The Best Hidden Towns in Colorado

The Best Hidden Towns in Colorado

the best off-the-beaten-path towns in
Colorado Leadville Colorado this high mountain town is full of character the
town is the second highest town in America they have an amazing Main Street
with many of the original buildings from their mining days they have some fun
events like ski joring and are surrounded with the highest
mountains in Colorado Elbert colorado’s highest mountain can easily be seen from
town Alma this tiny town in Park County is not much to look at but at ten
thousand five hundred and seventy eight feet it is the highest town in the USA
and is surrounded by many 14ers trails and old mines Alma is located on
the South Clark flat in central Colorado the same location of the fictional town
of South Park from the cartoon show South Park. no visit to Alma would be
complete without a stop at the famous Al-Mart or some food and drink from the
South Park saloon buena vista or buena vista as it’s known
to some of the locals this tiny town has some amazing scenery, rafting on the
Arkansas, some good eats and is surrounded by ghost towns and hot
springs definitely a great place to relax or try
to hike some of the 14ers the town sits below Lake City this beautiful gem
hidden on the edge of the San Juans range has some amazing views it is a tiny town but most people come
here to go off-roading or take in the amazing scenery Gateway Colorado this small town sits
right on the edge of the Colorado Utah border this is not what you expect from
a Colorado town it is surrounded by Red Rock and canyons there’s not much to the
town except for a very large and fancy resort from town you can explore the
Dolores River check out old buildings and take the long scenic route to Moab Pagosa Springs this town close to the
New Mexico border sits just below Wolf Creek Pass the town has large mountains
to explore to the north, a high desert plateau to the south, and hot springs
right in town the hot springs are the main attraction here there are some open
to the public and some private resorts as well surrounding the town you’re likely to
find some awesome views and hiking as well Creed this town almost sits right in the
canyon formed by Willow Creek this tiny town is far from everything
but has the largest pork in America oh and it is surrounded by huge old mines
the old mining district is a popular drive for visitors and was the filming
location for the latest Lone Ranger movie you also find amazing views in and
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100 Replies to “The Best Hidden Towns in Colorado”

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  2. Telluride and ouray are easily some of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in my life. And I’ve been to Switzerland and Austria

  3. These towns are hardly hidden, bazillions of tourons every year and now they are being californicated. You're too late.

  4. Colorado is extremely expensive now that everyone is moving here – I bet you did not grow up here or you would not make these videos and exploit towns that want to stay small and affordable--by the way Leadville is in the poorest county in Colorado Lake county– kids who grow up there can no longer afford to even rent a place there thanks to videos like this

  5. If you’ve been to Leadville for any other reason aside from tourist trap events you know that it is, in fact, a piece of shit.

  6. All beautiful places…
    until some idjit puts them on Youtube and they aren't little hidden treasures anymore.
    Call someplace paradise, kiss it goodby as the song says.

  7. I've lived in Colorado 30 plus years. I've seen too much change. Too many litter our waters, parks, it angers me. First the Californian folks buying up Evergreen co and Bergen Park, they destroyed it. Then Texans. They don't respect mountain living. Don't understand community. Took away quaint simple living.

  8. This is just hype up untrue about Colorado. We are just a heap rocks, nothing great here. In California they have better mountains. Texas is full of fields to roam!

  9. everyone from colorado acts like their family has lived here for 100s of years…. your family probably moved to denver when you were 10, shut up

  10. I'm from California and i loved it when i visited my cousins in Colorado..Colorado ranks #2 as my favorite state…

  11. I live in Colorado as well. Please stay in you’re shitty state/cities and keep the crime welfare and drugs with you!! We are full!!!!🤨🤨

  12. I went to Fairplay CO. I live at sea level normally. I went in a store and all the chip bags were all ‘blown up’. Just seemed weird to a flatlander!

  13. i’ve been to all of these places . but shhhh we don’t need more tourists 😫😫 ps they are all amazing

  14. How tragic your beautiful state is controlled by a governor that’s following the same ideology as the Dem controlled cities that have become
    So corrupt!

  15. This guy must of been traveling cuz these small towns Are not that far from each other… I live in del Norte Co and creede was silver not gold, but gold was also produced their

  16. I have decided to just be an observer to the destruction of our country and planet. There is nothing I can do about it; the liberals have seen to that ! Too many people, too much building, ewwwww ! Have at it; I don't care anymore !!!!

  17. Well there not hidden now are they,
    It's amazing and truly sad how congested the state has become.
    My family goes back 125 years in this state/area
    I'm glad to have lived as long as I have,
    I'm also glad I won't be around to see the mess it's going to become in just a few short years.

  18. Thanks for posting. Finally people are leaving California for other states. Ahhhh, it’s finally clearing out and all these non-native California’s are leaving.

  19. Colorado was beautiful. Wonderful bike paths. Overrun with tourists in the places I visited. Do the locals get a break?

  20. Once people began to infiltrate into Colorado the state went from a nice conservative state to a flaming liberal state. I hate what the transplants have done to my state. I would move but the infestation is everywhere. Even Montana is going blue.

  21. I'm breeding 2,000,000 rattlesnakes to keep tourists away. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🐍🐍🐍

  22. I live in Colorado and the traffic has become total shit and tourist unconsciously overflow National parks garbage cans with recyclable plastic bottles and plastic bags: NOTE TO TOURIST: PLEASE USE REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES AND BAGS, AND NOT SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BOTTLES AND PLASTIC BAGS THEY ARE KILLING OUR PARKS AND OCEANS> Remember Park Rangers have to empty these garbage cans 4 times a day, so take it easy on them! IF you're a republican you shouldn't be going to National Parks. Trumps BLM wants to close parks and drill for oil and kill endangered species.

  23. Nooo these are our small towns! Really though if you do could to our lovely state please respect our natural spaces and small towns. Recently people have been going to our forests, parks and small towns and trashing them and destroying our natural treasures so much so that we have had to restrict access to some sites and put limits on others making it so we natives can't even view the sites in our own state.

  24. Why advertise?! Thanks a lot. We have enough potheads here. Destroying our beautiful state, and the air is polluted with marijuana. Pisses me off!

  25. Granby was a great small town back in the 70's,passed thru back in 99 and it had seemed to have lost its charm but grand lake was super nice.

  26. Making this list is the best way to make sure the best small towns don't stay that way very long. Think carefully about how posting images on social media will affect the places depicted.

  27. You can come visit but all you California liberals quit moving here and messing up our towns and culture!!! Dirtbags!

  28. My state 🙁 soooooo sad! Go home leave us lil Coloradoans and our beautiful mountains alone! If you weren’t born here or lived here before 2012, then you’re easily the reason this state is ruined!

  29. I'm a native of Coloradan. Gateway is near Utah and it's a long drive. Utah is such a weird state. That's all I have to say. Peace out! This is Maria.

  30. Planning on buying a summer house in Durango next spring. The whole south western part of the state is absolutely beautiful. The people in Silverton are all so wonderful, and taking the gondola in Telluride during the sunset is an otherworldly experience. The view over Ouray from the trails around Box Canyon Falls are so pretty. And one of my absolute favorite memories I’ve made in the state was walking trails around Durango to see the snow capped mountains beyond the canyon that the town is in.

  31. Grew up in an small town on the western slope…sad to see how nearly the entire state had sold out to the wealthy…the average person can hardly afford to live in most areas of the state now…in the town i grew up in where NOBODY was wealthy, homes and property go for an average of 920k with most over 1.2 million 😔 it's sad..but hey..people gotta have their summer homes right?

  32. Fuck Colorado and all the weird ass people that live there….they act like they have been ubducked by aliens!!! There very strange!!

  33. My wife was born here 44 years ago..she brought me here 4 years ago as she knows how i respect nature..and local customs..we have yet too go camping as all places are crowded with nature trashing. Disrespectful tourists..

  34. I have been living in Idaho for over five years and I enjoy hiking alot.
    I feel like Colorado will be my next destination in the very near future.
    Looks like great place to live if you enjoy the outdoors.

  35. Im a colorado native no longer living there, but DO still have a tiny place that i can barely afford that i get to " come home" any chance i get ..It saddens me to what has happened to OUR beautiful state…best hidden towns ???? NO SUCH THING .. ; ( !!!!!

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