The 10 Best Places To Live In Illinois (USA)

The 10 Best Places To Live In Illinois (USA)

Illinois cities are as diverse as they are
many. There are all kinds of different places to
live in the state with varying municipal cultures — all the way from small, rural towns to
the third-biggest city in the country. Here are the 10 best cities and towns to live
in Illinois for 2018: 1. Northbrook. Northbrook is an idyllic little village of
around 33,000 people located in Cook County on Chicago’s North Shore. A prime spot for those looking to escape the
city and enjoy a slower pace of life, the Village of Northbrook is home to a number
of historic buildings, including the old village hall, and village
green that date back to the village’s incorporation in 1901,
at which time it was known as Shermerville. The impressive education system in Northbrook
is one of the main draws for families with a high school graduation rate,
that is 15% higher than the rest of Illinois. 2. Winnetka. The richest town in Illinois, Winnetka is
one of the most desirable places to live in the US. It is a desirable place to live based on the
architecture alone. Winnetka is known for having a great education
system, low crime rate, stable housing market. The unemployment rate in Winnetka is the 8th
lowest in Illinois, and the median income is the 1st highest in the state. Located on the picturesque shore of Lake Michigan
just 16 miles north of Chicago, Winnetka couldn’t feel much further from
the hustle and bustle of the big city. 3. Buffalo Grove. Buffalo Grove is a great place for families
with children to consider. This bedroom community about 35 miles northwest
of Chicago doesn’t have a traditional downtown. But what it offers instead is ample green
space, with 800 acres of forest and parkland, 50 miles of trails, and two municipal golf
courses. The village enjoys economic stability and
a wide range of employment options nearby. Crime rate is extremely low and the public
education system is one of the best in the country,
with a high school graduation rate of 95%. 4. Naperville. Home to a wealth of beautiful homes, amazing
schools, and a charming downtown. Naperville is considered one of the wealthiest
cities not just in Illinois, but the entire Midwest. Suffice to say Naperville is best suited for
those who fancy more upscale quality of life, with a paycheck to match. If you can swing it, the high cost of living
is well worth it. Naperville is one of the safest cities in
America, with 130 parks and sports complexes located here. The residents are mostly college educated,
with eight college campuses serving such a small population. 5. Galena. Galena, one of the most beautiful towns in
Illinois, is a small community of 3,000 popular with retirees and vacationers. This popular resort town is known for its
picturesque communities, farms, countryside, and Mississippi River views. It was voted the “Best Main Street in the
Midwest”, and is popular for couples who come for the atmosphere, upscale dining, and annual
balloon festival. Today it is a popular tourist destination,
hosting over one million visitors each year. An amazing 85% of the structures in Galena
are listed on the National Register of Historic Places,
a significant source of the city’s charm and popularity. 6. Highland Park. Highland Park has all the benefits of living
in a big city but without the traffic, crime or noise. Everybody loves Highland Park, especially
those who need to make the daily commute into Chicago City. If you don’t need to venture into the big
city very often, downtown Highland Park has plenty to keep you occupied with its own great
shopping and restaurant district. Highland Park has an impressively low crime
rate, 56% lower than the Illinois average. It also has some great schools that achieve
consistently high graduation rates and a very healthy housing market. 7. Wheaton. Wheaton is just west of Chicago and home to
over 50,000 people, its residents’ impressive average annual income of over $85,000. The people of Wheaton have had a lot of help
in becoming some of the nation’s highest earners, as Wheaton is home to high quality
schools, a nationally ranked public library, and a
brilliant healthcare system. It isn’t all work and no play in Wheaton
though as the town also features a thriving downtown area full of shops and restaurants
and over 50 public parks offering an array of outdoor activities for
its healthy citizens. Wheaton’s low crime rate is the cherry on
the cake. 8. Marion. A huge crossroads in Southern Illinois, this
town is full of relaxing activities such as golf, beaches, and parks. There are also many woods and creeks that
promote tranquility. True nature lovers will find themselves at
Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge where, in addition to native trees and flowers,
you’ll happen upon birds, deer, and any number of other critters. Marion is also home to many fishing ponds,
walking trails, and nature hikes. From downtown charm to countryside bliss,
Marion is well loved because its residents have it all. This might just be the most peaceful town
in all of Illinois. 9. Park Ridge. Park Ridge is a small town and suburb of Chicago,
a beautiful place to raise a family. Park Ridge has made much progress, yet retains
its small hometown atmosphere and remains a wonderful place to live and work. Park Ridge lies on a ridge and the soil beneath
Park Ridge resident’s feet is rich in clay, making it perfect for brick-making. The crime rate in Park Ridge is low, the education
system’s accolades are many, and the housing market is stable. Given its compact, small-town nature, many
destinations in Park Ridge are within easily bikeable distances. 10. Elmhurst. Both the Theatre Historical Society of America
and the prestigious Elmhurst Art Museum, are located in this relatively small town of just
45,000 people. Elmhurst has an impressive average household
income, that is almost 50% higher than that of the rest of Illinois. The education in Elmhurst is A+ with a number
of fine schools and a high graduation rate. The crime rate is low, but unfortunately the
same cannot be said of the cost of living, which is high with house prices soaring in
recent years.

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100 Replies to “The 10 Best Places To Live In Illinois (USA)”

  1. no. naperville, orland, and northern “rich towns” are not the best places to live. i guess southern illinois doesn’t exist

  2. As a FORMER Illinois resident, most of these places on this list would nearly require a 6 figure yearly income to reside there comfortably (especially anything on the north shore). How about average Joes out there? When I left Illinois, I had resided in an apartment (shared) on the near northwest side of Chicago. The traffic in the Chicago Metro area is a nightmare, The pollution is almost toxic, the cost of living is brutal, Government is corrupt, taxation is ridiculous, need I go on? I grew up in Downers Grove (Dupage Co.), and have resided in Will, Dupage, and Cook counties in my lifetime. Although I still have a deep attachment to my hometown, it is now in a state where I barely recognize it anymore (last visit was 2 years ago). Sure thing that I will probably visit again, but forget about me ever living there.

  3. 8 out of 10 are in the Chicago metro area. The one town south of I-80 picked is Marion? What person, that has never been to Illinois, put this list together? So many better choices.

  4. Buffalo Grove is crap, between wheeling and Buffalo Grove Dundee Road has the Guinness World Record of highest recorded DUIs, I've experienced first hand the officers of Wheeling and Buffalo Grove who seem to not care about what you say and will automatically assume you're a criminal no matter what. though it should be noted I have no means to prove this it would be something to experience unless you had a hidden camera. They will write you a ticket no matter what.

  5. Please. Bloomington-Normal is the best place to live in the state. Good jobs, 2 Universities, State Farm, safe and quiet, half-way between Chicago and St Louis, affordable too. Northbrook and Winnetka are wonderful places to live but you better be making $200K at least.

  6. They mean "the best places to live around Chicago ", being an Illinois resident we don't consider Chicago to be part of Illinois. Just as Chicago doesn't consider anything South of the sprawl to be of any use. Dig a ditch around it and let it be its own state or a prison, we don't care.

  7. Trust me, don’t move to Illinois. You probably won’t enjoy living anywhere 30 mins south of Chicago suburbs, it sucks here in my opinion.

  8. Chicago isn't Illinois….
    what about Rockford, Peoria, Bloomington, Champaign, Mt Vernon, Effingham….?….or Collinsville, Granite city, Springfield, Carbondale, Metropolis and so on….? Illinois is much more than just Chicago. I live in the metro-east area and regardless of its problems and difficulties, this is the land I'm raising my family in, the place I love , and after my travels across the nation and abroad, my State is my sweet home where I'm always glad to come back to.

  9. With the exceptions of Galena and Marian, you might as well title this video “Best Places to Live in a Chicago.”

  10. I grew up in Chicago, now in Naperville (#4 on the list) for 16 years. It's a bit pricey but primary education is phenomenal (scoring 9 and 10's). Community colleges are good but our prop taxes are $16k/yr with 80% going to public ed (plus fees!), there's traffic because we're close to lots of other smaller townships, downtown is adorbs but the people are snobby. I'm African-American and it alters everything (the U.S. is sooo backwards..) I rate the infrastructure at 7.0 but public services are WOW! If you phone the cops, you'll receive 2 fire trucks and an ambulance as well ~ quite impressive. There's nightlife, loads of top restaurants and culture but the people aren't particularly friendly and the homes are too large. Ok, no one asked me but it all spilled out for some reason.

  11. this is the worst video i have ever seen the towns in this are standard over priced corrupt locations. my suggestion do you research and ask locales of what it is. bottom line your better off anywhere else in the country!!! Illinois has the Highest Taxes and Cook (Crook) county has the Highest taxes in the state. (Next to Lake County Property taxes)

  12. I would just like to add that Most of these Towns are on top of each other so when they talk about "small town" their is nothing small about being crammed up against another town and that's how it feels [Chicago Downtown->to Chicago's "sub Towns" that all feel like real Chicago (all city, little to no yard) out to almost O'Hare then-> Suburbs basically real towns tons of Houses with yards then after another 100 miles out you start to hit Towns with blank land (usually corn fields) that actually separate the towns. but basically its all so crammed up here all the entire* Northeast of Illinois sits in rush hour to get to the city and from the city like crazy.

    thoughts on how i feel about some of the list as a resident who cant escape.
    NorthBrook is small and elite.
    Winnetka is old and falling apart and cheep to live
    Buffalo Grove is a wannaBe town that wants to be among the rich however they pride them selves on the insane Corru*cough police…. their is a reason why Dundee Road has the Highest DUI arrests Anywhere.( love how they show video of aldi's at arlington heights and Dundee)
    Naperville Old and Big kinda the Major city in that area, thou i know little of it as it is further away from most on this list.
    Highland Park is a Better location in that area for people, probably the least amount of Snobby rich Kids trying to jam 5 high schoolers in a Uber pool fare. Still a Nice area if your Super rich
    Park Ridge is where all the Chicago Cops live, i swear it is not uncommon to see every other house or ever 3rd house is a chicago cop, + i would consider this as part of the outskirts of the City.
    Elmhurst Like Park Ridge it too is on the edge of the City thou more so Outside and is home to alot of very rich People.

  13. A lot of people complain THERE IS 49 OTHER GODDAM STATE'S BUT IT starts with economics if your broke you won't like it IT TAKES MONEY ONE OF U COMPLAINERS TELL ME WHERE U CAN LIVE A GOOD LIFE FOR FREE don't hate cause people got money work hard life isn't fair it's what u make it and i see some lives are a living hell

  14. Northbrook is right on – I've been there and I've seen some of the community. Pretty much a winner if you ask me. Also Winnetka and Buffalo Grove – they're also correct on these as well.

  15. This is the third state I have looked at from this YouTube site and I don't like it. They are only looking at great cities to live in for people with deep pockets.

  16. I lived here in”Ella noise” for 7 years!… it sucks the schools are great there but the whole thing is a city and the rest is so plane I just hate it when people talk about “Ella noise

  17. Just because most people living in Buffalo Grove graduate, does not mean they were well educated and/or received good quality.

  18. In other words the only part of Illinois that matter is the Chicagoland area with cook county being the most relevant. and maybe the counties around cook county.
    Most people knows Illinois because the city of Chicago.
    With out Chicago, Illinois would be W. Virginia.

  19. Edwardsville, Galena, and a cabin with a mountain view in Pope county are places outside of the Chicago burbs that I like.

  20. There are two Illinois , Cook Co./Chicago and the rest of Illinois rural and small towns 💜💛💚💙💖 💲💰💲💰

  21. WTF who ever did this video even get out and movie around outside of Chicago area, should of just put Chicago suburbs is the best place to live hahaha

  22. I love living in Illinois lol plus I use to live in Elmhurst first, then Addison, then Naperville so now I live in Oswego 👌

  23. Ok ok ok. What with Chicago and Illinois?! Chicago might be famous but ITS NOT a place you would wanna live. One of the rudest citys to be exact. And this video was about how “Charming” it was, Not how safe it was. Im dissapointed that it only talks about its “Stuff” and barely about its safeness. And you skipped one of the most safest places in Illinois. Palatine, You have a 1 out of 36 chance of being a victim of crime, And the schools are HIGHLY rated. The apartments cost less then a phone. Im really dissapointed.

  24. Shitty ass state. Been here most of my life. Make over 6 figures a year and still broke. State will tax you to death!

  25. Really awesome stuff! Let me know if you’re ever looking in Illinois. My company offers the best rates and service in the state! Reviews speak for themselves!!

    Two Rivers Mortgage Company in Ottawa, IL

  26. I wouldn't want to live in any of those places . their all white bread , white fight suburbs , full of Chicagoans .

  27. I live in Carbondale il and I love it here it's never boring here there's a couple things to do here not a lot like what you would get from a city but still things to do, from what I've seen from other comments and from a friend of mine that isn't even from Carbondale let alone Illinois, I hear Carbondale has a drug problem witch I find it to be true and surprising but that's mostly because I keep to myself I don't go to clubs and parties so I guess I wouldn't know anything about it.

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