The Best Places to Visit in Louisiana

The Best Places to Visit in
Louisiana  Louisiana is a treasure trove of lovely
scenery, and we’ve picked with difficulty the best places to experience its splendor. Overcoming
no small challenges, between natural disasters and a complex cultural history, the people
and land have an unshakable stake in the idea that life is beautiful.Louisiana is home to
a mixture of cultures that are apparent in the food, music and architecture of this diverse
state. Between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, both sides of the Mississippi are lined with
magnificent pre-war estates including Oak Alley, Nottoway, Myrtles Plantation, and Greenwood.Louisiana
is more than just New Orleans, although that is a key attraction for any visitor.  10. The Gardens of the American Rose Society Do you like flowers? Well, if so, you need
to pack your bags and head to Caddo Parish, where you’ll find the American Rose Society.
The Gardens of the American Rose Society span 118 acres of florid beauty. It is, in fact,
America’s largest garden dedicated solely to roses, with 65 individual gardens and a
whopping 20,000 rose bushes. It is amazing !
9.Oak Alley Plantation When you think of grand plantation homes in
Louisiana, it’s hard not to picture Oak Alley — also known as “The Grande Dame
of the Great River Road,” with its canopy of ancient oaks leading you up to the “big
house.” If you decide to visit and partake of the natural and architectural splendor,
overnight stays in the plantation’s various cottages are a good bet, as are the in-room
evening meals featuring excellent Cajun cuisine. A view to take your breath away, the wooded
walk to the entrance of Oak Alley Plantation is one of the most gorgeous in the state.
8.Honey Island Swamp, Slidell Touring this spellbinding river swamp is the
perfect opportunity to get deep into nature and witness wildlife at its most unguarded.
Practically unaltered, Honey Island Swamp is a wildlife sanctuary where you will see
knobby cypress trees draped with Spanish moss, otherworldly alligators sunning among wetland
reeds, and tall, exotic birds sweeping the area for fish. Dr. Wagner’s Honey Island
Swamp Tours use local, licensed guides to deliver you to the core of activity, where
plenty of visual appeal awaits the finest photographic eye. 7.Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge
There are a number of reasons to visit the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge. For one,
it’s composed of two parallel bridges, one of which is the longest overwater bridge in
the World. The Causeway is a magnificent feat in engineering. It’s nearly 24 miles long
and is supported by 9,000 concrete pilings. The Causeway is not only thrilling but also
historic. The American Society of Civil Engineer lists it as a National Historic Civil Engineering
Landmark. The Causeway is also located on the scenic Lake Pontchartrain. It’s home
to pristine waters and a number of fish and wildlife species. 6. R. W. Norton Art Gallery
For fans of culture and the arts, a visit to Louisiana would not be complete without
a visit to the Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport. This is a place where you will find an impressive
display of both American and European artwork including paintings, sculptures and decorative
pieces. You can enjoy exploring more than four hundred years of artwork when you take
in the exhibits and displays at this gallery and many people have flocked here to take
in the artwork since the gallery opened in the mid-1960s.
5.The Jungle Gardens, Avery Island There is perhaps no place where the inherent
loveliness of Louisiana is more concentrated than Avery Island. It is truly one of the
most beautiful places to visit. The Jungle Gardens burst in blooms of bamboo, azaleas,
camellias, and myriad semitropical flora. Mossy oaks dot the Eden-like property, where
deer, alligators, and a wide variety of colorful birds make their home. Experience some Zen
at the bright Buddha shrine, where a 900-year-old statue overlooks an opulent garden from a
serene temple perch. 4.National Historic Landmark District, Natchitoches
Lovers of antiquity are drawn to Natchitoches, the oldest European settlement to remain in
Louisiana. The historic district, which comprises 33 blocks of stunning Queen Anne, Italianate,
Spanish Revival, art deco, Victorian, and even French Creole architecture, is a font
of quaint shops, art galleries, and delicious restaurants. You can enjoy every piece of
this delightful district at the pace it well deserves. Then, take to the shores of the
pristine lake at Cane River Creole National Historical Park to discover how the beauty
of the town is wholly enhanced by its natural setting.
3.Rip Van Winkle Gardens, New Iberia You won’t sleep through a visit to these
gardens, where there is something to tempt the eye at every turn. In the center sits
the Joseph Jefferson Mansion, a Victorian-era structure with ornate railing adorning the
porch and eaves, recalling the decorated steamboats of the region’s past. Peacocks roam the
lawns, their iridescent plumes mirroring the shining waters of Lake Peigneur. Live oaks
and ponds play house to regional birds like egrets and pelicans, and the trails are lined
with green grass and bright floral pops. 2. French Quarter, New Orleans
This neighborhood is a melting pot of different influences such as European, Caribbean, African
and American. You will experience the celebration of different cultures coming together in the
form of lively music, dancing, shopping and exquisite dining adventures. Take the French
Quarter Tours to learn more about its history and go on a romantic horse-drawn carriage
ride through this neighborhood’s charming streets or go shopping to the French market.
Regarded as the tourist district, this area of the city also has a strong association
with jazz music and old museums. Visitors will find restaurants, stores, cafes, and
a variety of entertainment venues in the French Quarter, but the most important is the Saint
Louis Cathedral on the Place John Paul II,one of the few Roman Catholic churches in the
United States that fronts a major public square. And finally number one and
New Orleans’ perhaps most widely known all over the world for the grandest parade the
Mardi Gras World. At Mardi Gras World you will learn everything that you need to know
about this enchanting parade in the most fun and entertaining way possible. You will learn
about the history of this unique festival, you will get to see how the floats are made
and you will discover how meticulously each aspect of the festival is prepared for the
big celebration. The biggest event on Louisiana’s annual calendar
is the Mardi Gras celebration that takes place in New Orleans. This colorful event is a huge
undertaking with a parade, balls, and street celebrations like none other. Mardis Gras
is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, but celebrations begin on the weekend leading up to Tuesday.

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