Teachers Answer Anonymous Questions From Students

Teachers Answer Anonymous Questions From Students

when I was in kindergarten want to be an astronaut you know like that things change but I still kind of wish I had followed that you know pursued that astronaut life I know that makes one of us hi I’m Vanessa and I’m Mandy my name is Ted and I’m Ryan and today we’re answering anonymous questions from students students middle school in high school dealing with you know teenagers there are a lot of questions about my personal life that I had to steer away from so the type of questions I hope are not asked are going to be about my personal life you don’t need to know about me you don’t want them to get everything from me you want to walk in and be a little mysterious as a preschool teacher I hope my children are asking questions because then that means that they’re wondering about life and that’s just our bread and butter on the flip side of that they are very honest teacher why are your teeth yellow I’m just like I’m also not going to tell any of them my social security number I try to keep that private but sometimes it slips out did you always want to become a teacher did you change your mind later on in life I started wanting to be a teacher when I was in high school I think a lot of the reason I became a teacher was because I really like working with young people I got the teacher bug also in high school I was doing some National Honor Society volunteering tutoring and I loved that I still remember the names of the teachers that were great you know like shouts out to mr. Tuerck when you know what’s up man seventh grade where you at I miss you people like that they make a big they have a big lasting effect in your life and we want to make that sort of impact I had some great teachers that were really inspiring but I also had some terrible teachers so there was almost like a deep part of me that was like I can do this so much better than you I never saw those teachers again but they know do teachers ever ship students together basically mentally pairing them together romantically I could tell sometimes when there was a crush either both ways I don’t think I ever like looked at a classroom of students oh those two sitting next to each other and start start their romance you guys would be so cute together like 15 years I have thought about that like Oh in the future like you guys might be a thing when a student has unreadable handwriting do you really grade their essay or do you give them a grade based off of past performance and participation in class or something question mark no I do not give them a grade based off past performance most of my students are writing essays on a computer anyway now they have unreadable grammar that’s a different story I would try to set it aside and ask the student to explain whatever it was they were trying to say I’m working with one student and you know that she willingly admitted that she has like unreadable completely illegible handwriting and I saw it and that’s true but what I told her was like you just need to slow down and try to write bigger because I had the exact same problem and I was in elementary school I failed my preschoolers all the time I can’t read this what is this why do teachers ask questions to the class and then call on the students who don’t have their hands up it’s cuz we’re mean if I notice that there’s a student that isn’t really wanting to participate I may call on them just to engage them kind of bring them back to the group you gotta make sure everyone’s engaged and paying attention and keep kids on their toes and on top of their game it would be really boring if just the same two kids who are always answered a question for answering the questions what are your opinions on the quiet kids they’re my favorite students zip it sit down that’s it it’s tough to know a lot about the kids that just sit there and they’re quiet even the ones that like do their work those are the ones that you like hope that you catch them like they need to come in and lunch and ask a question and you kind of like figure out a little bit more about them it’s important to like know why they’re quiet if it’s something at home you know you you want to find out about that so you can let the right people know and get them help if they need it if they’re just a quiet person just cuz they don’t want to talk or something like that that’s fine too but it’s important to like find out the sort of the root cause do teachers know all the drama and tea that goes on in the greater class they teach do teachers talk bad about students to other teachers there’s how a young little three-year-old drama I worked with summer camps before and we know some of that she’s myth the only time I knew of stuff going on was when it impacted things in class so whether someone was crying or if there was a fight we would ask you know why are you crying or whatever and try to help them I wouldn’t say that we talked bad to one another it’s more hey I heard this what can we do to help this child I’m not proud to say it but in middle school in high school there were kids that were jerks and so you know like we would say like oh my goodness I have this kid this hour and it’s rough you know like we wouldn’t say anything super mean-spirited we just need to vent defense and sometimes two would be kind of like do you have any ideas how I can make this better or your teacher support team is just essential I like this question a lot it says are there ever times you don’t know what you’re doing yes the important thing isn’t like whether or not you know what you’re doing it’s that you’re projecting that air of confidence you sometimes have you know you have your lesson plans things inevitably go off the rails maybe the kids are not as far along as you thought they were gonna be at that point so you need to improvise it’s part of being a teacher have you ever noticed if a kid has a problem like ADHD depression etc before the parents or maybe even the kid if yes did you ever do anything about it yes and yes I definitely had experiences where the kid wasn’t getting the proper treatment or care that they should there’s definitely been times where like so late in the process I’ve been like hey this this kid probably has an issue since I work with children at such a young age I’ve had to do this many a time we try to be as sensitive to the families as possible but also really trying to get them understand that we have their children’s best interests at heart do you guys genuinely like to know what all students who ever participate somebody has a chip on their shoulder there’s always that one student who will raise their hand every time or they just say it without even oh boy I’m gonna nip that in the bud participation is always great but it’s important to make sure everybody’s participating if you’re shouting out the answer every single time I ask a question then no one else is gonna be able to try to like participate or figure it out those are the kids where I’m like hey I’m sure you know the answer I believe that you know the answer but let’s give somebody else what you guys how about somebody else does this I like whoever wrote this is like I think has to be like no we don’t we hate them nope this is the one the one who wrote that is the know-it-all in writing class I hope this was illuminating I was pretty surprised by how serious the questions were I thought they were going to be so many embarrassing questions in here I was like oh gosh let’s see what they have for us but I actually really enjoyed answering these questions we are trying to help you and help you do your best we genuinely care about you we want you to do well we’re new we’re probably pretty nervous it takes some getting used to so be cool to your new teachers there you never know what battles someone’s fighting so just remember to be kind yeah don’t make fun of other kids shoes you can make fun of the teachers shoes you can try my shoes at my shoe games on point you have a good shoe game I shop at Marshall’s [Music]

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46 Replies to “Teachers Answer Anonymous Questions From Students”

  1. Teachers have there personal live and thats why I learned to back off on asking them anything else about them other then there name because it just makes me unconfertable and them unconfertable. Iive been through some things dude's

  2. I know the pain of being called on by teachers so i sacrifice myself and answer all the questions
    It also helps if you ask them about their personal life they talk a lot abt it

  3. Ok, I teach college, so it's a bit different for me, but I do take a particular interest in quiet students, especially if I think they might be silently struggling. Something as small as an email or a conversation after class can make a huge difference.
    Also, I would never speak negatively about a student, but I do express my frustrations (ex: " he has so much potential, why isn't he turning in his work?). That being said, I know several instructors that pretty much think all students are lazy and aren't paying attention in class. I guarantee that students notice that attitude and reflect back what's given to them.

  4. Ok… imma make it clear, If I don’t know anything about my teachers’ back stories or “personal” lives in the past and they refuse to open up about their lives….. then I will be damned if I tell them anything about mine… I don’t care who u are…. I’m not gonna tell someone, that I know nothing about, about my story if they refuse to say theirs….. especially now that I’m a senior in highschool… you gotta be more mature than that

  5. Um? Why wouldn't you want your students to know about your personal life? You know about theirs? Its just another way to connect with them.

  6. so many of the people in the comment section says "don't call on me when I don't raise my hand, it gives me anxiety etc." but here I am thankful for one of my teachers for that. As a child, I was sooooooo freaking shy and anxious so even if I knew the answer I wouldn't have raised my hand. I hated it when the teacher called my name but now I understand that it made me less shy and more comfortable talking in a crowd. Thanks Mr. Şeref <3 <3

  7. It's hard for participating all the students because some will have anxiety and maybe introverts ( I suffer from anxiety and I am amphivert 😁 meaning I am partial extrovert and introvert) Or they just don't know. I maybe a bright student but I am definitely not a know-it-all. And please don't F-ing lie that teachers don't have discussions about us. It feels really insecure and shaming. Everyone does it all the time and they always have a favourite one and a list of students who are FINE and a least favourite one of course. The teachers are totally hit or miss ….

  8. There is something sooo creepy and wrong with adult male elementary teachers ….. Its counter to biology for any straight man to have any interest and be surrounded and a care for kids that aren't his …..If your child's coach doesn't have kids of his own on the team .If the scouts leader doesn't have his own kids in the squad ,If a priest is a "youth leader " …..????????….they have unhealthy ulterior motives ….. GRAB YOUR YOUR KIDS AND RUN !!!!!!! don't let them spend hours a day with "uncle bad touch"

  9. The best sort of teacher is the one who's worked at the school for years and all the younger years thing they're cold/scary but you get to know them and they're the sweetest and they really care for their students learning!

  10. Haha imagine if teachers played matchmaker with seating charts. I bet that everyone has had at least one teacher like that 😂

  11. Teachers why is it that shoulders that are fully exposed are banned at school? Do people actually think it’s distracting?

  12. There's always one person in these BuzzFeed interviews that just can't answer the damn questions because of random crap. Looking at you kindergarten teacher. "This question doesn't apply to me"

  13. I think one of my teachers thought me and this one could we be cute or something cause everything we changed seats I would end up next to him all the time (in that class)

  14. Ok is nobody gonna bring up how caring and attentive the bald guy was?? When he was talking about his students having problems at home? So sweet and nice!

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