every year….

  6. I definitely recommend Estes Park. Going through there are a lot of lakes like Emerald Lake , Dream Lake and Lake Haiyaha. Really beautiful places. And it’s not only the lakes that make it worth the hike it’s very beautiful all through the trails !

  7. Flying drones in national parks (like Great Sand Dunes), wilderness areas (like the Maroon Bells), and national natural landmarks (like Hanging Lake) is illegal. Also, this is just my opinion, but even if its not a designated wilderness, if its a heavily trafficked scenic site, its also a good idea to refrain from using a drone. You may be technically in bounds of the law, but its still kind of a dick move

  8. except it doesn't look like this anymore. let me give you some insight from someone who lived there: there is a brown cloud of smog lingering over the cities and their metros and the wind blows the pollution across the entire state, killing many animals and probably causing cancer to humans. the mountains are littered with trash, plastic, used needles, dog shit etc the parks are trashy and homeless people sleep on the benches and take dumps on the sidewalks and the grass they also sleep at the rtd bus stops and on the buses themselves. public restrooms are nasty usually covered in urine and feces and nobody wants to clean them sometimes you will see a used dirty needle in them or in the parking lot outside aggressive people are always approaching you asking for money or trying to sell you something that was probably stolen there is lots of violent crime now even in mountain towns more missing people than ever in national parks lots of abductions and shootings happening everyday some of the homeless people are scary and can become violent but they are everywhere and you can't avoid them remember there's power in numbers and i mean they are everywhere you turn. people are also rude af in colorado they are inconsider, racist, homophobic and many of them are mexicans who dont speak english and get free hand outs its awful meanwhile you are struggling to pay rent trying to live in a tiny cheaply made apartment stacked on top of people and theres never any parking they try to charge you for every little thing they can here like a parking space and they charge extra to have your pets live with you there is dog shit everywhere because people dont clean up after themselves many apartment complexes are starting to get roaches it is disturbing and they are just building more and more apartments so there is not much left of the mountain views or the wildlife








  10. I've been watching different videos from Colorado and everyone filming it so differently! It's like we have been in different Colorado 🙂 What editing program are you using?

  11. Hi, I like Colorado very much because of this beautiful mountains and snowfalls in the winter. Anyone can tell more about Colorado.

  12. Question, because I intend to visit one day (perhaps next year) the wild west: do somebody knows if it's allowed to swim naked in the rivers and lakes and to hike naked? Thanks.

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  14. What everyone omits about Hanging lake is that it's been ruined by tourism. The hike is strenuous, not for beginners and the water is no longer blue because people screwed up the ecosystem by swimming it in.

  15. Wow!!!!just amazing i don't believe i seen anything like it will have to put this on repeat
    a amazing channel you have something i aspire to
    please keep it coming.

  16. ——To all Texans——
    Stay home! No one wants you out here. But I’m sure you all already know that, by now.

  17. Pls Make some amazing place videos of Bangladesh.
    Like.. 1.Sundarban
    2. Cox's Bazar- World Longest See Beach
    3.Tanguar Haor, Sunamgonj.
    4. Salbon Bihar, Kumilla.
    5. Paharpur, Sompur Bihar
    6. Shatgombuj Mosjid

  18. I live in Colorado and there’s a lot of beautiful places to visit but not downtown Denver bc that’s just to dangerous

  19. Just got a van for the van life n thank you for loading this up it's me,the wife n newborns first state to visit

  20. I've been only once, to Bushnell Lakes above Coaldale CO. My grandparents live in Coaldale and I made the long hike when I was about 18 years old. It was amazing. Most calm, awesome, but scary trip of my life. I live in South Dakota now and I really miss those mountains beyond anything else. When I see them in your videos I feel like I'm home again for just a moment.

  21. It was the tourists who left their trash behind after visiting Hanging Lake, which is why now they charge for a permit to visit the lake. I was there a few weeks ago and it was breath taking. I don't mind paying for something, but asshole tourists who come to my state and disrespect it, maybe shouldn't come at all and instead learn some manners.

  22. There are those who make these videos for the “joy” of making them to share with others… then there are those who feel they have to tell “how much work” they are to make them… why make the damn video and have to talk over the music?
    I can’t believe you didn’t ask for money too?😝

  23. We love Colorado.. It is a very special place for us. Thank you for the time & effort & expence it takes for you to make these videos……

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