The Best Places to Visit in Virginia, USA

The Best Places to Visit in Virginia, USA

The Best Places to Visit in Virginia, USA Come to Virginia and treat yourself to some
fascinating history and wonderful views!Virginia is also rare among the 50 U.S. states for its
colonial history and for the variety of attractions including monuments, museums, parks and much more.
Choosing the 10 best attractions is not so much a matter of opinion. The attendance at
each of these destinations speak to their great popularity. Number 1 Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach is more than five miles long, it is associated with sand, waves and fun.
Like most beach destinations, it has a long line of hotels facing the water and another
line across the street of restaurants and attractions.
Nearby, it has smaller amusement parks, golf courses, an aquarium, a science museum, a
botanical garden and a major art museum. The beach is hugely popular in the northeast
U.S. and even draws many visitors from overseas. Once there, and with some extra time available,
visitors can watch dolphins. One reason why Colonial Williamsburg is so
popular is that it is less than an hour’s drive from Virginia Beach, one of the best
and biggest ocean beaches in the northern states.
Families, schools and just anyone with an interest in history will want to see Colonial
Williamsburg, the highest-attended single attraction in the state and one of the most
visited in the country. Colonial Williamsburg is a sprawling park
of restored colonial homes, schools and businesses that display America’s past in the 1700s.
What makes it especially interesting is that many of these buildings contain workers in
period dress who do arts and crafts for the entertainment and education of the visitors.
Others walk through the town in period dress, stop to talk to visitors and explain the ways
of life in such a town during the 1700s. Monticello is the home of Thomas Jefferson,
the author of the Declaration of Independence, the third president of the United States and
founder of the University of Virginia. Like Mount Vernon, Monticello reveals a man
of great intelligence and energy. Monticello showcases Jefferson’s remarkably wide range
of scientific and artistic interests including the beautiful home he designed. They provide splendid outdoor activities ranging
from hiking and camping to skiing and waterfalls and some of the best natural attractions in
Virginia. The park, valley and mountains stretch from
Winchester in the north to Roanoke in the south. But the two biggest draws are the Skyline
Drive, which allows visitors to drive casually along the mountain tops with spectacular views
of the mountains and valley below, as well as the Virginia segment of the Appalachian
Trail. The trail provides access to various observation
points, many more waterfalls and of course the chance to see some great trailside views,
especially in the fall. A visit to Arlington National Cemetery is
a somber event. It is hard for anyone to see the thousands of white, evenly spaced tombstones
of fallen soldiers and not be moved by their sacrifices — even for someone who has not
lost a loved one in war. “Our nation’s most hallowed ground,” as it
calls itself, attracts more than 3 million visitors a year to see the grave sites and
other attractions. One is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and
the remarkable changing of the guard ritual. Visitors also will see various other monuments
including the grave sites of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, the space shuttle tragedies
and others. Jamestown is a smaller version of Williamsburg
with restored homes and workshops along with many remnants of the first city of America.
Yorktown is home of the famous siege that led to the end of the Revolutionary War when
George Washington and his troops surrounded Lord Cornwallis and his British soldiers who
ultimately surrendered. Visitors can expect to take two to three hours
to visit both Jamestown and Yorktown. Mount Vernon is the home of George Washington
in northern Virginia. G. Washington is known as the father of the
country, commanding general of the U.S. rebels in the revolutionary war and the first president
of the United States. What makes Mount Vernon fascinating is not
only what it represents about those famous achievements but what it reveals about the
man — someone of tremendous energy, intelligence, wealth and social connections. Much of the educational aspect of Mount Vernon
is what it explains in detail about how Washington lived his life at home.
It is a surprising display of Washington’s character. Chincoteague Island is one of several barrier islands
in this part of Virginia, the largest being Assateague Island. Chincoteague is 7 miles
long and Assateague is 37 miles long. A nature lover and photographer’s paradise, Chincoteague
is a great place to visit providing many forms of recreation. Enjoy bird watching, nature
cruise, biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming and more. Great tasting oysters and clams
are legendary at Chincoteague. A visit to Chincoteague lets you experience
the wild ponies and one of the most beautiful areas along the East Coast. The newest Virginia State Park is more than
just the bridge. A miracle in stone…old as the dawn.Beautiful forests, open, rolling
meadows showcase the area’s karst terrain, and vistas of surrounding mountains and the
James River valley display nature’s splendor. Access these via 6 miles of hiking trails,
including the accessible Cedar Creek Trail that leads from the bridge to the Monacan
Indian Village and Lace Falls with its 30-foot cascade. Living history programs connect you
to the past and cover how people once used the area’s resources for survival and inspiration. 
Manassas National Battlefield, a 5000-acre park located 32 miles west of Washington,
DC, preserves the historic site of the First and Second Battles of Manassas during the Civil
War. The park offers a variety of activities, scenic vistas, and walking trails. The Henry
Hill Visitors Center features a 45-minute orientation film and a museum exhibiting civil
war era uniforms, weapons and artifacts. The Stone House served as a refuge for the
wounded during the First Battle of Manassas and still stands as it has since the 1840s.

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  1. The picture you use of the 'S' shaped highway is actually located just outside of Boone North Carolina.

  2. I live in Stafford, Virginia and have lived here for nearly 20 years today. I moved here from Oceanside, California in 1998 and been here ever sense August 1998 by living on base at Quantico for one year before moving to Stafford on November 19, 1999. I also lived here in Virginia back in 1987 for the first time which I lived in Dale City, Virginia for one year and for our second year here we lived in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1988 to 1989 for another year before moving to North Carolina in 1989. I moved to Virginia in 1987 from Iwakuni, Japan and then nearly ten years later we returned to Virginia for the second time and are still living here until this very day. So the Northern Virginia area near and within DC area has been my home for a very long time now. All since this August would be my 20th year living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in both Virginia and Washington, DC since I lived in Washington, DC for one year and three months after I graduated from high school here in Northern Virginia.

  3. Virginia Beach wayy to traffic I-64 /I-264 down to the beach during summer time,.VIRGINIA BEACH town center is alrigh,t not too crowded fun hang around during nightime good food in restaurant

  4. I see and I commend what you tried to do here, but the voice is simply too annoying. Thumbs down and moving on to another video.

  5. MakeVirginiaRedAgain ❤️
    Trump2020🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸 vote to uphold our constitution in November please! Vote Republican no matter what you think of the person running. We must crush socialism and uphold our beautiful historical State. Together we stand 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸

  6. “Although we have only known each other a short time, I just wanted you to know, I love you.” My Virginia portrayal in my United States Portrayed by SpongeBob video.

  7. VA is a beautiful SOUTHERN state, but this video does a major disservice by containing quite a lot of misinformation. The initial mistake is the cover photo which IS NOT located in VA at all! This gorgeous view is actually located a few hundred miles south in NORTH CAROLINA! The unusual shaped peaks in the distance are known as Table Rock and Hawksbill, and are familiar landmarks of the Linville Gorge. The bridge, known as the Linn Cove Viaduct, opened in 1987 after ten years of construction and circumvents Grandfather Mountain. By constructing the viaduct, instead of blasting for tunnels, the natural beauty of the mountain has (thankfully) been preserved. VA can proudly lay claim to more US presidents than any other state, but Jefferson was our third president, not the first!

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