The Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo || TRAVEL || Emily In Tokyo ❤︎

The Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo || TRAVEL || Emily In Tokyo ❤︎

Hello YouTube it’s Emily here. Today i am back with another video. As you all know i recently moved to Tokyo, and whilst i was in the midst of moving and settling in, I actually had the chance to get out view some of Tokyo’s most famous cherry blossom viewing spots. And today i thought that i would share some of my favourite places with you. I know the cherry blossom season is over here in Japan, but in case you didn’t get to check them out this year, i highly recommend checking out these places next year. So without further ado, lets get into the video! About 800 cherry trees line 4km of Meguro River, which makes for a unique sight. This area is even more beautiful at night when the trees are lit up, making this a favourite spot for couples. I visited with my boyfriend Daisuke and we purchased some pink sparkling wine to sip on while we walked down the river, from one of the multitude of pop up stores selling food and beverages. It’s not the best place for a picnic but if your up for a nice walk this is the place to go. You can access Meguro River from Nakameguro station. This park in Kichijoji, a suburban Tokyo neighborhood, is renowned for its beauty in spring. Approximately 500 trees surround a central pond, and when the blossoms start falling, the petals spread out over the pond to carpet it in pink. For a small fee you can go boating around the pond while appreciating the scenery. . The swan-shaped boats, in particular, are a favourite among couples. If boating’s not your thing, you can have a picnic or see the blossoms from the park’s bridges. Inokashira park is accessible from Kichijoji station. Ueno Park is one of Tokyo’s most popular Hanami spots, where the trees bloom 1-3 days earlier than other spots in the city. The 133 acre park has around 1000 Sakura trees that line an attractive boulevard and surround Shinobazu pond. For a small fee you can also hire a boat and paddle around the pond. Lantern are strung up, so you can party on into the evening. Ueno Park can be easily accessed from Ueno Station. Yoyogi Park is a spacious 134 acre park with over 600 cherry blossom trees and is great for large group picnics. While Yoyogi Park is probably known more for its gatherings and bazaars rather than its cherry blossoms, it’s a great place to see a mix of both cherry blossoms and Tokyo’s alternative crowd. The park tends to get crowed quickly, so get their early to grab a good spot. You can access Yoyogi park from JR’s Harajuku station as well as Tokyo metro’s meijijingumae station. This hilltop public park is one of Tokyo’s oldest, famous local hanami spots, since the Edo period in the 18th century. Today there are several hundred cherry trees and great picnic spots under the trees. Its sakura festival features food and beverage booths, performances, contests and tea ceremonies. There is also a free cable car you can ride in the park and a large area for kids to play. You can access Asakayama park from JR’s Oji station. That’s all I have for you today. I hope that you get a chance one day in the future to come to Japan and experience all of these very beautiful cherry viewing spots. If you liked this video please give it a HUGE thumbs up, it would be very appreciative. Once again thanks for watching and i’ll see you next time. Bye!

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  1. That's a lot of trees! Sadly my festival was not so great this year I only got to go for about an hour and a half but I got a little bit of videos shot.

  2. I'd never pay to see cherry blossoms. My neighbors have an apple tree that blossoms very similar and it's free! :3
    I'd pay to see the duck tho. If I was pedaling in that swan it'd be doing left turns only like NASCAR.
    I'm glad you're making videos again. The other jvlogger I watch isn't very interesting.

  3. 東京に越してきたんだ

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