The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see

The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see

3, 2, 1… Interstellar space, beyond our solar system, where the Voyagers will drift, endlessly. In 5 billion years, all humans will have become extinct, or evolved into other beings. None of our artifacts will have survived on Earth, and the evolution of the sun will have burned the Earth to a crisp. And far from home, untouched by these remote events, the Voyagers, bearing the memories of a world that is no more, will fly on. We can’t know how much of the records they would understand, but being much more advanced scientists and engineers than we — otherwise, they’d never be able to find and retrieve the small, silent spacecraft in interstellar space — perhaps the aliens would have no difficulty understanding what is encoded on these ‘golden records.’ Perhaps, they would recognize the tentativeness of our society, the mismatch between our technology and our wisdom. Had we destroyed ourselves since launching Voyager, they might wonder, or had we gone on to greater things.

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100 Replies to “The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see”

  1. Is it dark to think one day, the human species will become extinct due to possibly the sun exploding and killing us all?

  2. Feel bad for the intelligent life thats gonna get catfished by this thinking were a lovely peaceful species then probably get shot at.

  3. Imagine being the one species of intelligent life, scientists find an extraterrestrial object passing through a solar system. They have the technology to grab the voyager, they bring it back and solve the records puzzle. Now imagine the absolute emotions rushing through your head knowing you aren't the only ones out there, but since we have most likely destroyed ourselves, they will have no one to contact. Imagine the society and the shock of such a beautiful piece of art sent to them knowing we exist. It's a lot to think about, but it would be the best thing that could ever happen to a different species of intelligent life. How would you feel?

  4. Voyager: (goes to near star system)
    Alien: look, our telescope capture a weird thing going to us
    Voyager: (accidentally crash to the star)
    Alien: maybe just asteroid

  5. What if numbers are like a curse word to them and now u made me them mad or they don’t know what u are saying lol

  6. So basically a bunch of old dudes decided to potentially catfish the aliens. This couldn't possibly end horribly lol.

  7. What if this reaches to a planet with no advanced aliens? I mean, like when their prehistoric era is going on. They would not be able to reply.

  8. If the disc contain images, music. etc how can the alien might possibly read it because they might have not found a way to read it

  9. it is funny like some of these images would offend some americans today, i don´t say humans intentionaly….images that say that there are two genders etc, do you think it will offend aliens too?

  10. It should be a lot easier now using the tiniest usb we have inside a denture. But what if the aliens who will receive this will reply the way we did, it will reach a million years before we receive it and most of the humans no longer living on earth? But that's a question for another "What if"..

  11. I just realized that all these pictures were taken back in the 70s and they have way more better quality then my phone does when I take a picture 😂😂😂😂

  12. The fact that this is floating somewhere in space seems so incredible to me. Civilization may end and our history is out there

  13. I actually have a 8th cosyin whose part alien and I want this DOWN because they didn’t know that isn was up and wants it down because they didn’t know it was up and they want this down because they didn’t know the planet was green and blue

  14. So now aliens don't require to come to earth(Area 51) kidnapp humans and cows to know our anatomy NASA has already given them what they want……😜😂😂

  15. What if the alien civilization that would find this is not born yet? And after millions of years, they will advance to our level of technology today, just in time to find Voyager.

    "Hey look, a record, let's play it".

  16. I once wrote a short story based on dragon like aliens finding the golden disc and they change their plans of killing off our planet as they realize we have potential

  17. Even if this is received by Aliens, it may be thousands of years and till then no life exist on the Earth or it will be completely different.

  18. Very unlikely to be reproduced by something intelligent out there… Much of dose symbols are very difficult to be decoded. Should be something more practical. If you send that to an island of natives i would love to see what would happen. Maybe generations to solve the puzzle.

  19. Humans. We do war, we do love, but our goal as species is to seek. I don't know what alien life would think of us, but good lord make them find this, whenever, wherever in space.

  20. They should have included a picture of great Wall of China as it is visible from space. It would have served as a landmark for aliens to recognize Earth

  21. If we do find aliens, there could be more types. We could join a galactic republic that has some other aliens. We could help other aliens, ally with aliens, attack aliens. Heck, they might give us some alien tech. (Examples include: Time machine, Laser guns, Teleporting machine, Advance rockets, Advanced maps of the galaxy.)

  22. "The Golden Record committee… chose not to include images of war, poverty, disease, crime, ideology, or religion."

    Maybe the best demonstration of our ideological nature.

  23. If someone were to find this record, then the people in the images might be the first extraterrestrial species that these aliens have ever seen.

  24. what if aliens already know about humans,and do not even want come near us? maybe we are known as the garbage of the cosmos.and they are just waiting for us to destroy ourselves. when that happens they will celebrate,and be happy. I do not think they have long to wait.

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